Mike Pence Sells Out To CNN and Has a “Special Message” for America

By | November 17, 2022

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Mike Pence joined CNN for a special Town Hall event to promote his new book, and acted like the network was an old friend.

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Last night CNN aired an hour-long Infomercial for Mike Pence's new book so That they could use him to throw dirt on Donald Trump and talk about their Favorite subject January 6th it's great To be here at CNN Jay thank you it Really is in the end our Administration Did not end well And I write about that in my book you Know as I write in my book let me say as I said in my book you know when I sat Down to write my book frankly as you Read in my book and in my book I write About Lessons Learned in my life which Inspired the title of my book it's Actually in the back of my book and I Appreciate the question And I appreciate you reading my book I mean in my book I talk about I am Grateful the opportunity to be on CNN Today and so my hope is to those people That might still Wonder why we did what we did Um I hope that they'll read this book Aside from asking him over and over his Thoughts on January 6th they also of Course asked him if he would endorse Donald Trump for his 2024 election bid And like a true politician he gave a Non-answer trying to weasel out of the Question if Donald Trump were to run and Win the nomination would you support him As the nominee Well let me say there there may be

Somebody else in that contest I'd prefer More Jack anyone in mind Can you imagine partnering up with a Propaganda and Alex CNN that called you And your supporters Nazis every day 24 7 For four years and then sitting down With them like your old friends well It's great to be here at CNN Jake thank You it really is the only reason to go On CNN is to expose to what viewers they Have left the lies that they spew Non-stop like when Stephen Miller sat Down face to face with Jake tapeworm in The toxic environment that you've Created here in CNN and cable news which Is a real crisis of legitimacy for your Network and we saw it of course with the Extremely fake news you reported about The Don Jr and Wikileaks story there was A huge embarrassment for your network Stephen just like the huge embarrassment You had when you got the Comey testimony Wrong Stephen I'm trying to get to the Issue of the president yes which a lot Of people are not getting to the issue Or when Sebastian Gorka pointed out that The ratings are so pathetic that the Cartoon Network has more viewers to them The amount of time you spend in Desperation on a topic that has Plummeted you to 13th Place in Viewership ranking Across America I mean More people want Nick at night cartoons In CNN today if Mike Pence actually runs

For president and that's what the media Is obviously encouraging him to do Because they want to see him try to take Trump down and by some miracle granted By the electronic voting machine Gods he Actually wins the Republican now a Nation the liberal media will turn on Him the very next moment things are Going to get Crazy by next May or June When other Republicans step up and try To challenge president Trump for the Nomination and I don't mean Fringe Characters like Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger it could very well be Mike Pence and obviously they're also trying To recruit Ron DeSantis this from CNN The simple reason why Rhonda santis Should run for president in 2024. it's Way too early to be talking about the 2024 presidential election in my opinion Especially since the midterms were just Over a week ago and I don't even think They've issued the final tally for Lauren bobert's race but it's looking Really good for her but we did Thankfully win the majority in the House Of Representatives that was made Official yesterday which means that Nasty Pelosi has been demoted from Speaker of the house to an ordinary Crypt Keeper I mean congresswoman this Also means that Republicans head up all The Committees in Congress and conform New committees and can issue subpoenas

And haul the Communists in for Questioning so next year we're gonna Have to launch an Outreach campaign in Order to encourage our representatives To do the right thing and that doesn't Mean tweeting at them or posting on Their Facebook page it means doing Things the old-fashioned way and ringing The phone in their office off the hook And that includes Kevin McCarthy who was Just nominated to be the potential next Speaker of the House a rhino swamp Creature who threw president Trump under The bus after the January 6 mostly Peaceful protest and then when that Didn't go over very well because the Base and at that time most Republicans Still stuck with him except for you know With a handful five or eight of them in The house that voted for impeachment the Second time then he quickly moved on and Hoped that everybody forgot that he did That the president Bears responsibility For Wednesday's attack on Congress by Mob rioters He should have immediately denounced the Mob when he saw what was unfolding These facts require immediate action by President Trump and the president's Immediate action also deserves Congressional action which is why I Think a fact-finding commission and Essential resolution would be prudent he Also refused to endorse president

Trump's 2024 campaign yesterday because He sees and is hoping for the political Civil War within the Republican party at This point actually only a small handful Of Congress people have Marjorie Taylor Greene Matt Gates Elise stefanik and I Think just a few more but if it makes You feel any better I don't think There's a single Democrat who has Endorsed Joe Biden for 2024 either do You hope that President Biden will run Again in 2024. you know I I I I will have to see oh we're gonna see All right we're gonna see a disaster Alexander Ocasio-cortez laughed when she was asked If she would have dorsal Joe running Again President Biden he is saying he's Going to run again in 2024 will you Support him Um you know should he run again I think That I you know I think it's it's We'll take a look at it we'll take a Look at it she says no we'll be taking a Look at Old Joe being hauled off to the Dementia Clinic if the president has a Vision and that's something certainly We're all willing to entertain and Examine when the time comes That's not a yes Not even as current vice president Kamala Harris the obvious affirmative Action hire can say with a straight face That her and Old Joe are gonna be on the

Ticket again in 2024 so she's dodging Those questions too are we going to uh To see the same Democratic ticket in 2024 I'm sorry we are I mean honestly that I I know why you're Asking the question because uh he's Doing this because obviously old Joe is Too old and he already hid in his Basement for an entire campaign once and You can't play that game again but with Donald Trump officially running in 2024 And Christmas just around the corner now Is the time to order your Trump 2024 Shirt from my online store at Marktase.com or click the link in the Description below and pick up an ultra Maga shirt and F Joe biting shirt and a Rest Dr fauci's shirt already in my Awesome designs all available to t-shirt Long sleeve and a hoodie and a whole Bunch of different colors as well so Head on over to markbice.com or click The link in the description below and Check them out Foreign

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