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By | December 2, 2022

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It appears that Kanye West has been Banned from Twitter originally he was Given a 12-hour suspension for some Tweets but now it looks like it's Probably permanent and I'll get into all Of it it all started when he had a Completely off the rails crazy beyond Words interview with Alex Jones that was So stunning that it even made Alex Jones Speechless which is a first and if You've been watching my channel for any Amount of time then you know that my Analysis is usually very different from Most conservatives conservative YouTubers and social media personalities Who are trying to get a job in Conservative corporate media and often Jump on the conservative chorus Bandwagon by denouncing certain people So you know that you're going to get an Honest and complete nuanced analysis Here subscribe to my channel if you're New by the way because there's plenty More where this came from so Kanye West Who goes by yay now joined Alex Jones in Studio yesterday wearing a mask Okay Valencia Gaga luxury brand Mask that they probably sell for five Hundred dollars but despite that it Started off good he was talking about The dangers of the entertainment Industry and denouncing pornography Promoting Christianity and even cracked Some Ben Shapiro jokes I got some uh

Jokes here from uh Owen Benjamin that I Want to read about Ben Shapiro hey Candace Owens unplugged this robot Before he runs his mouth Um Ben Shapiro's cardio is picking up Shackles uh Shapiro can tell how much Change is in your pocket just from Hearing a jingle Um Shapiro is just mad that Kyrie won't Sign his basketball Back to you Alex but then things started To get weird here he is mocking Benjamin Netanyahu the former prime minister of Israel who I think might have just got Reelected I'm not sure I don't really Follow Israeli politics because I'm an American but I did see the Benjamin Netanyahu denounced the now Infamous Dinner that Donald Trump had with Kanye West and friends last week I'm in the Twilight Zone right now Netanyahu what do you have to say what Do you have to say to Alex Jones right Now Nick Fuentes and yay It was bad it was bad attracted me Okay I had no idea your voice is gonna sound Like that then Yahoo get it he had a net And a bottle of Yoo-hoo chocolate milk Nut and Yoo-hoo okay Kanye but then Things completely went off the rails he Did praise a certain historical German Leader Schwarzenegger said he loved Hitler they gave him an award I'm just

Saying I don't like Nazis I I don't like What some of the mafias are doing either Hitler He went on to say it multiple times Throughout the interview even when Alex Jones tried to help him clarify and walk Back his comments then that's not what He really meant he kept doubling down And some people still insist that what He really meant was just like the Bible Says to love your enemy he's trying to Be so christ-like that he loves everyone It doesn't matter it was stupid I don't Think Hitler was a good guy I get the uh The Hugo Boss uniforms amazing uh but I Mean just because you're in love with The design you're a designer can we just Kind of say like you like the you like The uniforms but that's about it oh we We no I said there's a lot of things That I love about Hitler A lot of things even before this Kanye Was having a difficult time clearly Articulating some of his concerns with The entertainment industry in previous Interviews and I'm not saying that to Insult him it's just a fact that some People have a hard time verbalizing the Thoughts in an organized fashion and and Presenting the case that they would like To present Kanye now with making his Hitler comments has completely Overshadowed any of his legitimate Concerns that he had about the

Entertainment industry in his forever Tarnished His Image in any of those Issues what he just did is going to be Used to further stigmatize discussing Those issues or concerns at all Everybody knows that there are certain Issues regarding the entertainment Industry and America's foreign policy That are like cultural quicksand and When people start stepping into them Things usually don't go very well for Them so oftentimes the only way that Somebody can really try to make their Points is through comedy well earlier This week after Marlon Brando met with Jewish leaders to apologize for comments He made on Larry King live among them That quote Hollywood is run by Jews the Jewish leaders accepted the actor's Apology and announced that Brandon is Now free to work again [Laughter] I'm sure some of you are looking at me Like hey Jim you look like a former Hitler Youth Your views on Judaism I'd like to see you destroy your career Tonight Well I'm not frightened I'll tell you What I think I think you Choose perfect There's nothing wrong with it and I'd Like to be in more feature films Kanye West tried to get into that area

Of discussion not being the most Articulate guy automatically started Getting called an anti-semite by the Entire liberal media industrial complex And the corporate conservatives but with His Hitler comments he didn't just jump The shark he catapulted over it he Should have just produced a theme album Or a concept album addressing his issues And concerns through music it would have Topped the charts he would have made Millions of dollars so apple and Spotify Might have actually censored some of Those songs they've censored music in The past they've pulled songs from People like rapper Bryson gray but if They banned a Kanye West song because of The contents while allowing mainstream Rappers to rap about murdering and doing Drugs and gang banging that would have Created even more attention and Controversy thus maybe proving some of His points but instead he completely Derailed his cause with his utterly Unhinged and ridiculous comments and by The way his deal with parlor is off I Doubted that that was ever even going to Happen it remains to be seen whether or Not parlor backed out because they don't Want to be associated with him as an Investor or if he backed out he may not Even have the money his bank accounts Have actually recently been frozen and He reportedly owes the IRS 50 million

Dollars in backed taxes and I wouldn't Be surprised if he ultimately ends up in Jail then late last night he was Suspended from Twitter at first for 12 Hours for posting a bizarre image of a Swastika and a star of David Incorporated into the same symbol to Symbolize the Ridiculousness that he was Talking about on the interview how he Loves both of them then he posted a Screenshot of a private text message That Elon Musk had sent him telling him That he needs to chill out then he went On to attack Elon posting on Twitter What he said what ultimately be his last Tweet and then Elon appears to have Permanently banned him and then tweeted Out F-a-f-o which stands for f around and Find out Elon said that he was banned For quote inciting Violence by posting The symbol which is strange considering Antifa is allowed to literally openly Praise communist dictators like Mao Seitang and Joseph Stalin and post to Communist symbols despite communism Being responsible for the death of an Estimated 100 million people and if you Still don't think that Kanye is unhinged Before he was suspended from Twitter he Had also posted that he stands by Balenciaga and urges people not to Engage in cancer culture against the Brand if you don't know what's going on

With valenciaga just Google them and Find some of the Articles basically they Are Jeffrey Epstein's favorite luxury Clothing line also for your information Kanye spent a reported six million Dollars on his 2020 presidential Campaign yes he actually ran for President back in the last election and Surprisingly stunningly got 60 000 votes he was just a write-in Candidate but 60 000 morons out there Literally wrote in Kanye West's name for President in 2020. so it looks like Milo Loganopoulos who is his 2024 campaign Manager is Trying to dig his way out of that Reported two million dollars in debt That he is in one thing we know for sure Is that the Kardashian family completely Destroys any man who is unfortunate Enough to be seduced by them and we can Only hope and pray that Kanye makes it Through this in better shape than Bruce Jenner on a lighter note Christmas is Just around the corner so be sure to Stock up on my merch if you're going to Be giving it to people as a gift also Trump Clause is back if you want to make Christmas dinner extra special this year Available in a t-shirt long sleeve and Hoodie and a nice sweatshirt also a Whole bunch of different colors as well So head on over to or click The link in the description below and

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