By | October 29, 2022

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on Breaking News!
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All right ladies and gentlemen Christopher green the crypto pump is Upon us and the U.S stock market the Dow Jones Industrial Average was up like 700 Points today last time I checked and Again a lot of people ill prepared for The bull run as I’ve been saying people Are going to get caught offsides and I Think there is a number of indicators of Why this is going to happen one no one’s Expecting any kind of Peace in Ukraine And if we get peace or even inklings of Peace as Vladimir Putin said there’s no Need to use nuclear weapons then the Market is going to rip higher even if That is short-term in nature and as We’ve been talking about much of this War as psychological and scope much of The war has been entirely psychological And it’s been manipulation through the Media and playing human psychology and This idea that we’re in Cold War 2.0 and The nukes are going to go off at any Moment all you baby boomers got to get Under your desk like we did during the Cuban Missile Crisis in the field Bay of Pigs but now this is being fought Technologically it’s being fought over Social media it’s being fought over Crypto and we’re really in a state of Affairs where I would say the mental Health of Americans or the worst it’s Ever been I think a lot of so let’s talk About this I think a lot of people are

Struggling with their mental health Health as a result of the things that Tragically have happened over the last Few years suicides are up Depression is up anxiety is up we’ve Seen students and test scores down Disproportionately as a result of the School closures and all this has Affected people’s behavior and I think We need to understand this this is the War that’s being currently fought it’s a Psychological war and it’s about Controlling populations all Wars the the Primary focus is to control people Human Resources human capital and I talk about This too because I can get way way out There ladies and gentlemen what they’re Using human beings as is the base layer Technology for this transhuman agenda so The transhuman agenda to take microchips And put it into people’s heads which is Literally what people like Elon Musk are Working on and people appear to be Embracing there was a guy I think in Germany or the UK who just implanted a Microchip in his hands so that he could Buy and sell and he was happy about this This whole thing is taking human capital Something that they can’t create Themselves and using that as the base Layer motherboard For this new system that they’re Building and so we see this even with The acquisition of Twitter and let’s

Talk about that for a minute so yay Actually did get his account restored That I find that very very surprising Like I said hey man if I’m wrong about It and Elon Musk turns out to be the Champion for free speech and he restores Everybody including Donald Trump Alex Jones and yay I’ll be the first to Apologize and tell you I was wrong but See I think it plays into the narrative I don’t think and I said this from the Get-go of Twitter it’s not like they Would allow some private individual to Buy Twitter unless they wanted him to Unless they basically I had approved the Deal okay because this you look at People these are oligopolies now guys Okay we have a couple guys a couple Dudes and they’re mostly all men that Control all the world’s infrastructure Look at Jeff Bezos for example not only Does he own the entire e-commerce Market He’s taken out small medium-sized Businesses he’s obviously an excellent Capitalist but in addition to that the First company he bought was Whole Foods To control the food supply because again Power is controlling people power is Controlling the means of production Communist States knew this Mao knew this Stalin knew this democracies know this We’re not a democracy by the way we’re Constitutional republic and of course The leadership the Global Leadership

That is put pushing us towards this World system also knows this so we’re at The point now where most of you I think Understand the narrative am I wrong About this most of you understand the Narrative you understand what’s going on You understand that the pieces that are In play and just look at the Billionaires honestly to see what They’re doing and emulate what they’re Doing so what is every billionaire doing Right now Internationally diversifying they all Have four or five passports they’re Getting out of the United States they’re Warning of Bank runs problems with Banking uh problems with all the large Financial institutions people like Ray Dalio Etc Eric Schmidt and others are Getting their Maltese passports same Thing with Peter Thiel everybody’s got Two feet out of the United States and They’re preparing for the Internationalization of not just Themselves but the new global system in Order which is what we’ve been warning About a death by a Thousand Cuts would Eventually lead us to this and so that’s What that’s what’s happened and so Instead of just parroting and repeating These same same things that we already Know to be truce we already know this is Going down we already know this is the World that we’re facing we already know

That we’re moving to cbdc Central Bank Digital currencies we already understand Just like my father says I think this is Excellent advice he’s told me he’s like Christopher in terms of inflation I Think you’re just going to have a lot of Inflation for the rest of your life and I think he’s right about about that I Don’t think inflation is going to Tamper Down I believe that the central bank and The Federal Reserve has been lying to us This whole time just like I told you Transitory inflation was a lie and that It was permanent and that we would have Hyperinflation and so inflation isn’t Going to stop and I’ve been absolutely 100 right about that it’s continued but We’re at this stage now it’s about Finding Solutions okay you need to find Solutions in your own life and it comes Down to what are you doing and what are You building I always go back to NOAA I Go back to David and Goliath he just had A couple of Pebbles but he didn’t need Body armor to defeat Goliath he just Needed his faith just the faith of a Mustard seed to accomplish Big Bangs We’re at the point now and this is why I Built Island project in the club and you Should register this for this and you Should schedule a phone call with me you Can do that by just clicking the link Below and we can chat we can talk about Your portfolio we can talk about my

