Mountain Cabins vs. Beach Houses – Hold Up with Dulcé Sloan & Josh Johnson | The Daily Show

By | November 10, 2022

“The reason that cabins are the best is because a “ cabin has the tranquility of nature.” – Josh Johnson

“What about bears? There are way more animals that can attack you in the mountains, than can attack you in the ocean.” – Dulcé Sloan

As a follow up to last week’s debate on summer vs. winter, it’s mountain cabins vs. beach houses this week on Hold Up with Daily Show correspondent Dulcé Sloan and writer Josh Johnson. #DailyShow #HoldUp #Podcast

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Hey everyone it's Josh Johnson and we Want to know what do you want to hear us Argue about next on the show okay it's Very easy to let us know you can drop a Comment on any of the daily shows clips Of hold up whether it's Instagram Facebook Tick Tock YouTube or Twitter You can also hit us up with the hashtag Holdup and honestly if we have an Opinion about it we'll do an episode About it we both love to talk we love to Argue and we love you so without uh Anything else let's uh let's get into The show Hey everybody Welcome to hold up the Show that's a a whole lot a whole lot of Feelings whole lot of emotions whole lot Of talking about very little we uh we Break down the things that are important To us not things that are important in The world and today we have a little bit Of a part two we have a little bit of a Of a revisit okay because we we had Talked a little bit back and forth about Some seasonal things and everything but Today we bring it home with What I would consider the final form of Those things why people enjoy those Seasons right today it's going to be Cabins in the mountains Versus beach houses get into it How wrong can Josh be in two weeks back To back Okay so I I I'm guessing that means that

You want to go first then yeah no since You're so you're so sure you're so sure You're so positive that I'm wrong so I'm Excited to hear I'm if anything I I feel Like I have a front seat tell me how Wrong I am so that I can tell you how no That applies go ahead listen it's not That you're wrong is that you're not Right you know what I mean no no no no Don't do that either uh You want to take me out with logic you Got to do it you got to do it top to Bottom When in the history of you knowing me Have I always gone pure logic I'm just saying you're saying how wrong I am like how like how I'm talking about In general over the history of the Podcast Um you see what I'm saying like it's not Just today it's not just last episode It's It's every episode and it's just it's Every episode what are you saying listen I'm just concerned for you your Concerned for me you should be concerned For yourself all right wow you had You've had plenty of episodes where you Did well where you you got the people on Your side Um and I think that maybe I think that maybe You've underestimated that I make good Points too sometimes a few things that

People also like you know talking about Every episode yeah you make great points Mm-hmm but they're just not Right you see what I'm saying like if You make great points but you just don't Win it's like a debate You get points so you know there's like A there's a knockout and then there's Like a TKO it's like oh you won this box To match because the footwork you know What I mean so tell me what's so great About beach houses well I just I just Don't understand why I have to even just Field these questions because it's like First of all First of all it's the [ __ ] Beach so like I don't even understand It's like people are like oh there's Sand it's like you sound stupid shut up There's dirt everywhere sand It's just a different kind of dirt That's just some loose dirt this is Loose dirt there's soil there's dirt They're saying okay sand is the herpes Of dirt all right it's gonna get in and It's gonna be hard to get out you're not Even gonna know that you have it until You know you take your shoes off it's It's a it's a pain no no we act like That sand is is this mysterious creature That goes bump in the night it'll just Roll up on you and be like you didn't Even know that I was here I'm saying Like no you know what the hell saying

Came from you went to the beach didn't You but uh they're saying Okay you have to if you don't know the Secrets of getting the sand off of you Okay you got to let the wind do a lot of The work okay you gotta shake stuff out Before you put it in the car but also When you went to the beach you knew you Was gonna get some sand okay this is Just part of the experience you know When you go to a bar somebody might Spill a drink on you but you still go to A bar And if someone's supposed to drink You're like oh wow this is crazy but if You're sitting in a Golden Corral when Somebody spills a drink on you that's Gonna be very unexpected look if you are Sitting at a Golden Corral and you were Upset about any outside forces coming at You And doing any form of damage to your Person your belongings what you're Wearing then you are the one that's out Of order all right when you go to a Golden Corral you truly take your life Into your own hands all for some what Some crab legs where the crab legs Really worth it do they have crab legs I Don't know if they have crab legs I feel Like I might also be confusing Golden Corral with a different place I saw a Fight over crab legs Was that a Chinese buffet no but it was

