By | October 25, 2022

We are two weeks away from the midterm elections. Here is EVERYTHING you need to know about the red tsunami about to hit. Also, Ted Cruz had a fun time making the shrill harpies on ”The View” look stupid. And what’s up with Katy Perry’s face? #2022Elections #TheView #katyperry

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[Music] Foreign Well I’m about to watch a video Uh some scary movie Uh-huh [Music] Oh Um I guess oh An Inconvenient Truth Oh that is a good one Why do you want to know my name [Music] Listen ask How do you know my name Who’s the now Horror movies don’t work with a Walther Your popcorn’s burning [Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Music] Ladies and gentlemen guess who gets to Sit back at this desk again and I even I Even have a sign Yeah nice sign that Rainbow colors Stephen did did you get your voice back No you oh wow that’s that’s Violent Brett’s already at the start of The show Look at me yeah yeah I’m looking at you You’ve got this I do no you falling down No you have throat cancer I don’t I’m I’m fine I can speak

[Music] All right guys well thanks for joining Us we appreciate you obviously Steven is Going to be sitting in third chair for Us today Um having a little bit of uh you know Some stuff in your in your throat making It a little bit more difficult for you [Music] No I don’t think you’re dying I mean Maybe one can help [Music] I don’t think it’s monkey I don’t think You want to declare that you have monkey Pox that’s not something that you would Say maybe the sign is more fitting for For you I did start this that’s true the Show is off to a fantastic start so Thanks for joining us guys obviously Steven already he’s going to be here He’s going to be chiming in on a lot of Stuff today he can still talk his voice Is not gone But Dave hi how are you sitting over in My chair this time oh boy I’m good how About you I am doing well so are you Ready for a good job center myself Trying to yeah well it’s difficult You’ve got the fisheye lens there Welcome to my world yeah I gotta try not To look weird I’m there yeah I won’t I’m Pretty seat height adjusted accordingly Yes I uh I put the seat up as high as it Could go and added a booster uh booster

Yes the phone books is what we actually Put in there Ah this is gonna happen all show that’s My grandfather’s Last Words yes [Music] [Laughter] Laughing at you than For You Stephen how Are you doing today I know you’re Without that with I mean come on [Music] Oh that’s weird All right We got this for the Halloween Spooktacular for next week which we Should probably announce uh yeah well That’s happened but I was like you know What we have it we should use it yeah Well Monday so everybody’s going to be In costumes for Monday the Spooktacular Sometimes we’ve done those live in the Past we’re not doing a live but we’re Doing our normal live show here but it’s Not going to be normal and that we’ll Have costumes on I fear costumes when it Comes to this place because of things Like that we don’t tell you what we’re The sign that is all rainbow colors Which you can guess it’s a Christian Reference it just means that God Promised he wouldn’t destroy the world By water again but it was hijacked so Whatever that’s what it’s the Anyways That’s that was the true meaning behind

It Listen I’m gonna go with the original Meeting okay not the stolen one we’re Gonna get to some fun stories today and Uh you know first off with San Francisco They’re spending a whole lot of money on A toilet it’s probably just going to be Crapped on the floor Um yes exactly until it was called San Francisco uh it used to be Oakland That’s a fair point it’s easy to confuse They actually want you you to do the Defecation inside of a room now yeah Yeah so we’ll see how that works out Ted Cruz was on The View I think that Probably got a little bit spicy I don’t Know why they would invite him they Don’t like him hey I don’t know hey do You guys know this uh I don’t Dave I Don’t know if you’re aware that uh Anna Navarro she used to be a republican what No no way how’d you find that out are You serious well she let us know oh Every time she speaks yeah she has no Choice she goes to McDonald’s to order And I uh used to be a republican can I Get a McGriddle she has to no no it has To contractually obligated yes yes to do That for the video so that’ll be fun I See I see because that’s really the only Spanish yes No Former That’s how their language works we love

