MSNBC Is Having Some MAJOR Problems! 😂

By | November 6, 2022

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MSNBC just fired their host Tiffany Cross and even if the name doesn't ring A bell you've definitely seen clips of Her spewing her virulent anti-whiteism In fact I know this is hard to believe But she actually made Joy Reed seem Pleasant in comparison this woman was so Toxic that everyone in the industry Knows that she was synonymous for one Thing Tiffany cross the most racist person in All of television and in particular on MSNBC just got fired for Tiffany I would Just add one small correction the most Anti-white person in all of television Again because when somebody hears that Someone is racist they automatically Assume that that person must be white And that's something that white people Do to non-white people so the term Anti-white or anti-whitism should really Be used to describe such despicable People like Tiffany cross and her Mentor Joy Reed just two weeks ago Tucker Carlson highlighted her anti-whitism and Pointed out the obvious that such Unhinged and over-the-top rhetoric puts White people at risk of being attacked By unhinged people and so the twits on Twitter and her allies in the liberal Media are blaming Tucker Carlson for Getting the show canceled this from The Huffington compost MSNBC cancels the Cross connection after Tucker Carlson

Verbally attack back to the host it's Tucker's fault this is a small Compilation that Tucker put together Just two weeks ago many of us have seen The dangers when powerful white people Decide they won something they Annex it And they've never had a problem Replacing the people who stand in their Way we see American white people are Going crazy they're going they're Resorting to violence this is literally What conservative white folks do when They don't get their way they turn Violent the white people deputizing Themselves in some position of authority To have jurisdiction over their life When they need to mind their blanking Business this was the same woman who Called Kai Rittenhouse a white Supremacist for defending himself Against angry black lives matter Supporters I find these people Disgusting Ellie I'm disgusted at what I'm saying is trial is other trials but This in particular the fact that white Supremacist has roamed the halls of Congress freely and celebrate this Little murderous white supremacist and The fact that he gets to walk the Streets freely it lets you know these People have access to instituting laws They represent the legislative branch of This country what are we to make of that Well you're to make of the fact that

Kyle was found not guilty by a jury of His peers because he acted in Self-defense I'm actually surprised that She got fired because she seemed to be Perfectly in line with msnbc's Anti-white agenda and now with the Midterms just a couple days away they're Saying that anybody who reports on crime Is racist there's a major concern Surrounding the racist rhetoric that Often goes hand in glove with a Law and Order messages Republicans are pulling Out all the old Fear and Loathing Playbook trying to scare voters about Crime they have now turned to a strategy That sensationalizes crime that Weaponizes crime and that racializes Crime the other guys play the crime card Uh relentlessly and shame shamelessly It's got racial elements to it let's Just call that for what it is type of Crime that scares Republican and Independent voters the most to make them Believe that crime is skyrocketing that America is a hell hole Well you live in New York City sir so You certainly would know Joy Reid who is Strangely enough committing cultural Appropriation Devin dyed her hair blonde Out of white Envy is extremely upset With msnbc's decision I want to say one Quick thing about my my friend colleague And sister Tiffany cross Um she's not just my friend she is my

Sister my sister I love her I support Her you hate white people like her I was Boosting for her to get the show uh that She created the cross connection which She put her heart and soul every day and I just want to say that uh those on the Far right who are attacking her on a Social media app that well I won't name You don't understand how sisters move so Watch this space we will be here her Sisters will be here to support anything Anthony cross ever does know that Believe that that's tonight's readout All in with Chris Hayes Starts Now Believe that look at how upset she is You know that she wanted to call msnbc's Management racist but she bit her tongue So she could keep her job and she's Probably quite concerned too that she's Gonna have to Tamp down the anti-whitism Just look at those soulless eyes Joy Reid being a part of the media Elite Making millions of dollars a year Doesn't notice when her grocery bill Goes up by a few hundred dollars or her Electric bill goes up by 50 percent or Gas goes up by two dollars a gallon in Fact she thinks that nobody is concerned About inflation the people I ever heard You here use the word inflation are Journalists Um and economists right so that is not Part of the normal lexicon of the way People talk so it's interesting that

Republicans are doing something they Don't normally do right which is not Used com the common tongue right not use Just common English to sort of use do on Their campaigns like they're doing with Crime but what they've done is they've Taught people the word inflation right Most people would have never used that Word ever in their lives are using it Now be because they've been taught it Including on TV including in newspapers They've been taught this word imagine Being so out of touch with ordinary Americans that you think that nobody Talks about or is concerned with Inflation MSNBC is so upset with Inflation not that it's happening and That we all have to pay hundreds of Dollars a month more for food groceries Gas and pretty much everything but that Fox News is reporting on it and about Crime and immigration you know the top Three issues that voters actually care About when they go to the polls on Tuesday crime inflation immigration That's all they do all day every day Just going right to the fears of the American people we saw JD Vance harping On the issue of crime and talk and Linking it to things like illegal Immigration those are the types of Issues the things that drive fear They're just coming straight out and Especially during election time we see

It's the Caravans again it's the fear of Immigrants they were scaring Suburban White women with Caravans coming to Their neighborhood you turn on Fox News Any time of day any day of the week There are three messages on repeat the Border crisis crime On The Rise and Inflation Wow maybe you should actually take a Pledge out of their playbook and do some Actual reporting even CNN of all places The fakest name in news understands that Inflation is one of the primary concerns Of Americans what is the top issue for Americans at this point and who is Trusted on that the top issue for Americans at this point is not the January 6 committee hearings it is not Donald Trump it's inflation according to 33 percent of Americans that is the top Issue wow a broken clock is right twice A day I never would have imagined that Somebody at CNN would be allowed to Mention the obvious things are going to Get really intense here over the next Couple days and weeks and well it's Probably never gonna ease up until uh Never especially with the 2024 Presidential election approaching but With Elon buying Twitter and firing half Of the employees if we win in the Senate And the house on Tuesday they're going To blame it all on Elon Musk it it's Gonna be great Alexandra

Stephen blaming Elon Musk for censuring Her on Twitter after there was a little Glitch it often happens on social media Apps and her mentions didn't pull up Right away momentions momentions I was At a community event In the Bronson Co-op City And when I get home I see a text from my team saying Hey let me know if you need any help With this Elon stuff Elon was mocking Her on Twitter by the way so of course Her team needed to come up with some Witty reply for her to tweet And I was like what So I pulled my Twitter app And it's like gone like When you pull up your mentions and stuff Like that it's just like literally like A blank screen totally gone yeah it Happened to you and probably millions of Other Twitter users because these things Happen if you think that's bad the other Day Eli shut off my entire internet Because of the things I was tweeting About him and I had to unplug my router And then I had to plug it back in so That it reset and we're gonna hear a lot About misinformation being spread over The Internet over the next few days Which means that the liberal media Industrial complex is spreading the Misinformation and they're trying to Suppress people questioning things or

Facts and opinions that they don't like Just like the 50 Intelligence Officers That warn that the New York Post story About Hunter Biden's laptop was Russian Disinformation so just all 50 of the top Heads of the intelligence agencies Former Intelligence operatives they just Happen to be wrong they all just made a Mistake and if you miss them go watch my In-depth reports on operation Mockingbird the cia's admitted program Where they infiltrated the mainstream Media to gatekeep and have their assets Spread propaganda I'll leave the Clickable thumbnails on the screen I Don't think they show up on mobile so if You're on mobile just look in the Comments below and I'll pin a link to Those two videos down in the comments Section so stay tuned and I will see you Soon

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