A buffet for sure and it was it was People at first it was just tongs a lot Of tongs like snipping at each other Like Papa Papa and then a couple hands And then some tongs caught some hands And then some hands caught some hands And then everybody caught hands Wow what a song Did you know that we're out of crab Who's we Like as a culture like as a people like As human beings the crab is gone Wait what You look up Um What are you saying right now so you're Saying we are out of crab Like I think all this like there's a Billion crabs that we don't have I Didn't make this up as an article look It up on the internet I'm not I'm not Saying you're making anything up I'm Trying to understand how much out of Crap we are when you say we do you mean America or we're saying that billions of Snow crabs have disappeared from the Waters around Alaska Scientists say overfishing is not the Cause Oh it's I wish it was us it's worse than It's not us [Music] So that so then wait if you go to one of These crab places and you order crab is

It not crab well we just I think we just Found this out like a month ago oh so The shock and Many Billions missing from the population is Worth noting that includes all the Females and babies the Bristol Bay red King crab harvest will be also be closed For the second year in a row the Agencies announced Oh [ __ ] I mean it looks like cabins just Got a little bit more appealing all Right there's gonna be no crap but Because I mean come on you gotta go to The cold now First of all this is snow crab that's What it's hot crab okay You get you get crabs hot though I'm Saying if things that come to the beach Are dying off right so if there's no More crabs just gonna be running around Scooter scooting at the beach right no No no these are different crafts these Are Alaskan Snow crabs it's only the Alaskan ones That are disappearing yes it's only the Last one there's billions of them Missing and where they're at I don't Know maybe they But you having a good seafood treat is One of my favorite parts of going to the Beach because I can tell you I don't know what black people are going To do if we're at snow crab

That's that's also my concern as soon as I heard it I was like that means the Gumbo's gonna be lacking bro it means The buffets are going to be weak It means your crab boils is gonna be uh Problem yeah we need more black climate Scientists specifically for this skip Skip all the other stuff even if we're Gonna die in a decade go ahead skip all That tell us how to get the snow crabs Back I'll tell you what I'm gonna I'm gonna help you out right Now and I'm gonna tell you why cabins In the mountains Are superior you won't even have to Worry about any of this dual say you Come to a cabin you're chilling no this Is not a beach problem this is not a Beach house problem the beaches are a Problem the beach houses are a problem Okay no no no no no no no no Hey no no because I'll tell you right Now I'll tell you right now the beach House let's talk about it for a second Let's talk about the dangers okay let's Talk about just the dangers you know Beach house I would go to the beach Every day oh I'm so happy right sharks You got sharks okay you already got the Sharks then you got the storms you Really want to be there during the storm When you're in a cabin in the mountains Tell me what variables bears are you Serious they're way more sharks than

There are bears eating people attacking People slapping people oh no there are Not people interact with bears way more Than they interact with sharks crazy People on purpose yes [Music] You are more likely to get stung by a Bead and get attacked by a shark people Always use a shark equivalency it's like Oh I get attacked by a shark [ __ ] you Could have got in a car accident on the Way here because you know people are Provoking sharks let's not act like that But also so you can't say oh you gotta Talk about bear because you're provoking A bear no sometimes Bears ain't here With the shits okay but you know I'm not Here to play with you you should have Opened this trash can you knew I was Coming stop playing with me don't act Like the people are getting attacked by Bears yeah There's Panthers there's Panthers There's mountain lions there are very Aggressive deer like there are way more Animals that can attack you in the Mountains they can attack you in the Ocean so we're really gonna skip Jellyfish We Really Gonna skip stingrays We really gotta skip Sharks jellyfish You can see a jellyfish coming up all You gotta do is just swim away from a Jellyfish

