NYC Mayor Declares “War On The Rats”

By | November 29, 2022

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Everyone that knows me they know one Thing I hate rats You know when we started killing them in Borough Hall you know some of the same Folks are criticizing us now called me a Murderer because I was killing rats well You know what we're gonna kill rats the Rats are absolutely going to hate this Announcement but the rats don't run this City we do this is not Ratatouille rats Are not our friends Are they being serious or not I mean I Get it it is a serious problem in New York the rats but I hate rats rats Aren't gonna like this press conference This ain't Ratatouille brother so uh New York City's not playing around with the Rats as you saw uh Can we acknowledge the elephant in the Room here can acknowledge the elephant In the room I know we're gonna talk About this rat story but let's just Pause for a second and acknowledge what We just heard okay a former police chief Just said he doesn't like rats all right This is like Remember in The Departed where uh Jack Is like Smell a rat like that that is Eric Adams I I look I I think whistleblowers are Important Um I think they should be protected at All costs but man you better watch your Six if you are a whistleblower with Eric

Adams or he just gave he just gave the Bullhorn to how he hates you or if You're a rat you want to watch it back Because apparently there's a plan to Eradicate as well though Rick let's let Them continue before you start judging Bro let's go more Uh today we are announcing a once in a Generation change that would have a real Impact on the cleanliness cleanliness of Our city we are drastically reducing the Amount of time that garbage will remain On our curb we're Shifting the time Where people can sit sit set out black Bags and trash from 4 pm to 8 P.M the Biggest swing that you can take at Cleaning up our streets is to shut down The all-night all you can eat rat Buffet This would reduce the amount of time the Trash is on the street before collection Keeping our streets clean up for a Longer period of time and discouraging Rodents from running uh their own Version of what we like to say open Restaurants Let's get to all these things they're Talking about because I'm sure if you're Watching this you may be saying why is New York City acting like they don't Have a rat problem always anyone who's Been there I've been there a couple Times and I don't live there never have But I've seen more rats there than I've Have in this city since I've been living

Here since 1998. anyway it goes Uh here's the here's the reasons why They're talking about it there is truly A rad problem with restaurants closed or Open with limited capacity during the Coronavirus pandemic rodent activity in Urban areas increased as rats searched For sources of food other than Restaurant dumpsters remember during the Pandemic there was that whole thing I Think it was like in Venice in Italy There was like they said there was like Dolphins in the water or something like That because all the animals came back Out once humans went into their bunkers Anyway goes more New York sanitation Department has reported more than 21 600 Rat complaints so far this year that's Roughly 71 increase since October of 2020. Here's a quick list you guys of the top Rat cities in the country though New York isn't even number one Chicago where Rick's drama is from then New York and La and DC and all those you could Possibly imagine Denver's on there at The bottom at 10. if I go to bed someday Said I can't sleep because we're worried About potent you know evictions that we Have on our plate and the sadness and The children involved and the elderly Person that we're what are we going to Do and uh but never in my wildest dreams Have I ever gone to bed at night

Wondering about you know what to do if There's going to be thousands of bees Unloaded on us Hmm thousands of bees Unleashed on us That's crazy uh police officers Apparently were in a really bad Situation in Hadley Massachusetts uh That's when they went to serve an Eviction notice to someone and instead This lady rolled up Unleashed her bees I'm not Mistaken here at least bees upon the Police officers to get them to scatter Get away not finish up their call as a Matter of fact the more surprising part About this whole thing is she wasn't the One being affected bro let's watch Investigators say the woman arrested Does not appear to know the man being Evicted but is known to travel from Outside the area to protest these cases That's not protesting that is not Demonstrating that is breaking the law Officials say there's a dispute over Ownership of the home in regards to a Bankruptcy case the bees came out uh Unleashed in swarming angry and they Started stinging everybody there Let's look at uh Rory s Woods again Uh no F's given she's like yeah I did it And I'll do it again Jesus uh so I I know I'm laughing about but bees are Serious issues we're gonna get to uh Because an official Department report

Said that she's 55 years old listen her Name is Rory s Woods she lives in Hadley She's she arrived in an SUV towing a Trailer bro she was prepared carrying Bee hives Woods who put on a beekeeper's Suit to protect herself started shaking The hives and broke the cover off of one Causing hundreds of bees to swarm out And initially staying one Deputy was Eventually arrested but not before Several more sheriff department and Places where employees were stung Including three who were allergic to Bees that's the serious part when Woods Was told this is man look at this man Remember the picture that you saw of Miss Woods when Woods was told that Several officers were allergic to bees She said oh you're allergic good Good Damn here's a couple images from the Moment that it happened for some reason I think the cops threw out the body cam Evidence because they didn't want to see This happen again because it was Traumatic their shoes on the right side With the purple uh jacket on her or Sweater unleashes the bees get some and then she unleashes it there She is fighting again with him he's like Put the lid back on and there she is Being carved away or walked out with her Bee suit on because she's like did you Know the bees sting I don't want

Anything to do with that So since then she's been charged with Four counts of felony assault and Battery with the dangerous weapon those Bees three counts of felony assault with The dangerous weapon and disorderly Conduct which is also a misdemeanor and One more time Dan let's go back to our Mugshot as we go to your thoughts here No Deaths get it