My Dinner with Trump | Official Trailer

By | November 1, 2022

This is the Trump that the media will never show you. Unguarded with his closest advisors. Access like no president has ever given. Love him or hate him, you’ve never seen anything like this before. Available Thursday, November 3rd exclusively on DailyWire+:

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I think there were a lot of different Things that President Trump did for the Country that will be long remembered Making America energy independent and Putting pressure on other countries to Step up He said some crazy stuff during the Campaign I thought there’s no way in Hell this guy’s gonna be president of The United States People did not know what to expect Because remember you’re the first President in U.S history to have zero Political experience Reserve protect and Defend an American Energy that’s helping Make our economy the Envy of the world President Trump represented an Existential threat to the corrupt Political class This is the moment this is a major Turning point moment why do you keep Calling this the Chinese virus it comes From China these are acts of domestic Terror he was the most consequential Presidency Stay loose be cool watch what’s gonna Happen

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