All you gotta do is not run up on a Mountain lion Like like mountain lions run mountain Lions run up on you I've never heard of A person getting attacked by a mountain Lion the way I have a shark I feel like Mountain lion is the lowest on this list Is it I don't know I bet you here's like I will say I can already concede this Point technically that I feel like we Don't hear about them as often but I can See how people be going to those National parks and be touching bears and Rubbing up on bears and stuff and then Bear slap them and accidentally kill Them right yep but that's still not a Cabin though the national parks is not a Cabin bear so are we talking about Houses In the mountains or the mountains as a Concept as a label oh houses in the Mountains because we're not just talking About the beach right now we're talking About beach houses okay so we're not Talking about okay so we're talking About beach homes yeah beach homes That's why I brought the storms because I was like guys this is this is great Property to own in between hurricane Seasons I mean listen don't tornadoes go To mountains Do they I don't know I'm not a Meteorologist I feel like I this is Gonna sound real dub I'm probably gonna

Get judged in the comments but I feel Like when the tornado hits the mountain The mountain just break it all up Like it just it just it hits and it even Storms but it doesn't like go through it Doesn't like Hopscotch up the mountain To keep destroying stuff the way that it Does on a flat land yeah yeah because Tornadoes don't have legs like that like It's not like a Tasmanian devil that's Just gonna jump up and keep spinning Because hurricanes just go Hurricanes go in a way that like feels Disrespectful like I I grew up in Louisiana so I've I've witnessed Hurricanes just act like buildings Weren't in the way yes but I've never Seen like I've seen a tornado right Because when we moved back to Miami There weren't any major hurricanes that Hit while we lived there okay we moved There right after Hurricane Andrew which Devastated yeah all of South Florida I Understand like having a beach house Like yeah it's like you're worried about Flooding you're worried about hurricanes But like when you live in a cabin it's You know You have to worry about forest fires you Have to worry about you know snow Can get heavy snow can melt if there's You know it could cause a lot of water Damage I mean there's different hazards That you have with living in both places

What I can say is that One I don't believe to go into the Mountains in the summer In the same way that it is pointless to Go to the beach in the winter okay So we're still leaning on seasonal Peaks Yeah because it's like the beach is the Most enjoyable when you can you know Legs out titties out you hopping in and Out of this ocean right And then as someone who thinks that a Vacation in the summertime is only A beach Having a beach house and a place that's Not Like I've been in a beach house and like Atlantic City and I'm like that wasn't Like a little Jersey sore situation I'm Just like I know y'all y'all don't know no better That's why you think this is nice Also Yankee beaches are just not great Anyway where's the best beach to you oh I'm you're giving me a Caribbean you're Giving me you know the like Marco Island In Florida is gorgeous Dauphin Island is Pretty and um In Alabama like Gulf the gulf is very Pretty because it's like they're really Clear clear water and when you go to Like Fort Lauderdale like Ola Beach Biscayne Bay South Beach like the keys Are very beautiful When I went to Turks and Caicos oh my

God that was [ __ ] gorgeous so yeah like a clear Water Stitch you know what I mean but Like also the good thing about being a Beach house like that thing that people Talk about like you know truck you know Having to drag stuff down to the beach And you know Um the sand and all of that it's when You don't have to tote stuff Back to the car It's a totally different campaign like I Had a condo on Tybee Island I think from Like 30 2018. okay Something my 37th birthday I think maybe 36 37 I don't know we just had a condo Just across the street because all the Ones on the beach were like time shares And [ __ ] yeah uh so we couldn't get in So all we were just across the street And as somebody who grew up going to Tybee Island and it was we were in We drove down for the day or we would go Up to Hilton Head and we drove down and Then you spent all day at the beach you Have to tote everything back to the car And then drive four hours back to Atlanta So be able to just cross the street and Go to the beach And then go back inside was amazing but Like as a kid so when I was like 9 10 Years old we lived in

We lived on North Miami Beach So we lived in this place we lived in The so you ever see that show Sweet Life Of Zack and Cody yeah That's what we were so it's like we Lived in this hotel okay we have the Kitchen the housekeepers would watch us German tourists taught me how to swim There's like a shopping mall in the Bottom it's still there actually it's Like a shopping mall on the bottom floor And every day I would just go swimming In the ocean or swimming in the pool and This was like I think all of fourth grade for me like Most of fourth grade for me or at least Half of it was so I've lived on the Beach Your girl has had a life Joshua no I Believe you I get I guess my thing is When it comes to a cabin for me there's A fireplace all right there are cozy Places to read okay I can stay I can Stay nice and warm right and I'm not Talking about hot I'm not talking about Beach hot sweltering burning my skin I'm Talking about a nice warm throw over me Right like a little throw or even an Afghan on me okay I'm I'm Smelling scented candles my question is Are you holding a cup of tea with both Hands If I need to If I must then I must

