Neo-Nazi Reacts To Trump’s Silence On Kanye & Nick Fuentes

By | December 6, 2022

Prominent white supremacist Richard Spencer actually made a pretty salient argument about why Donald Trump will never outwardly disavow the alt-right white nationalist movement in America. Adrienne Lawrence breaks it down on Rebel HQ.

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What do you think about Um Trump not disavowing really uh Fuentes this whole time White nationalists are having their say On how Donald Trump is handling his Kanye West and Nick Fuentes dinner dates Welcome into tyt's overruled I'm your Host Adrian Lawrence Donald Trump has Drawn criticism for hosting Nazi Sympathizers Kanye West and Nick Fuentes For dinner at Mar-A-Lago two weeks ago Now although the former president has Tried to pretend he knew nothing of who Nick Fuentes was well the alt-right Readily disagrees in the conversation With Ethan Ralphs kill the stream will White nationalist Richard Spencer shared His thoughts what do you think about Um Trump not disavowing really uh Fuentes this whole time He can't I mean look he never really Disavowed me he never disavowed the Alt-right he never disavowed Charlottesville I mean he doesn't Disavow his own people he might disavow Me now because I've been you know uh Anti-trump for five years or whatever it Is now four years Um he won't disavow his own people I Mean that that he does know who Butters His bread and so yeah he's not going to Do it he kind of you know he said I Don't know who Nick Fuentes is as MTG Said you know shortly after appearing at

A Nick Fuentes concert or a conference Rather kind of like a concert Um so you know it was a deflection you Could say but I I just I don't think He's gonna do it and and I think if he's Forced to do it it would ultimately be a Weakness I I think any politician that's Any Republican that's denouncing this Stuff is going to lose Am I still there yeah you sure Okay it's not showing up on my any Republican that denounces uh yay is Going to lose because they're ultimately Denouncing their own people I never Thought I'd see the day when Richard Spencer and I actually agree on Something Trump was not and will not Disavow Nick Fuentes because they are His people Donald Trump aligns with the White nationalists and Nazi movements We've known this since at least August 15 2017. yeah with the Charlotte Uprising and when we saw president Trump Then respond and you had some very bad People in that group but you also had People that were Very fine people on both sides 45 holds These white nationalists and Nazis close And it's not simply because they align In ideology but also because Trump Relishes the reality that they're more Likely to use violence to achieve his Ends they're Trump's little henchmen and So we see it time and again he is

Unwilling to disavow them he aligns with These individuals and they are looking To perpetuate democracy's downfall so Anybody who is supporting Donald Trump You cannot divorce yourself from the Fact that you are uplifting someone who Aligns with white supremacists Nazis and White nationalists those are just the Facts as far as I'm concerned but then Again it's just my thoughts you let me Know yours in the comments below hit That like and follow button and thanks For watching