Miserable Trumpers Are Always Whining About Something…

By | December 2, 2022

These Florida Republicans are completely lost in the MAGA sauce. Wosny Lambre breaks it down on Rebel HQ.

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What are the issues that are upsetting You most now in the State of Florida I Mean I can ask you first just everything Everything is is going down the drain Our freedoms our liberties the mandates The closing of everything and other States thank God for the centers here in Florida we were open but we're losing Our freedoms little by little what in The world is it about these folks that They just insist upon being miserable Take this lady for example who is asked You know what kind of problems does she Think she's facing what's her biggest Complaint this is a Florida resident by The way and of course she goes with We're losing our freedoms they're taking The mandates away they're doing this They blah blah blah they're taking our Freedoms You live in Florida Republican Legislator Ron desantis's Governor I Would think your life was Grand you got Nothing to complain about y'all never Shut down in fact that's part of Desantis's appeal You do not have to wear those masks I Mean please Honestly it's not doing anything and we Got to stop with this coaches theater so If you want to wear it fine but this is A this is ridiculous She doesn't even understand the Hypocrisy or Ridiculousness of the

Nature of her comment she just goes on But saying luckily we got the Santa's But we got no freedoms make it make Sense people please there's just an Instinct for certain people certain Actively engaged citizens in this Country to just feel miserable at every Single turn Dave sales their career Politicians so all they're there is so For their own interests you know they Put themselves first and they put us the American citizen not even second or Third or fourth in the line all the way Down at the bottom you know it's and Millions of dollars how are these people Millionaires with the salary they're Supposed to get they were not Millionaires when they went in as a Politician most of them are and you know Most of the people there's some wealthy Politicians this guy came in wealthy Before he you know was uh before he was Already a billionaire exactly that's I Was actually my point ah and of course You know uh misery loves company Practitioner number two he says some Legitimate things uh this idea we need To get money out of politics we people Shouldn't be so rich their interests are Clearly not aligned with normal everyday People they question why these people Have those salaries and I would love if That was your politics we you know we'd Be down with it but I don't think that's

The case deep down inside we know what They want they want that bile and they Want that misery because if you're about Anti-corporates anti-money and politics You can't vote for a republican Candidate but you know to be honest it Kind of reminds me of tick tock and why It's so popular uh Tick Tock takes the Takes the decision out of your hands They don't let you go click on something They'll be like oh I have interest in This they see what you like over and Over and they just give it to you they Don't ask you they just give and I think These people are a perfect example of What make Tick Tock such a genius social Network is that because people might say Oh really I'm interested in literature I'm interested in this what really all They want to do is watch reality TV um Watching people get some drinks thrown On their face and you know every now and Again see some TNA