New George Santos Lies Caught On Tape

By | January 18, 2023

Republican congressman-elect George Santos, if that’s even his real name, has been a fraudster for a lot longer than you may have expected. Adrienne Lawrence breaks it down on Rebel HQ.

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New York Conservative Republican George Santos won his house seat by eight Points in November but in late December Wild stories and accusations tarring Santos appeared in the left-wing media Look at right wing media trying to Protect one of their own the reality is That George Santos's lies are getting Wilder by the day and in some cases There's footage welcome into tyt's Overruled I'm your host Adrian Lawrence George Santos's Tall Tales are making The rounds right now on social media and I'd love to show you some of the newly Emerged lies that were told by the newly Elected New York Congressman first from A 2020 podcast Santos who does not have A college degree but a GED claimed that He graduated from NYU and then of course He makes some not so positive comments About the younger generation but I put Myself through college and got an MBA From NYU and I have zero debt and my Parents uh they helped where they could Because they were rebuilding back uh After filing for bankruptcy but I I know The drill it's hard work you got to do It and uh like I said I said it earlier And I'll say it again nothing comes for Free Nothing in life is free and the Harder you work for something the more You want it and the more you want it the More rewarding it is so I hate took care Of it too I hate looking at you today

And seeing them sitting on their behinds And acting like you know oh this is so Hard if not NYU perhaps Baruch College Has record of Santos because around that Same time that he did the podcast Interview he went on another show saying That he has memories of excelling in Volleyball for Baruch College You know it's funny I actually went to School on a on a volleyball scholarship I did I did yeah Um when I was in Baruch we were the Number one volleyball did you graduate From there yeah so did I did I did so Did I oh very close great school great Institution very simple but very good Very good professors who don't show Their bias which is which is very uh Interesting but that's a whole nother Conversation but it's funny that we went To we went to to play against Harvard Yale and we slay them We were Champions across the entire Northeast Corridor every school that Came up against us they were shaking at The time and it's funny I was the Smallest guy in 962. we had on our block On our on our on our block alone there Were six seven six eight these guys Weren't jumping they were just Stretching their arms We were we weren't Adam all of us should Have been playing basketball but we Chose volleyball because it was easier

It was a great time I I look I Sacrificed both my knees and got very Nice knee replacement knee Replacements From HSS playing volleyball that's how Serious I took the game Despite Santos's many fond memories it Turns out that brute college is no Memory of him in fact Baruch never would Have played Harvard and Yale in Volleyball because Harvard's men's team Is division one whereas Baruch is Division three and at least since around The 1980s Yale has only had a men's Volleyball club not an NCAA men's Volleyball team but what are facts Anyways next this clip emerged from a 2019 q a session at uh walkaway lgbtq Event in New York where Santos Identifies himself as a founder of United for Trump and introduces himself As Anthony De volder before throwing in His two cents about how trans people Could benefit so my name is Anthony Divulder I'm a New York City resident I've recently founded a group called United for Trump so if you guys want to Follow that would be awesome My questions directed for both Blair and Um Brandon well Brandon's an idol to all Of us thank you you're welcome um but Blair I I have a question how do you Think that as a trans woman and a Conservative you can help educate other Trans people from not having to follow

The narrative that the media and the Democrats put forward and how can Brandon incorporate that into walk away In more more in debt Santos really has some nerve to tell Trans people anything the man really is A fraud particularly in light of recent Reports asserting that the congressman Previously ran a Ponzi scheme at a now Defunct company called Harbor City Capital during an interview back in 2020 Santos publicly boasted earning massive Returns for customers on a 1.5 billion Dollar fund Currently at Harbor City capital I Manage a 1.5 billion dollar fund right And I know how to manage it well I give Record returns Um to anybody who watches this they'll Understand I'm giving you know a 12 Fixed yield income return a year which Nobody in the Market's giving for and We're giving 12. uh we're also giving up To 20 to 26 percent in irr return on our Investors capital Yeah I doubt that's accurate because the SEC shut down Harbor City capital in 2021 freezing its assets and accusing it Of running a classic Ponzi scheme that Had defrauded investors of millions of Dollars but of course none of these Reports are going to stop Santos from Representing New York's third Congressional district he made that

Abundantly clear last week in an Interview with fellow Congressman Matt Gates You have admitted embellishing your Resume you've acknowledged it you've Apologized for it some have said that You shouldn't be seated on committees For it I would offer that if we didn't See people on committees who embellish Their resume running for congress we Probably wouldn't be able to make a Quorum in any of those committees uh do You do you uh now have a sense of the Committees you want to serve on the type Of work you want to do I came to DC Without Really any preconceived notions Of what committees to serve but whether What I can give to the American people Whatever committee I'm given whether It's I don't know science and technology Or education and labor or whatever Committee is thrown my way I will Deliver 110 because that's what I know How to do I'm going to outwork any of The pundits and Talking Heads that are Out there saying that I should resign That I'm unfit for office the reality is And the and the the the the the the the The case and point here being is I'm a Workhorse I've worked my whole life I'm The kid who came from a basement Department it's clear that Santos is not Not going to back down no matter what Comes out about him in the numerous

Ongoing investigations at the county State federal International and Congressional level so that means even If he's subject to criminal indictment And conviction while the congressman Will likely legislate from his cell Unless Congress actually votes him out And given how flimsy the gop's control Of the house is McCarthy will likely Stand in the way of making that happen It's a damn shame but then again those Are just my thoughts you let me know Yours in the comments below hit that Like and follow button and thanks for Watching