[Laughter] I'm telling you Oh you make me so worried I feel like I Feel like Even if I can get one of those what were They called Um Snuggies oh a snuggie in a cab you're Still out here the Snuggie is definitely Out here as seen on TV come through as Seen on TV as worn by me I will lay on a couch Reading In a cabin I listen I have done the cabin thing Right okay okay I've done the cabin Thing with the group of friends Quote unquote Um you know listen it was a couple's Thing Oh my God the wildest thing was said to Me there was this gentle you know what Never mind and so I You know what [ __ ] it because it's wild So someone there was making chicken pot Pie for dinner but like a big one for us To share because it was like six of us Yeah yeah yeah yeah and one of the guys In the group Said he couldn't have chicken because he And chicken had the same blood type So what was actually happening was that This this person that was brought by Another person His wife

His wife has been married to a chicken This entire time She's gone so She's out here And that's that's messed up of him too Because that means that he he's really Fallen in love with the oppressor all Right because that's Hilarious because Yeah people have just been eating his Cousins everything he didn't say Anything at the table you know And I'll even go ahead I'll go as far to Say it I'll say it right now and people May be thinking I'm going too far but I Don't care all right I don't know this Person at all but this this person that You're talking about that was on this Trip with you that's a house chicken Okay [Laughter] [Music] Oh I saw this and I was trying to figure Out I remember we had a a record today So one of my friends posted something on Instagram I had to Um let drunk let grind Josh Know about The greatest version of you it's not the I can do anything version of you The greatest version of you it's the Disciplined version of you the greatest Version of you is the version that has Parameters no I don't do that I don't

Drink that I don't go there with these People I'm focused I have a prize that's In front of me Music all right when I say music when I Say bars all right The only thing harder than these bars Are prison bars okay and they're the Prison of not living up to your Potential all right if you want to stay Locked up in mediocrity if you want to Stay in the clink all right you wanna Stay wait don't make me laugh you want To stay in the clink Of the mundane all right do you want to Stay in the pen Of the practically not even here all Right Or do you want to break loose do you Want to unchang yourself do you want to Unbound Yourself by grabbing a little Bit of discipline grabbing a pinch of Persistence grabbing A Whole Bowl A Whole Bowl a Whole Bowl you ready a Whole bowl of can't stop me won't stop Me So we take the cast time he won't stop But we grab the pinch of persistence we Grabbed a little bit of discipline okay And you Stir It Up With a with a with a spoon yeah all Right hey you know what the spoon made Of right you already know what the spool Bait of you already know you can guess

If you want you already know Dedication nah wood all right [Laughter] You're gonna take a wooden spoon all Right listen you're gonna stir and when I say start sometimes people stir in Life sometimes when people stir they Stir until their arm is tired until Their wrist is weary okay but what you Really gotta do you guys stir until you Know until you know beyond shy of a Doubt that it's mixed it's seasoned it's Ready it's it's it's warm it's not hot You know and if it was cold maybe you Stirred it up fast enough you got it hot Again Can't with you bless I bless we're Blessed right now I did your brain do This do what grind You know I wish honestly honestly dual say I wish I knew another way I cannot imagine what The person listening to this Is thinking because it's like is it Beach Houses Are not it's like what are you no it's Cabins it's cabins all day nothing like A snowy little walk you know can see Your footprints in the ice I can see my Footprints in sand and you got that say It all between your toes all right it's Never coming out it ain't ever coming Out it's never coming out all right as