Recent pick I think it’s a real quick Double by the way I should get in just For that video I posted yesterday it’s a Quick trade something that I think all Of you can capitalize on And how to strategize how are you going To position yourself for Success moving Forward one of the ways you can do that Is creating cash flows another way that You can do that is internationally Diversify yourself another way you can Do that is join a community like ours The island like minds and a Strength of numbers help us tokenize and Build a real world community on the Ground you know I’m at the age now I’m 41 years old I’m far more interested I’m Not just talking about what’s going on In the media I’m far more interested and Excited about solving real world Problems and so the island project Itself this idea that we’re all taking Our sailboats and we’re tying them Together that we have a common vision And a common mindset we believe in God And we want hope and joy in our lives And we want to find Solutions and we Want to live our best lives in service And we want to get out of the anxiety And the Darkness and the depression of This world what Satan wants to bring all Of us down You know once all of us corrupted he

Knows what our vices are he knows where It is it’s easy for us to sin I’m saying Step outside of all of that I’m saying Hear God Embrace God embrace the Lord Embrace our King and understand that we Have a a huge opportunity to change Things right now ladies and gentlemen So I just wanted to talk from the heart It’s Friday I want you guys to be Encouraged so for example today what I Did today and I didn’t want to do it I Didn’t want to do it at all first thing I did is I worked out I did push-ups I Did lunges I did body weight squats I Wasn’t even doing heavy weights I was Sweating I went for a swim always do the things That are most difficult in your life First in fact that’s another good piece Of entrepreneurial advice do the things That suck first and then I’ll leave you This with this uh positivity today okay On this beautiful Malibu Friday take a Look at this so beautiful I’ll leave you With this If you’re not living the life that you Want to live okay if you’re constantly In a negative mindset if you think you Can’t do something if you’re having Self-doubt but then that’s your reality If you think that a certain way is the Way that you’re going to live your life That’s exactly the way that you’re going To live your life so oftentimes if your

Life sucks it’s because you suck and That’s the hardcore trip you’ve got to Reverse your psychology you’ve got to Get out of that mindset and you’ve got To realize how to change that is to is By putting in the work and the Consistency of the daily action sets That you need to take that build Confidence little wins each day maybe it Was doing 20 push-ups earlier this Morning or was going for a little light Jog or it was opening up the Bible and Reading say the gospel or the Book of John or maybe just a couple of verses of Psalms just doing little actions little Things that are hard little things that Take discipline help build those Incremental steps for massive gains of Massive success and honestly that’s what I attribute most of My Success to and Cryptocurrency blockchain social media Sports Athletics I was a division one All-American I tell I made my first Million dollars years ago it’s how I’ve Started all of my businesses it’s how I’ve improved my health my Wellness uh My mental state that’s how I’ve gotten Rid of anxiety and all those things that You know it’s it’s human to suffer we’re All human none of us are perfect so I Just want to encourage you all today I Want to give a message of Hope and Encouragement look you can look at the World we understand what’s going on in

The world we understand it’s dark we Understand it’s hopeless without our King Jesus but now we need to go act and We need to do positive things in our own Lives to have a ripple effect to improve What we’re doing to improve your Situation to improve your life to leave A legacy to your children or your Grandchildren and do something better We’re at the point now we all understand How hopeless things have become we all Understand how controlled the media is For example how much of what we thought About America itself was an illusion so Take heed of the warning and understand Time is short you need to get ready as I Always encourage you you need to stay Prepped but then go out there and kick Some major ass and do it with like Minds Like us so I just want to encourage you On Friday get in at the all you have to do Is click the link below it’s a 1500 Minimum to get in you get all of our Content and more you learn about Everything that we’re doing with Island Project and more you get early bird Access to our future blockchain launch If you can upgrade to the private Placement where you own actual shares Make sure to do that first that’s the Ultimate but if you want to get in at Just the basic level get into the club That’s

Register today when you register this Weekend I’ll see that you come in with An email and I’ll contact you and Schedule a 15 30 minute phone call with You guys and we’ll do a little private Consult you can ask me anything I’ll Help you I’ll explain to you you know How to build a portfolio what are the Top positions I’m buying in crypto right Now where I think the gains are we can Talk about Island project anything else That you might be interested in I was Talking with the lady yesterday out in Arizona she’s in health and wellness and She’s a yoga instructor and she’s Looking for a community of like minds And she was you know just telling me a Lot about Kind of like mental health and and Wellness and these kinds of things all Of these things we can achieve you can Achieve all of this beauty in your life But the first thing that you have to do Is you have to believe in yourself You’ve got to get rid of the self-doubt Don’t let the world pull you down don’t Let the propaganda get to you don’t let Group think get to you and find your Rock and your foundation ladies and Gentlemen In our Lord and in our King Jesus Christ I love you guys take in the beautiful View it’s an awesome day here in Maui Boo I want to see at and then I want to Hear what you have to say comments Questions in the box below and of course You can register to the club here and or Here or down here and also the private Placement at God bless You Jesus Christ is King I want to hear From you and I want you to join our World-class blockchain technology and The island project club today do it Right now [Music] Thank you

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