MTG Abandoning QAnon Is All Part of Her Next Twisted Scheme

By | January 10, 2023

MTG is apparently no longer subscribing to QAnon conspiracies. Jayar Jackson and Jessica Burbank break it down on The Watchlist. Watch LIVE on weekdays at noon ET.

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“Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has more than most to celebrate as the new GOP majority takes power in the House of Representatives, and is doing all she can to engineer a Capitol Hill comeback as a result.

The Georgia congresswoman is set to be assigned committee memberships alongside her other Republican and Democratic colleagues in the days ahead, the end to a punishment handed down just a month after she joined the chamber.”


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Yeah and just to deal with one bit of History the Democrats stripped you of Your community assignments after you Were elected that was raw politics but In fairness didn't you also say around That period that you had been a follower Of Q Anon conspiracy theories and you Had rethought this and you were no Longer uh influenced by the group well Like a lot of people today I had easily Gotten sucked into some things I'd seen On the internet but that was dealt with Quickly early on I never campaigned on Those things that was not something I Believed in that's not what I ran for Congress on so those are so far in the Past Um you tweeted it's a good I guess That's ancient history bro I didn't run On that So margin Taylor green as you heard There seems to be trying to clean up her History as recent as it may be uh as She's been connected with Kevin McCarthy With his speakership fight as well is She trying to become all establishment Bro while still hanging on to the Maga Wedding maybe she's planning for some Kind of political future that she Doesn't see happening with the way that She has been there was more though Because she's toned down other things Not really but kind of More of the Maga talk that she doesn't

Want to associate herself with let's Watch this Right Kevin McCarthy did object on January 6 and he's been a top Target of The Democrats and the January 6th I Believe that Joe Biden is a legitimately Elected president of course Joe Biden's The president that's always a silly Question okay well he's trying to be Silly I was trying to just clarify Well Howard uh maybe you were silly Because you didn't listen to what she Said you asked is he the legitimately Elected president she's of course Joe Biden is the president sitting in the White house that's the same talking Point they've been using since the Beginning they never say he was Legitimately elected they say he's just There But yeah you missed that part because You're being silly as she said uh is This the is this cleanup act really Gonna work for her though I saw your Face when she first said she didn't run On this perfect Yeah of course Marjorie Taylor green has Never you know run on lies or made lies The center of her political platform run One running prop it's ridiculous Ridiculous I think she's just getting Money from a new place now and it's Enough money that they're like you need To change everything let's try changing

Everything uh this is a new Marjorie Taylor green It's well I mean is it going to fool People it's what I I think it will to a Degree yeah to enough because again People don't pay attention to everything That's happened or as she's maybe Correct about that's ancient history I Get some political circles and cable News Cycles A year ago is ancient history maybe even Two years ago the memory is that of a Goldfish to AR I think they know this uh We'll keep talking about the things that She said and she's done and the people She's Associated herself with now that She's detaching also from Lauren bobert It's almost like she's figuring a Political future this is amazing let's Watch this all happen