New Report Exposes Trump’s Sinister Protestor Plot

By | November 8, 2022

Donald Trump seriously thought no one would ever find out about this. Adrienne Lawrence breaks it down on Rebel HQ.

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Give me 30 seconds DHS leaks show that The government was actually colluding to Silence Free Speech if that connective Tissue can be established what legal Remedies do we the people have against The United States government The Department of Homeland Security has Admitted that it tried to manufacture Fake terrorists to advance the unfounded Terrorist organization claims made by Former president Donald Trump Fortunately the operation failed welcome Into tyt's overruled I am your host Adrian Lawrence yeah you heard me right A newly released Homeland Security Report details orders given by the Trump Administration to manufacture fake Terrorists using clandestine gathered Information on hundreds if not thousands Of U.S protesters yeah the internal Report compiled by DHS attorneys who Interviewed approximately 80 employees Was made public this month by Democratic Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon now it Discusses how Trump's acting Secretary Of Homeland Security Chad Wolfe worked To a mass secret dossiers on Portland Protesters who took to the streets in The summer of 2020 following the murder Of George Floyd pergasmodo The report describes attempts by top Officials to link protesters to an Imaginary terrorist plot in an apparent Effort to boost Trump's re-election odds

Raising concerns now about the ability Of a sitting president to co-opt Billions of dollars worth of domestic Intelligence assets for their own Political gain DHS analysts recounted Orders to generate evidence of financial Ties between protesters in custody an Effort that had they not failed would Have seemingly served to legitimize President Trump's false claims about Antifa an organization that even his Most loyal Intelligence Officers failed To drum up proof ever existed This gets even Wilder not only does the Report describe details about protesters Whereabouts interests friends and Followers but it goes as far as tracking Their first amendment speech activity Which I presume refers to their social Media conversations and posts Add to that the government was acting Slowly here lawyers reviewed 43 dossiers Finding the selective surveillance to be Very concerning the field operation Analysts had told the interviewers that Things were thrown together they were Never provided with information on why Some of the people were arrested Affidavits or even paperwork the DHS Report finalized more than a year ago Includes descriptions of orders handed Down to senior leadership instructing Them to broadly apply the label violent Antifa Anarchist inspired to Portland

Protesters unless they had Intel showing Something different and of course Trump's leadership did not stop at Ordering Intel to be gathered on the Protesters check this out a footnote in The report states that at least one Witness told investigators that dossiers Had been requested on people who were Not arrested but merely accused of Threats another citing emails exchanged Between top intelligence officials States dossiers were created on Persons Arrested having nothing to do with Homeland Security or threats to officers This report is no joke it speaks to the Lengths of the Trump Administration Would go to try to bolster the President's unfounded lies and Conspiracy theories and all at the Expense of innocent Americans this Really should be getting more attention Than it is the abuse of power here that Came out of that last Administration is Nothing short of mesmerizing but those Are just my thoughts you let me know Your thoughts in the comments below hit That like and follow button and thanks For watching

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