You people who speak Spanish Dave is not Trying to insult you no um one thing we Haven’t done and we’re getting pretty Close to it the midterm elections are Coming up we’re going to break that down And give you all of the information that You need to know there Um it’s it’s great Republicans are doing Very well despite what Democrats tried To do throughout the month of September And really leading up to the past couple Of weeks and then Mud Club we’re going To get into the media ignoring certain Shooters and we’ve talked about this Before there seems to be a bit of a Double standard but before we get going Tell us what is your prediction this is Our question of the day what’s your Prediction for the midterms uh for 2022 There’s a lot of close races out there There are a lot of people saying that There was a bit of a Blue Wave or a blue Resurgence coming the numbers are not Bearing that out and and maybe a little Sub question for you if that’s possible Do you believe any of these polls Anymore that tell you that Democrats are Doing incredibly well how many times do The polls have to be wrong before we Finally believe them yeah uh to be false Right right so I don’t know let me know What you think I do know this that’s Actually a good point though that really Is a good point if you’re using a

Diagnostics tool and it’s always wrong 50 even if it’s 50 of the time I know It’s it’s no longer useful it really is You have to say is this is this tool of Any use if it’s designed to be a Predictor and it can predict yeah Exactly that’s like 12 of them to screw In a light bulb it does pulsers and Little white boards that they hold up And they’re wrong with the numbers Um but basically you just made the case For weathermen not existing how many Antivirals does it take to screw in a Light bulb uh one and one to say it’s Used to be Republican well thanks for Steaming Because I had 14 other Anna navarros but Same thing They would all just say I’m a former Republican and never actually get to Know for me not to know where you were All right so Rebels with a cause tour uh You guys are on tour and if you need Tickets go to loudwithcrowder.com tour November 12th Raymond Auditorium just The second show at the second show 30. I Think there might be I think we might Have released some I don’t Dave do we Release comps in the first there might Be like 30 tickets in the first show but They’re singles yes I mean if you’re if You’re feeling lucky try for the first Show yeah we release some comps but um There’s not yeah there’s not much left

For the late either though so I’d get on It yeah make it happen it’s going to be A fun time it’s coming up pretty quickly We can actually gloat because the Election will be done now in places like Georgia they may not want to call it yet Maybe for a couple of weeks they enjoy The spotlight or if you’re Stacy Abrams Ever well yes we’ll get to that that’s a Little foreshadowing right now we also Mentioned the costume contest uh send us Your costume pictures uh post on Instagram and remember to include your Mug if you have one if you don’t have a Mug what in the world is wrong with you These things are fantastic and girthy And wonderful tag your pick with lwc Spooktacular at louder with Crowder do Both all right you’re gonna sound bite That right yes What did I do you said fantastic girthy And what oh son of a gun that’s all we Need Stephen said something that was Sound bitable early but we can’t say it It’s not relevant he didn’t say turkey Though Yeah How’s a mug throbbing though Gerald I Didn’t say that part that was and I’m Not going to repeat it because that’s a Problem he’ll clip it mugs can’t be Vascular Gerald do you see what I have To do not only do I have to do the show I have to dodge the attacks from these

Fellows here and also the sound I could Literally get into an argument with Myself he has so many sounds why do you Want to have three mugs all over your Face yes Shrimp That’s true that’s a fair that’s a fair All right that’s a fair critique all Right look we’re going to get into Something that uh is is interesting I Thought this was a bit turns out it’s Not Katy Perry Um at a concert in Vegas this past Saturday night had a uh I don’t know People are calling it The Pfizer eye you Be the judge [Applause] Wait for it oh Oh no it fell again it looks like a Droopy-eyed armless child what do I do [Music] Did you see that dude she’s like a Button on her Temple she does like it’s Cyclops’s visor I got it So wear sunglasses if your eyes been a Twitching all day yes it closed Involuntarily the whole and then she had To nobody’s gonna notice this they’re Not all looking at me but the the poses She’s the Ying to Justin Bieber’s stroke Face Yang They should go on tour together That’s one hell of a Face-Off poster you

