MSNBC Makes Mistake of Interviewing Group of Trump Supporters for Focus Group 😂

By | October 25, 2022

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MSNBC made the mistake of sitting down With some conservative Pittsburgh area Voters to talk about Democrats favorite Subject January 6th including whether or Not Doug mastriano the Republican is Running for governor of Pennsylvania Should be disqualified because he was at The most peaceful protest at the Capitol That day and well as you can imagine Things didn’t go as MSNBC had planned Mastriano was at the Insurrection and he Was photographed breaching one of the Restricted areas Is that okay which area because I saw a Video where Capital officers was taking Away barriers and unlocking doors I mean I they opened the gate so it Shouldn’t be disqualifying for an Elected official definitely participated In January 6th he didn’t strike anybody He didn’t hurt anybody so what do you Make though overall of January 6 I mean It was watching that footage it was Pretty disturbing I mean there were People throwing extra men at the walls And it was our you know no that’s fake News now it’s they’re throwing it at the Walls in reality some protesters had Tracked mud into the capital that got on Their shoes from the snow that had Melted and turned some of the grassy Areas into mud anybody Anybody who caused property destruction That needs to be dealt with yeah you’re

There making your voice heard at the People’s house no less yeah that’s again It’s a fundamental constitutional right Of an American citizen and people should Not be being held political prisoner uh Because of it for misdemeanors that’s East Germany that’s Easter tactics yeah That’s what’s scary That is fascism violation of the sixth Amendment the right to a speedy trial Many of the peaceful protesters weren’t Even accused of breaking anything or Assaulting police officers are still in Jail awaiting trial having been denied Bail the sixth amendment and the Eighth Amendment eighth amendment is no Excessive bail so they were denied bail Sixth amendment to a speedy trial so Here it’s been almost two years still no Trial I can’t believe that MSNBC Actually aired this but anybody who is Still watching MSNBC or CNN at this Point thinks that the January 6 protest Was worse than September 11th so seeing These people talk about it in such a Kind of cavalier attitude is probably Horrifying for them Doug mastriano Responded to these segments on Twitter Saying this did not turn out the way MSNBC planned their unscripted responses Were honest and simply brilliant I Wasn’t kidding or speaking in hyperbole When I said that MSNBC viewers think That the protests that they were worse

Than 9 11. here’s Peter strzok who you May recall was one of the conspirators Trying to frame Donald Trump as being a Russian agent and I think if you look at The scale in terms of the threat to Democracy I mean 9 11 was a tragedy we Lost thousands of lives in a horrific Way that we still mourn to this day but When you look at something that is an Attack on Democracy something that could Actually bring about a fundamental Change to American governances you mean Like black lives matter and antifa Burning hundreds of businesses across The entire country and riding for the Entire summer of 2020. so we understand It 9 11 is nothing compared to January 6. and the fact that the F that was a Direct quote by the way let’s listen to That again 911 is nothing compared to January 6. speaking of the liberal media Getting egg on their face the old bags Over at the view invited Ted Cruz out of Their show yesterday and things didn’t Go exactly as planned for them over There either No you know here’s the thing we may not Like when Republicans win but we don’t Go and we don’t storm we don’t try to Change [Applause] Did I miss an entire year of antifa Riots where cities across this country Were burning it and police cars were

Being fired she doesn’t know what an Antifa Riot is well technically they Were black lives matter riots with the Help of antifa and they would have Burned down the White House with President Trump inside you may recall he Had to be whisked away to a bunker Underground when they surrounded it one Day and then thankfully they didn’t Breach the barriers there was extra Barriers placed around the White House That day so instead they decided to Light the St John episcopal’s Church on Fire which was right next door St John’s Church is on fire the Parish Office uh we went downstairs and it is On fire I’m going to walk this way and Uh This is awful Ted Cruz then took a page Out of Kerry Lake’s Playbook and pulled Out some notes to help remind anybody Who may be watching about all the times Or at least a handful of the many times That the Democrats undermined our Democracy by denying the election Results after Hillary Clinton lost in 2016. [Applause] She sat there while while Donald Trump Is an illegitimate president Hillary Clinton says the election is stolen from You Hillary Clinton in 2002 George W Bush was selected Not Elected Joe Biden Al Gore was was elected president so Joe

