M&M’s CAVES to Right-wing Terrorists

By | January 24, 2023

M&M is retiring the famous “woke spokes candies.” Ben Gleib and Cenk Uygur discuss on The Young Turks. Watch TYT LIVE on weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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After right Wingers complained endlessly About Eminem's being too woke and or not Sexy enough The company announced today that it will Retire their famous spokes candies Here's what Eminem's posted on Twitter This morning captioned a message from Eminem's America let's talk In the last year we've made some changes To our beloved spokes candies we weren't Sure if anyone would even notice and we Definitely didn't think it would break The internet but now we get it even a Candy's shoes can be polarizing which Was the last thing Eminems wanted since We're all about bringing people together Therefore we have decided to take an Indefinite pause from the spokes candies In their place we are proud to introduce A spokesperson America can agree on the Beloved Maya Rudolph we are confident Miss Rudolph Will Champion the power of Fun to create a world where everyone Feels they belong These are the weirdos who Eminem's are Trying to appease with this shocking Change Watch this video green Eminem you will Notice is no longer wearing sexy boots Now she's wearing sensible sneakers why The change well according to M Ms quote We all win when we see more women in Leading roles because leading women do

Not wear sexy boots leading women wear Frumpy shoes the frumpier the better That's the rule instead of go-go boots These seductress green Eminem will now Wear sneakers the other big change is That the brown m m has quote Transitioned from high stilettos to Lower block heels also less sexy that's Progress M Ms will not be satisfied Until every last cartoon character is Deeply unappealing and totally Androgynous if this is what you need for Validation on Eminem that is a color That you think is associated with Feminism then I'm worried about you I Think this is the kind of thing that Makes China say like oh good keep Focusing on that keep focusing on giving People their own color M M's while we You know take over for all of the Mineral deposits in the entire world Honestly I'm mostly just happy because It's an all female Eminem I assume that It costs 77 cents on the dollar of what The regular M Ms would cost right that's How that's how this works woke M M's Have returned the green m m got her Boots back but apparently is now a Lesbian maybe and there's also a Plus-sized obese purple m m so we're Going to cover that of course the green M m is a snake you conniving climbing Little I do not trust her Opportunistic evil wow wow

They're talking about candy I'd like to make that very clear they're Talking about candy Tucker Carlson has Managed to flip the famous slogan on its Head because apparently M M's make him Melt in his hand Eminems are not sexy enough he's like You know those guys who would like YouTube leave comments like I couldn't Finish through it Is like this m Ms when she took off to Sexy shoes you know I'm in the feed and Then they put on I didn't like it I Couldn't finish to it I want that rims Back that I could that's dude look into Porn Okay and leave the rest of us alone you Weirdo it's like a kid's candy and he's Trying to finish to it before they made The change even if it wasn't a peanut M M for Tucker it still did have a nut in The middle Oh By the way the ob7 m is the one with the Peanut inside of it that's why it's Larger not because they were trying to Make an obese yeah and I thought they Were trying to protect unborn life Clearly that's a pregnant Eminem and They want to get rid of it hypocritical At the very least oh yeah I didn't think Fox was stoop to this uh my favorite Though was not Tucker or Shapiro or any Of those it was Martha McCullough with

China celebrating Can you imagine they get together in the Pilot Bureau they're like all right What's the next item of business should We build another high-speed train okay And they're like no I'm sorry chairman But we're gonna have to interrupt for a Discussion on the M Ms we've got great News great news the enemy's weekend [Laughter] [Music] It's weekend their M Ms are no longer Sexy we tried none of us could finish to It Tucker is Right luckily for all of us At least under his desk Tucker Carlson Still does wear his sexy boots Okay and we're supposed to have a debate With these guys and in fact Eminem Changed they changed the entire Marketing campaign because they're Negotiating with these terrorists these Like these clown terrorists like they Come out like I couldn't masturbate to your M M's I Want you to change it and Eminem's Because oh okay we're guys meeting Tucker couldn't uh orgasm we got to Change the Eminence back and to the Point you made in our production meeting This morning they've instead replaced Them with a black woman spokesperson who I'm sure will offend no Republicans Whatsoever I know Eminem's do you live On this planet Mars company the

Executives there they're like oh we got A Maya Rudolph so the problem is so no They're gonna be out there tomorrow Going she's black why not have a wife Spokesman China's celebrating Maya Rudolph and responsible for the war on Christmas think about it Don't think about it