Obama Roasts Herschel Walker on the Campaign Trail | The Daily Show in Atlanta

By | November 3, 2022

The Daily Show’s week in Atlanta begins with the latest from the Herschel Walker-Raphael Warnock race, the Stacey Abrams-Brian Kemp battle for governor, and Barack Obama’s roast of Walker on the campaign trail. #DailyShow #Comedy

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What is happening everybody I'm Trevor Noah Welcome to The Daily Show And not just any Daily Show we're coming To you from the Tabernacle theater in Atlanta Georgia everybody we made It we're here in Atlanta That's right baby a town hotlanta I love It black Hollywood the place with the Realest Housewives The lost city in the ocean no that's Atlantis but still same feeling we're Here oh and I can feel it you feel Amazing This feels good This feels really good Oh I'm excited for this this is great We're gonna be here all week all week We're gonna be here all right And if you're asking why that's because You know that's how long our layover is No I'm joking I'm joking it's because Georgia is the epicenter of America's Elections right now yeah Decided everything Decided the presidential race now it Could decide the midterms and I know I Know there are a few other states I know There are but none of them have the best Food right So I'm loving the food out here everything Is extra I love it yeah you got you got That Southern Fried Chicken you know you Got that fried okra you got you got

Fried tomatoes everything is fine even Even some of your politicians brains are Fried I like that you went too far But I like that The point is we're in Atlanta and I'm Loving can I tell you I am loving every Single moment out here everything you Know like like the yeah the vibe is the Vibe is different You got good people you got great music You know everyone here is so polite as Well Yeah yeah in New York people are like What the is wrong with you but here Everyone's just like bless you huh Bless your heart And I know I know it means the same Thing but it feels different you know It feels completely different oh and can I just say can I just say One of the things I've been loving most About being here is how black it is What What I landed in Atlanta I thought I flew Back to South Africa by mistake [Applause] There's black people everywhere it's Like opposite Boston I've never been Anywhere like this is why From the moment we met like the moment I Landed at the airport it's just black People every everyone was black you get In the car your Uber driver is black

Everyone in the hotel was black I get Into the room I turn on the TV the news Anchor is black throws Throws to a black weatherman then Crosses over to like a black sports Reporter I walk into the bathroom I look In the mirror that person's black I was Like what [Applause] And you can feel it you can feel it in The city because everyone complains They're like oh Atlanta has so much Traffic trouble have you felt the Traffic if you felt what it's like I Have but the Blackness changes that Truth this is the only city I've been to Where the traffic has rhythm [Applause] You can feel the Trap even when you You're moving forward and back it's just Like it's got like a little like it's Like stop and then it's go and then it's Like stopping this goal and you're like What are we are we doing what's Happening right here and you're like oh I'm gonna change lanes I'm gonna change Things like oh no I'm gonna go back to That lane ah what's happening right now Look what kind of traffic is this Who's gonna merge he's gonna merge here It's like no no you're not gonna let me Merge well bless your heart sir bless Your heart But as I said as I said the reason we're

Here the real reason we're here Is because we wanted to feel what it's Like to be on the ground in a state that Everyone is looking to as election day Approaches everyone right And you can feel it you can feel it I mean you you all live here you know What I'm talking about like you can't Even forget election day is coming every Single ad every single ad Is political now every at every Billboard is political everything every Flyer every spam text that you get Everything is political it's Halloween Today I bumped into a kid on the street Dressed as Frankenstein I was like hey What are you doing he's like the real Monster is actually inflation This Three Musketeers feels like a two Musketeers And as you know they're true big races Two major races that everybody's Watching right two major races first up The governor's race of course yes With the seats The seat currently occupied By Republican Brian Kemp who's leading In the polls right now Or is that is that for Halloween is that Why you're booing is that what that is Yeah and he's running on a platform of Making it harder to get an abortion but Easier to get a gun And despite his policies Brian Camp is