Soon as you get it in there it's in There What I'm looking for is I started out With two sets of footprints Okay I want to see that two set of Footprints You know what happened then hmm that's When he carried me you know do you know Why I carried you because that sand was Dirty all right Are you saying you like being barefoot Oh I don't mind it but I'm not like I Mean I know you have 10 feet Hey don't put that out there Because you know people are never going To see my feet so last thing I need to Think is that is that half my shoes not Real yeah This thing is out here wearing a woman's Size six [Laughter] I'm never telling you anything I've seen your shoes Hey look I'm doing my best all right I Just don't wear the same size Well like I said we I wear a night like I wear like a nine nine and a half in Men's you wear what a nine nine and a Half in men's The reason the cabins are the best Is because a cabin also has the Tranquility all right the Tranquility of Nature that you don't get at a beach House because there's too many beach

Houses and you and you got people even If you had a private beach which is rare To get a private beach you're still Sharing that private beach with a bunch Of other people unless you have millions That private beach is not that private Neither is the [ __ ] Forest no no no But as far as people wanting to go People being up in your business coming Close to your cabin that's that's much Rare you can have a cabin in the Mountains and it'd be the only cabin for A couple miles a beach house Um there's no there's beach houses where There's not another house for a couple Miles All right I mean good luck with that Level of money just I I think that my Figure is much more accessible okay Let's see hold on we got the information 183 bear attacks in North America Between 2000 to 2015 and there are over 40 bear attacks around the world every Year oh oh I see I see so we how many People died from getting attacked by a Shark last year and then how many people Died from getting attacked by a bear Okay the the the deaths of both will be Much lower because some people get Slapped by a bear and then they run and If the bear doesn't chase them they live This video And then this bear came up and just Started like

Tapping her on her legs and just like Sniffing her and [ __ ] I think they know We're afraid of them So then they're just like Hey yeah it also I'm gonna go [ __ ] with These people be right back like they can Shoot you it's like nah nah nah they Jogging they jogging I'ma be out right I'm gonna be out right Right and then they just go through Smacking white women in the legs and Then they stand really still and they're Like all right and then they start Because like with this video like he was Tapping around the legs he was licking Her on the legs and then you started Sniffing the other lady And then he just walked away yeah I mean I I think the screaming The screaming also lets us know that uh Let's Bears know we're afraid Well I get well sharks I don't think in Here As I scream when you're underwater yeah Yeah yeah It would be wild if a shark caught a Scream bubble in his ear No exactly okay this is gonna sound very Good as a kid I try we all tried it as a Kid in a swimming pool and you went Underwater and tried to scream and Nothing happened I feel like okay this Is this could be completely wrong so I'm Letting you know right now I'm not

Saying I'm right about this I feel like What happens is when you scream Underwater the sound waves come out of Your mouth like they would if you were Above water right yeah but the air Bubbles aren't full of the sound waves So it's kind of like how we can how Dolphins taught us sonar is because They're making those noises and the the Sound still goes through the water the Sound wave still travels through the Water but it's not in the in the air Bubble that came out of your mouth So it so they probably could hear us if They were close enough and if they could Like hear well but they're never going To hear us like that because that's not How like I would love if you could Scream into a bubble underwater and a Shark bites it and their mouth is just Full of Screams that'd be amazing That'd be incredible [Music] I just don't know if it's the case I Just looked at a shark biting a bug Just some human screams in his mouth I Can't imagine screams taste good you Know it's not even how they taste it's Probably how they feel just a little Rumbling It's like that's not what it feels like This [Applause] I was just trying to eat something

[Applause] I gotta kill one of y'all I have to why Would you do this to me I'm a good shark Come out here just swimming and [ __ ] [Music] Foreign To go on like a trip with somebody um Like if somebody goes hey let's go on a Trip where would you want them to ask You to be going like would you be more Excited to be going on a cabin trip or On a Beach trip I think it would be cabin Trip for me because I know that with a Cabin we're getting we're getting way Less personal you know I'm not I'm not I'm not going in and out of the of the The house that we're renting while People are trying to change into bathing Suits and stuff like that I'm I'm over Here just like you know I'm gonna read Over here maybe y'all want to read over There maybe we play some board games Maybe we watch a movie together as a Makeshift family all right maybe we just Take a walk we take a nice snowy walk we Enjoy the silence the sound so you're Saying that for a cabin to be enjoyable For you it has to be winter time because You keep talking about cold [ __ ] yeah Yeah I think you know what I will say Though the one Edge and maybe you're Into the spring as well but the one Edge I give cabins over beach houses in the