Biden yeah But the fun didn’t stop there some Climate change activists interrupted the Show to protest ABC for not talking About climate change enough To cover climate change more than a Pleasure and climate denial of Ted Cruz Things just didn’t start off on the Right foot this week for the liberal Media yesterday on comedy Central’s YouTube channel which has over 11 Million subscribers they did a special Live stream called Stand Up and vote Early in order to try to encourage People to vote in the midterm elections Here in just two weeks and this is how It started again this is a comedy Central’s YouTube channel What are the midterms what do they do I Read a wikiHow cause I didn’t have a Clue I mean my knowledge Hill is very Limited I thought it was kind of like The Winter Olympics see the broad Strokes is at the midterms are elections That happen in the middle of a Presidential term where you can vote for Governors Senators local officials and Any seat in Congress you could dream of Oh and I forgot to mention that it had a Whopping 226 people watching it 39 minutes into The stream literally they barely got 200 People watching on a YouTube channel it Has over 11 million subscribers bear

With me for just a little more cringe This is what you’re missing if you don’t Watch Comedy Central I know what you’re thinking not another Celebrity telling me to vote Yes another Celebrity telling you to vote you think We want to be doing this every two years We don’t you be making big money with These selfie videos Instead I’m here telling you that the Midterm elections are right around the Corner so make a plan to vote thank you Mr celebrity you always know what’s best Which is why I sell my celebrities know What’s best Church from my online store At and this newly minted Tick Tock celebrity who we’ve all Unfortunately beared witness to if you Flogged onto the internet over the last Two months was invited to the White House to interview the supposed President Joe Biden and when they made This Tick Tock video saying that they Were invited many people thought it was Just a joke or just a parody but it was Real this is my 221st day of publicly Transitioning Look at Old Joe he’s thinking I should Really be interviewing some construction Workers or uh union members at the local Factories and some coal miners but Instead he has to sit down with this Person and this exclusive interview was Organized by the now this content Farm

They have I think millions of Facebook Followers too many on YouTube Subscribers and they just pollute Cyberspace with their short form content And despite this exclusive sit-down Interview with old Joe it got 39 000 views and look at that my comment is The top thumbed up comment asking is Dylan Mulvaney a troll mocking the Liberal agenda or has Society gone this Far off the rails and now this Individual is wrapped by CAA they have Public System Manager through them Creative artist agencies which is one of The biggest and most powerful agencies In Hollywood the same agency that just Canceled their relationship with Kanye West due to his recent comments on his Views of the industry and now the other Major Hollywood talent agency the CEO Over there Ari Emmanuel is calling on Everyone to cancel Kanye not just Adidas Dropping his Yeezy clothing line but Apple and Spotify to literally take his Music off the streaming platforms but Yesterday Kanye West did another very Lengthy podcast interview this time with Lex Friedman who is a computer Researcher or an artificial intelligence Expert into Robotics and he sits down With a lot of big names in Tech and People kind of from all walks of life But he tends to focus on technology and Sat down with Kanye to talk about his

Supposed Venture into the tech World Buying parlor when Kanye made a very Interesting but not all unexpected Revelation regarding Ben Shapiro’s daily Wire they tow Candace Owens I couldn’t Be on the daily wire like you can’t even Explain yourself And we don’t care have how you got to That point either and that’s up They told Kansas you can’t be understood It’s not even about yes you did that’s What they said excuse me Kanye or uh Mr Yang but there is one show that you will Be allowed to speak freely on and that Of course is the Alex Jones Show we’re All just kind of wondering if you’re Ever gonna reach out to Alex and make That happen by the way the same show That really first discovered Candace Owens and did an in-studio interview With her when she was just an unknown YouTuber many years ago thanks for Coming into town I’m so happy to be here Great to have you uh you’re a more Impressive in person it’s wonderful to Have you so uh Candace people are Waiting for you to hook up your new Friend with your old friend since your New boss won’t allow you to talk with Him hey to support my work order a free Speech Zone shirt from my online store At click the link in the Description below or if that’s not your Style pick up an F Joe Biden shirt to

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