Moderna Implements 400% Price Hike Of COVID-19 Vaccine

By | January 13, 2023

Moderna is hiking the prices of the vaccine to astronomical levels that no one can afford. Jayar Jackson and Trae Crowder break it down on The Watchlist. Watch LIVE on weekdays at noon ET.

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“Some vaccine advisers to the federal government say they’re “disappointed” and “angry” that government scientists and the pharmaceutical company Moderna didn’t present a set of infection data on the company’s new Covid-19 booster during meetings last year when the advisers discussed whether the shot should be authorized and made available to the public.

That data suggested the possibility that the updated booster might not be any more effective at preventing Covid-19 infections than the original shots.”

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Taxi maker moderna considering a Commercial price of 110 to 130 dollars For its covid-19 vaccine moderna is Jacking up the price of the coveted Vaccine selling it for many many times The cost of production the company was Already expecting to bring in 18 billion Dollars in revenue from the vaccine in 2022. billions of vaccines equals big Profits for drug maker moderna the Modernist CEO Stefan bonsell who became A coveted billionaire wants to raise Prices again now you might say modern is Entitled to charge whatever it wants After all a scrappy startup that nobody Had heard of delivered a life-saving Vaccine that changed the course of the Pandemic that certainly moderna's Argument but what if moderna isn't Telling you the full story What if they're not covid-19 uh vaccine Was developed through multiple uh Pharmaceutical companies this particular Case we're going to talk about moderna And the price hikes that they're now Implementing which I guess could be Expected it happens with all these Medications that tends to help folks out But the more perfect union they broke Down more of this corporate greed and The approach that they took specifically With modern and how they're doing this Let's watch that The truth is the vaccine was never just

The moderna vaccine when covid-19 hit The U.S government sprang into action The National Institutes of Health worked Hand in hand with moderna to create the Vaccine calling it from the Stars what It really is the NIH moderna vaccine National Institutes of Health alone Spends more than 40 billion dollars a Year advancing biomedical research and Development that sets the foundation for New technology moderna is a great Example of this and now modernize Raising prices the former head of the CDC Dr Tom frieden said it best they are Behaving as if they have absolutely no Responsibility Beyond maximizing the Return on investment to add insult to Injury moderna barely even acknowledges The role of the Federal Government in Its success you may have noticed moderna Is not calling it the NIH moderna Vaccine in fact moderna does not even Have permission to use one of the key Government-owned Technologies behind the Vaccine this gives the government Ongoing leverage to demand better Behavior do you guys notice that quote In the middle of that a video there is That there are behaving like they have No responsibility Beyond maximizing Profits I mean I paraphrased a bit there On it uh what else do we promote here With our capitalistic system except to Maximize your profits especially when

It's a big Corporation so These types of statements are acting Like we don't know how this whole thing Works but Bernie Sanders did respond a Little bit and he did tweet about how This is a problem and when to put them On blast here's what he uh put out he Said I sent a letter today to CEO of Modern with a simple message in the Midst of a Public Health crisis Quadrupling the price of publicly funded Covid-19 vaccine is unacceptable Corporate greed Um I don't know what was happening behind The scenes what Bernie Sanders was doing As far as trying to fight against this I Assume something but it has to be a Collective has to be enough people that Are willing to do something different What may throw that off though Cash it always does but here's a few Points that Bernie Sanders did go Through uh as you point out it was Funded by the NIH uh of course publicly Funded but then we're done is looking to Raise taxes on the same folks who funded It weird how that whole thing works but Also a big part about this since I Mentioned the money pharmaceutical Companies paying politicians to make Sure uh legislation goes in their Direction also funding like this gets Funded but then they also get the uh