Regard of season is that a fall cabin is Just as amazing as a winter cabin just In different ways because you're Watching the leaves change and it's like Not as cold so you get a different type Of like hike or different type of uh Wildlife around you like you're still Seeing the squirrels and stuff it's just A nice Breezy season you know I I can concede that the spring at the Beach is also probably great because It's not as hot so it might be better Into a certain degree so I can concede That fall at a cabin is probably great Because again leaves are changing you Know We're about to go into the hibernacion So That makes sense In like winter in a cabin it's so then Like you know because the thing is like When you're in the mountains and it's Like summertime With all the leaves you really can't see The forest for the trees Because All of the leaves you can't really see Anything it was your it was your point But you still said it like you didn't Want to say it you were like good sort Of leaves are trees All right I mean it was It was a cliche thing but like [Music]

You said it like I had said it nine Times already [Laughter] It's like oh this stupid point I gotta Make again but no so like if you're in The like the cabin and summertime and All these trees because you know because They are you know deciduous and not Evergreen you know they got all their Leaves and stuff just being green and Stuff and you know you can't see the Other Mountain because all the trees and [ __ ] in the wintertime all the leaves Are gone you know oh oh There was this guy that started dating You know the mechanic years ago and uh We went on one date and then he wanted To take me up to like this mountain time Like his timeshare up in the mountains Like for a date like just for the Weekend with him And I had to be like 22 23. So of course my answer was like I want To die on my own time but like I Sometimes regret not going but I also Know I didn't know him well enough Mm-hmm To enjoy a weekend In Las Montanas again a cabin in the Mountain yeah second date yeah you can't Really beat yourself up for that one That's that's just part of life where You were being cautious and it's one of

Those things as well where like I look back at that time even in the Pandemic I'm like man I should have just Bet it all on real estate and then and Then I'd be I'd be in a different uh tax Bracket right now you know but we don't Know what we don't know we don't know we Don't know and plus my mom was like no Just met this man I'm just gonna die in your own diamonds Like yes and he was like I'm not gonna Murder you and I was like that's what Murderers say Yeah but to be fair it's also what People who don't murder say so it's like There's really you're wrong [Laughter] It's a bottle to murder Tomorrow But no it's fine he's not my husband Um I don't know who is but wasn't that Guy so I can say that I've never Understood when you go to cabins in the Woods why those people don't have Curtains Oh that okay to be fair a the I I will Give you that I've stayed at cabins and I was like there should be some give me The choice of looking outside like don't Give everyone the choice of looking in Right I'm not gonna lie if I keep going to Cabins I'ma start bringing my own Curtains

[Laughter] I have I can't do it again The last cabin that I say that it had it It didn't have any curtains and I was Like so whoever rolls up to the house And don't get me wrong we're far out so It's not like but crazy but still you Know Should have brought my own curtains she Brought my own car I would have brought Extra sheets and just thrown them up but The windows are so big and they're so High there's never a ladder So I'm like I don't need to go all the Way down I just need to go above my head It is the wildest thing but you know What always has curtains what Beach house baby boy always has curtains Always has curtains might even have Shutters you not seen in that house all Day also you get them doors right you Kick a cool breeze through that hole It's a nice time okay just being able to Be at the beach and then oh let me go up Here get a little drinky drink get a Little beverage right Because should we tell the people You know what let's tell the people so I Have put together Oh wow Wow what a what a wow I didn't think you Were capable I did not think Always expect the unexpected baby So listen listen I think hold on hold on

I think we can figure this out because We're two people who are doing well okay We got the words my mom we got good jobs Multiple revenue streams okay So What if we find a way to practically Figure To practically figure this out Yeah So it's we go on a beach trip and now we Have to go on a cabin trip okay yeah Because I haven't been on enough cabin Trips To have a good Reference point for reference yeah right And multiple ways to show you that You're incorrect so like I need but you Have to show me ways that I'm wrong like You don't agree like you're going cabins You're going hard For a house Made entirely of wood In the mountains right I'm going for Home Beachside manner right How do we test these things I mean we're Gonna go on a trip baby we gotta do a Trip I'm with you I'm with you I'm I'm Just saying I think that it there's Going to come a point hmm Where the people listening have to ask Themselves we have to ask ourselves do You go for like Um a fun and loose summer

