NY Times SLAMMED For Crossword Puzzle Resembling Offensive Symbol

By | December 21, 2022

The New York Times is being dragged online for publishing a crossword puzzle that looks like a swastika on the first day of Hanukkah. Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss on The Young Turks. Watch TYT LIVE on weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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“The New York Times is being ripped by social media users for publishing what they deemed a swastika-shaped crossword puzzle on the first night of Hanukkah.

The fraught Sunday brain-teaser, titled “Some Theme’s Missing,” had been concocted by Washington, DC-based consulting manager Ryan McCarty, who has formulated 22 other puzzles for the paper.

“Thrilled to have my first Sunday puzzle in The Times! This grid features one of my favorite open middles that I’ve made as it pulls from a variety of subject areas,” McCarty gushed in a section of the paper titled Constructor Notes.


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The New York Times published uh a Crossword puzzle on the first day of Hanukkah that many believe looks like The silhouette of a swastika now we're Going to show it to you uh so you can Judge for yourselves uh the real Question here is whether you see the Swastika number one but number two Whether the New York Times of all places Intentionally Published a crossword puzzle that looks Like a swastika on the first day of Hanukkah Okay well all right so let's break this Down Um The New York Post story that I read on It understandably is biased because I Hate the New York Times New York Post is Right wing and then in New York Times They think is left for you in reality of Course New York Times is not left wing They're mainly corporate media Um so uh and then almost all the people That were outraged by this were Right-wingers uh and uh the first guy Who wrote about Camp I'll leave this Happen on the first day of Hanukkah and I'm like oh maybe it's like maybe the Anti-Defamation League and they're Concerned or something no it's Don Jr Like as if he cares and that he's Actually outraged and he's like you know If this was in a right-wing publication

You know would you give us the benefit Of the doubt well then I'm not giving You the benefit of that yeah let me give You his exact tweet he says disgusting Oh because I'm sure he's disgusted with Potential anti-semitism Uh only the New York Times would get Hanukkah going uh with this With this is the crossword puzzle uh Imagine sentences a crossword question Totally imagine what they would do to Someone who did this and was not Ideologically aligned with them I'll Give them the same benefit of the doubt They would give those people exactly Zero look I I don't really care what Anyone's saying about it uh they didn't Intentionally do anything okay uh it was A mishap I I don't think I Unfortunate to say the least I do see it But I don't think anyone intentionally Did anything so look there's only two Possibilities uh one is that apparently This happens every once in a while it's A question is because they got accused Of the same thing in 2014 and 2017 Meaning that hey if you take a series of Black squares and white squares and you Go through thousands of thousands of Thousands of permutations every once in A while you get something that kind of Looks like that and then people get mad Right that's the most likely explanation Uh the second possibility is maybe the

Guy who designed it kind of put put it In as a horrible Easter egg right right And the editors didn't catch it Etc You'd have to talk to that guy I doubt it but I maybe it's at least Theoretically possible Right but the new Did the New York Times do it on purpose The salzburger family owns the New York Times I mean look I think the new the Publisher is now Catholic or something Along those lines but it's a famous Jewish Family from New York And they get accused of being the Jewish Media you know that secretly controls Everything by idiots like Kanye West and Fuentes Etc now they're being accused of Being pro-nazi that doesn't make any Sense at all yeah look I I don't care Who owns the New York Times who's behind The New York Times I mean it would be Relevant if the individuals who have Power at the New York Times had a History for instance of anti-Semitism or Discrimination or hatred uh but as far As we know we haven't seen any proof of That any example of that and so look the Point that I want to make is I know that We are living in this era where uh the Order of operation is to automatically Assume the worst of people and Automatically assume that people intend The worst things through their actions Right

Um I would like to actually take a step Back and look at the body of work or the History of a publication an individual Whoever is in question to actually Determine whether or not they Intentionally did something bad and in This case I don't know I just don't see The New York Times as a publication that Has a history of anti-Semitism no it's Absurd it has no such thing at all uh And then the right Wingers are saying Well the New York Times is notoriously Anti-israel I'm which planet uh which found in their Version of being anti-israel it means That they in every story they don't Necessarily assume that the Palestinians Are non-human no I guess some of the Stories they refer to them as human Beings yeah and the other thing is if You dare to criticize a politician in The Israeli government right that gets Because it because anti-Semitism that Word gets weaponized in order to silence People who disagree with what a Particular government is doing criticism Toward a government is not anti-semitic Anti-semitic statements is anti-Semitism Right if you're saying things that Kanye Said for instance clearly anti-semitic Being critical of Benjamin Netanyahu Doesn't default make you an anti-semitic Person if you thought Dick Cheney's Policies were terrible that doesn't make

You anti-American uh if you think Netanyahu's policies are terrible it Doesn't make you anti-israel or Anti-semitic so with the guys that are Pushing these arguments are obviously Acting in bad faith I'm sure that some People saw it and they don't know the Whole history and they're like whoa that Does kind of look like it so not all Those folks are acting in bad faith but The ones that are pushing it out all the Right Wingers go oh it's definitely a Swastika only the New York Times would Do this no almost all of your Publications would do it and they do it On purpose and so and then when he's Like why would I give you the benefit of Doubt when you don't give us the benefit Of Doubt well I'm not going to give the Daily Stormer the benefit of the doubt When they're a Nazi website context Might matter I'm going to give the New York Times better for the doubt on this Because they have no history of being Anti-israel or anti-semitic whereas if You said hey the New York Times I'm Skeptical of their intentions because of How they treat uh corporate stories and Then you give me a dozen examples of how They're have pro-corporate positions and Say that anything that helps the average American is a radical leftist yeah that They have a deep history of doing that Okay that's a legitimate criticism that

You can show with evidence They're like oh why don't we get the Benefit of the doubt because of what you Know what yeah that's it I'm just I'm just sick of everybody That's where I'm at okay that's where Anna's at yeah we're we're uh I'm just Sick of this like environment of like Expecting the worst of people Automatically assuming the worst of People ignoring the body of work that Anyone has ever done and just judging Them based on one moment in their lives Or they might have made a mistake that's That's the era we're living in and I Hate it I can't stand it I'm over it and I wish people would get past it at this Point well Anna that brings us to the Final irony here because the New York Times smeared me so and they pretended That I was anti-muslim when I'm actually From a Muslim background and they Brazenly lied about me and what did they Do they picked like four or five things Out of a 20-year career and things that Had already even been deleted 15 years In the past and pretended that I was all The racist sexist Etc they smeared me to No end it was the most deceptive awful Thing I've ever seen okay and I witness It personally but wait a minute here I Am defending the New York Times why Because I don't want to be like them I Want to give you the full context you

Need the context of a story what the New York Times should have said is maybe Jake said four things wrong out of 60 000 videos but he's known as a Progressive activist and fighter right Someone who fights for these policies Instead they're like ahem and Bernie Sanders can you believe how racist and Sexist they are because of how we're Going to smear them the New York Times Was terrible in doing that and they Should fix themselves because they have A massive anti-left anti-progressive Pro-corporate bias okay But that doesn't mean that we should do The same things that they do we give you The proper context and here we are Defending the New York Times because our Job is to actually be fair