Seen as a moderate that's what I find Really interesting yeah all because all Because he refused to help Donald Trump Overturn the election which is good Don't get me wrong but that's how Extreme politics has gotten in America All right he's like I don't think we Should hang Mike Pence And people like wow this guy's got some Moderate views yeah he's a real moderate Politician But of course the person trying to stop Kim from getting a second term is the One and only Stacy Abrams By the way Who by the way does it all she writes Books she's a voting rights activist who Played a big part in turning Georgia Blue in 2020 and And it turns out it turns out She even has a budding acting career Today we greet the president of United Earth [Applause] Okay I see you miss Abrams I see you set phases to Cameo hey [Applause] It's great it's great to see that Stacy Abrams has gone boldly where no one has Gone before Paramount plus I like that Now we're going to be chattering some Xavier's right later on in the show so We'll get back to that but Right now right now

Let's focus on a senate Showdown that Has ramifications even Beyond Georgia Right and it's between it's between Democratic senator Rafael Warnock and Republican candidates And the Republican candidates Herschel Walker yes Now warnock's campaign is focused on Abortion rights and expanding Infrastructure right but as election day Gets closer I feel like his campaign ads Are now more focused on on making sure That the race doesn't go any longer than It has to Guess who's coming to Thanksgiving come on we brought a friend That's right I could be interrupting Your Thanksgiving because if nobody gets 50 of the vote there'll be a runoff and Nobody wants that to happen I'm Rafael Warnock and we don't have to mix Politics at Thanksgiving that's why I Approve this message [Applause] Did I just say That is the most convincing way to get People to vote if you don't vote Politicians are going to come to your House and hang out Happens Can you imagine politicians just showing Up on Thanksgiving like ha I'm Herschel Walker it's like oh hi Dad uh wrong House wrong house And by the way by the way

I really need to understand it what is What is going on in Georgia that Reverend Rafael Warnock is neck and neck With Herschel Walker what is happening Like I know I know Walker's all neck but What what is what is happening Well every second thing the man says Turns out to be a lie right he walks Around with a fake police badge yeah he Pretended he was an FBI agent right he Claimed he was anti-abortion even though He apparently paid for one he he claimed He had only one kid even though he has Like a thousand oh and and he told People he graduated and the top one Percent of his class at the University Of Georgia and then it turned out he Never graduated at all at all Like at this point I want to meet the Herschel Walker that Herschel Walker Thinks he is Right Because at this point At this point everything is like he Treats real life the way we treat dating Apps You know just like in your I'm one of the tallest people you'll Ever meet I founded my own into industry And my mom But the biggest thing about Herschel Walker for me Isn't all the lying and The hypocrisy he's also just weird He's a strange guy

You know like and if you don't believe Me if you don't believe me watch him Give one of my favorite answers ever in Politics right this is what he said when He was asked about the biggest problem Facing America today what do you see As some of the big biggest problems Going on in our country today I think it's only the biggest problems Going on in our country today we have so Many celebrities telling people that They can't do it Telling a lot of people oh you know it's You can't do it like you got to feel bad For yourself feel sorry for yourself Which is sad to mean You know they've done it but they Telling you you can't do it and it's Like God you did it why they can't do it Okay First of all that was the sleepiest Interview I I'll ever seen It's like it's like if Ambien had a Podcast Uh What was that The only reason those two should be in The same room is if Ben Carson is doing Brain surgery on her she'll walk up There's no other reason they should be Talking to each other no because I'm Sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry he says the Biggest problem the biggest problem

That America is facing right now Is celebrities telling people they can't Do it the biggest problem The biggest part you think the average American right now is saying I know Inflation is bad right now but the Bigger issue is that Vin Diesel has Never told me to follow my dreams I Could have owned a bakery by now Could have been baking for family [Applause] And look and look I get it I get it all Right some people be like you're a Celebrity you're not objective well I Guess so maybe I'm missing something Here you know maybe I am And so and so if I am in case I've been Too discouraging To the American people Let me say this In America You can do anything just like Herschel Walker If you want to be an FBI agent you claim You're an FBI agent If you want to graduate valedictorian Just tell people that it happened Because it did If you want to be the father of one Despite having fathered for then by God Be the father of one despite having Father's four children that is the American way Point is there are many major races that