Or spring or super cozy fall or winter And I think if you can beat but the Thing is it's curling up with the book Sitting up chilling in the cut Don't forget the board games don't Forget the board games you can do board Games at the beach you can do card games At the beach you can have like outside You could do corn hole you could you Know you can't talk horseshoes you can Do all these things you can outdoor game It baby you can it's a different energy Though it's a different it's a it's a Totally different energy to everything That you do whether you go to a beach House or you go to a cabin because you Know when you go when you go to a beach House you'll even see it spring break is A great example you get the beach houses Hey nobody's really trying to Cozy you Know everybody's trying to smash that's That's just life you know whoa whoa That's a real thing that's that's what That's if you're going to like if you're Going to like a beach house with your Friends Or you're going to a cabin with your Friends it's like we have like Resorts And stuff like there's not really like a Lot of Winter Resorts unless you're Going skiing and guess what happens at Winter Resorts People trying to smash Sure sure I think a resort situation is

Just people trying to smash a resort Situation that's true I just feel like The the potential smash at a Winter Resort is a little bit more Cuffing I think it's a I think it's slightly More this is going to be the person for The trip as opposed to like The beach is just like You know it depends because if you're at A resort and you're there for a certain Number of days We hooked up y'all if this is a two-week Camp we're together for two weeks now For the three month camp That's a different situation Laughs Well look I think this is a perfect time To kick it to you the listener you know Listener have we made our points or any Points at all great question great Question what the [ __ ] have we been Talking about for the past what 45 Minutes at least at least did we help You figure these things out where do you Stand Where do you stand or did we do what we Always do and Just tell you stuff so you know tell us How what you think is it Beach is it Cabin Or are you like I don't like either one I just want to go to a lake Yeah like I didn't even think about that

I mean I yeah to me it's just dirty Water it's been around too long right at Least the ocean moves this is new water Every time in an ocean Um we just want to say thank you so much For rocking with us being great Listeners always hitting us with uh Topics and ideas and everything you can Check out hold up wherever you listen to Podcasts you know that because you're Listening right now but you could also Tell a friend tell a friend and see what They think maybe they agree with me Maybe they agree with dual say maybe you Can have your own arguments at home it's Like a board game but with talking yeah And we're uh we need to come out with The hold up board game uh or app or uh Any other ways To talk to people about things that make Us go hey hold up and please please Please if you have topics for us to talk About Uh we're gonna try our best to talk About them or we might get confused to Start talking about crab legs yet Because what an attack on a black Community I mean yeah truly yeah like It's starting to feel personal it's Feeling very personal because I am Somebody who's been in a crabwell place Before you know we Get it in baby you've never seen Josh Johnson break down a crawfish bruh the

Young man is from Louisiana don't sleep On Josh Johnson so I guess we should Talk about shows we have coming up I'm Gonna be at the Arlington Draft House December 2nd and 3rd uh with lace Larrabee from America's Got Talent and Also I'm gonna be at uh Arlington Draft House in DC and then I'm gonna be at the Creek in the cave in Austin Texas December 9th and 10th and then me and Josh Are going to the beach baby I'm taking Josh to the beach I am gonna put this Together we are gonna figure this out Should we do a hold up after should There be a part three We went summer we went winter and now we At the beach in the winter look at God Why don't he do it look at geography Just working I'm taking Josh to the Beach and then Josh's Gonna Take me to The montanias To the cab on Because I want to see if this man is Right imma be under all the blankets Okay I'm gonna be drinking two cups of Tea at the same time all right I'm gonna Have a real book and a Kindle and try to See if I can beat myself Catching up on my reading fair enough Arms are probably gonna just challenge Josh to Uno games bother him all day you Can lose anywhere okay whoa you have Never beat me at UNO ever y'all thank

You so much for listening to hold up Y'all have a great rest of the week into The weekend and we appreciate you we Love you and be safe God bless God bless And you have never beat me in Uno Because my name is truth like this [ __ ] Is wrong with you [Music] Thank you [Music]

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