Controls over what they do then next uh Matt Gates was talking about Lobbying uh this type of lobbying when He was pushing back on Kevin McCarthy to Become speaker and they held up his vote Forever and one of the things he did Point out was the lobbying Matt Gates Crazed Republican remember this watch Look part of the group think of Washington DC is you come here and You've just got to give the lobbyist to Your vote card and the leadership your Calendar and everything will be okay Kevin McCarthy has no ideology even his Own supporters would admit that in Private he is simply a vessel through Which lobbyists and special interests Operate so it's not that we're not being Team players it's just that my team are The people in Florida who sent me here To fight for them my team is not the Assembly of groupthink that occurs Inside the swap we got to drain this Swap we shouldn't put one of the Alligators in charge Push back on Kevin MacArthur for being That establishment politician who Invites in lobbyists to give them all This money to influence politics uh and Then they actually got him to concede to A whole bunch of things before they Finally allowed him to become speaker I Went through a bunch of things that they Can made him concede to one of those

Things was not about eliminating Lobbying dollars for politicians weird How that works when you're fighting the Principled fight You get some concessions and one of Those concessions is not what you Announced you wanted to get actually to Be fair to him I guess he didn't say Anything about uh getting that Concession he just wants to point out Something else wrong with Kevin McCarthy Which is true which apparently is true For folks who are fighting the fight Except they're not It's all smoke and mirrors even the Folks who talk about it aren't really Doing anything I'll give you some more Examples Jackson before we let you jump In here because uh they played a huge Huge role specifically with this Legislation and them raising these taxes These prices so the representatives of The bio pharmaceutical companies behind Covid-19 vaccines made undisclosed Donations to Democratic and Republican Campaign organizations last year the Revelations are detailed in the latest Tax filings of the biotechnology Innovation organization bio Which lobbies on behalf of moderna Pfizer Johnson Johnson and other leading Biotech companies involved in the Business of treating kova 19 but the Decision to step up direct contributions

To dark money groups active in the 2020 Election reflects a new strategy for Bio Which in previous years only gave to Congressional leaders through relatively Low dollar and transparent pack Donations so pause the whole thing here Is they're like we found another way we Found a way we can increase and maybe Even Lobby and give money to all kinds Of folks to help make sure that we nail Down this covid-19 money Again Jackson what we've been talking About is the effectiveness of the Vaccine whether or not it's going to Give you heart attacks whether or not Your children are dying from it whether Or not random people are just falling Off the face of the Earth from taking it We're not talking about the money that's Involved and how much we paid for it and Then how much they're trying to raise Prices on the same people what are your Thoughts bro This is a clear case of where Medical Services whether that be you know Through hospitals we just saw actually Uh 7 000 nurses striking in NYC they Just closed that to a deal so whether It's the the hospital Services Pharmaceutical companies anything along Those lines there needs to be more Regulation within the medical industry Because there's no real argument to be Made especially at this point that

Um keeping the markets highly Competitive is you know like with the Middleman insurance man and just the Profit margin at the center there's no Argument for that being beneficial to The consumer at this point because That's the direction we've been moving In for decades we haven't been moving in The opposite direction sometimes there Needs to be less regulation a good Example of that is the airline industry When it was a lot younger there was a Lot of Regulation that kept prices high And when they started to deregulate Things I mean we're a little bit cramped Up now but it's a lot cheaper to fly you Know than it used to be it helped Drive Prices down but this is not an example Of that it you know this is just Monopolization of prices and profit Nothing more nothing less and you know Pretty much all of the country is on Board with that in terms of just regular Everyday people anybody can recognize That they can't afford medication or Health care expenses so this really Isn't a uh an issue that we don't Understand the people are on board with It we just got to get less corrupt Politicians in office I just want to Reiterate here though there's people who Say the problem is lobbyist one of them Being a republican Congressman that has The ear of the former president uh but

You know what's not happening they're Not doing anything about it it's Something to say and nothing to actually Do again the fight comes to everything Else I think they see where the money is Still being held and if that Lobby money Gets changed then maybe something else Will change with it but uh don't close Your breath but we should still fight For it