Are going on this year and they're Really close you know this America knows This right A week from now Herschel Walker might Actually be claiming Victory I mean He'll be doing that no matter what but He could actually win for real And that's why with one week until the Election the Democrats have pulled out The big guns yeah Netflix's very own Barack Obama This race is so important it even got Obama off the beach he was down here in Georgia over the weekend and he brought That Obama swag with him some of you may Not remember But Herschel Walker was a head of a Football player but but here's the Question does that make him equip To Weigh in on the critical decisions About our economy and our foreign policy And our future but let's do a thought Experiment Let's say you're at the airport And you see Mr Walker you say hey There's Herschel Walker Heisman winner Let's have him fly the plane You'd want to know does he know how to Fly an airplane Wow Well really President Obama really You're going to say that about a man who

Graduated in the top one percent of Pilot School how dare you A lot of people don't notice about me And Herschel but I was in Top Gun that Movie was about me my name in the 80s Was Pete Maverick I love how Obama roasts you with like That signature swag he makes it sound so Polite but he's roasting the out of You Uh the last time I checked uh you didn't Have any brains But it was fun it was fun to see Obama At it again wasn't it huh people always Loved seeing him come out you know gets The crowd fired up gets everybody Excited you know that's what you get From him in a race you know that's why They don't send Joe Biden you know you You don't get the same thing from him It's true Joe Biden wants to do it he's Always like uh I'll go give him speech And everyone's like no no just please Sir please You're needed in Washington there's a 1000 piece puzzle we need your help on You go on you go on sir he's like I used To know a guy named puzzle yes you did Sir yes you did go on you just solved That sir So at the end of the day it's all going To come down to the votes all right who Votes who doesn't which is going to be a Little bit harder I don't need to tell

You this but you know this because last Year Georgia State Republicans passed a Very controversial bill right it was a Law SB 202 which created all kinds of New obstacles to voting fewer drop boxes Shorter absentee voting Windows uh and It's even illegal to hand water to People waiting in line yeah I mean Luckily you can still hand out Dasani Because legally that's considered sewage But At that point new people would rather Dab first Now Georgia Republicans claim that this Bill was about votes of fraud but we all Know the real motivation right unless It's about fraud right it was about Trying to suppress the voter turnout we Get it we get it I mean because at some Point they even try to limit early Voting on a Sunday hey why Sunday we Know why because of souls to the polls All right we have an organization that Makes sure that they get people going Straight from church on a Sunday to go And vote And I gotta say that's particularly Messed up How are you going to take that away Sunday voting was the one day when black Church was only five hours instead of Ten But Can I tell you what I've Loved about

Being here in Georgia is watching the News and realizing that the votes of Suppression strategy might have Backfired because it turns out It turns out all these new restrictions Are just motivating Georgians to vote Even harder Turnout for early voters in a midterm so Far more than 1.6 million people have Already cast their votes in Georgia and Election officials expect that number to Surpass the 2 million mark this week I Think a lot of people are really Motivated for a bunch of different Reasons and I think democracy is Definitely on the table people have Fought for us to have the right to vote So we are persistent about coming to go Early you know a lot of people lost Their lives for us to have that Privilege to come out and voice our Opinion I would have came out of snow on The ground I would have came out yeah I Think it's important yeah that's right That's right the voter suppression People thought they could stifle the Vote but all they've done is motivate People to vote earlier than ever and let Me tell you something that's how you Know that's when you know you've messed Up and you've made black people angry When we arrive early to some that's When you know some shit's about to go Down

When black people like aim hey man you Only supposed to get here at 12 it's 11 30 it's like yeah but we need to handle Some first Why are you early you bout to find out You're about to find out But I just wanted to remind you whether It's early voting or waiting in line or Mailing in your ballots Everyone here in Georgia needs to get Out there and play their parts [Applause] [Applause] I need to tell you You can do it You get out there and you vote early or You vote on Election Day you bring your Own water and if the lines are long you Stay in that line Because if you don't Rafael warnock's Gonna come straight to your house and He's coming for those sweet potatoes [Music]

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