Can ring I’m gonna take your eyelid down That’s not a good thing no no look here I’m just gonna let me just an example She’s very sick example right here all Right I’m posing for the camera Eye starts to close uncontrollably I Look I Look Away I turned the other way And play it off as soon as she grabbed The mic which by the way was awkwardly Placed yes I guess in the only place you Can hold a mic like that you got cans All over your dress there’s nothing you Can do there right she got cans under Her dress and well yeah yeah she starts To walk away and talking to the mic and It look it feels like the eyes back to Normal at that point why didn’t you just Do that why did you stand there and let Everybody take pictures and video of you That’s why I thought it was a bit I’m Sure oh of course sure there’s delayed Cognitive ability I’m sure it’s not just The eye so it’s easier it’s easy to Monday Morning Quarterback it when you Didn’t have a stroke yes and I wasn’t on Stage at the time I get it and yeah mine If you can feel it wouldn’t you make the Other eye do the same thing just yeah Close them both yeah yeah yeah it’s Supposed to just keep the one open and Be like nobody notices that this wonky Forest Whitaker out of nowhere yeah No she uh yeah she dabs it her one ear Is just gushing blood it’s fine totally

Fine guys by the way I’m gonna put that Here towards the camera yeah her ear Starts leaking like Westworld yeah yeah She blocks it up yeah Let’s pull the uh the one of the Funniest things I’ve ever seen we did This years ago remember when she faced Plants into the fake cake that she Thought was real On stage really I don’t know yet I Kissed a girl and I liked it and they Clearly like didn’t they she wasn’t Planning on jumping in the cake or at Least the stage handlers it’s a fake Cake yeah and she jumps face first and Her head just boom Oh that’s hilarious And then she she can’t get off the stage She tries to stand up but you know she’s On queer street so she tries to stand up She falls and she’s covered in frosting And she tries to stand up again and she Falls she just she’s so defeated and she Just crawled off stage yes it’s like It’s a fake cake why would it be a real Cake we have to take it on tours Do you understand the logistics involved With a cake this size on a bus doesn’t Work very we’re not all having cake yes It’s awesome Yeah we definitely have to see that we Can’t be bulimic Katie oh that’s true Well guys look I’ve got some good news for you San Francisco is cleaning up attacked

They’re actually going to build uh One toilet a new one right and there’s An insane price tag you might say a Hundred thousand dollars 200 1.7 million Dollars for a toilet and to get this Thing done it’s going to take a little Bit of time and cutting some red tape And it is absolutely insane here watch Them 11 are questions being raised over The price tag of a public toilet in San Francisco she’s so surprised they are Now according to the chronicle the Single toilet costing the city one point Located near 24.’s Main commercial Corridor where you Find this porta potty right now Supervisors say they got the funding From the state budget to build the Restroom per request of family in the Area in a joint statement issued to the Paper the Park and Recs Department of Public Works says there are several Reasons for the cost that includes the Cost to build in the city For materials the restroom won’t be Completed until 2025. what wow that is these people want To convert US to a high-speed rail yeah That’s just you need two and a half Years call it minus any construction Delays because we know this isn’t going To be a smooth process in San Francisco To build a toilet just to see what Homeless person is going to Squad in it

Oh my God squat beside it let’s be Honest they’ve made up their mind no yes Exactly by the way just for comparison The Empire State Building only took one Year and 45 days to build the Empire State Building which included more than One restroom yes in the building just to Be clear also had like a casualty rate Of 1900 with guys lunch boxes on beams But we got a lot of really cool pictures That we could put on the wall like where Guys are like sitting there like oh that Makes like a fun job when I see it it Makes me dizzy when it’s up there on the Beam yeah it doesn’t make me dizzy it Just makes me like that was stupid yes I Understand why our mortality it was high Way less people died making the uh Toilet fire State Building yeah Oh yeah yeah exactly they have to send In a new construction worker a new Plumber because the next one comes out Looking like Hellraiser with just Syringes in his head it’s not good Something again just being here I’m good I got another syringe in my side what Happened to the plumber he I have so Much to show you yes oh boy this is Gonna be fun well look in Florida they The uh you remember the bridge that got Knocked out by the hurricane uh Hurricane Ian they actually repaired That in just a matter of weeks right so Repaired an entire Bridge they were

Dumping Stone and sand in the ocean they Repaired a bridge you guys are going to Build a toilet in about two and a half Years and cost 1.7 the Porta John looked Like it was doing fine yeah okay I Understand they’d like a nicer place to Sit and squat but I don’t think that’s Really going to happen the entire city Is a toilet there’s feces everywhere why Would you build a toilet well I think What they were going for Dave and that’s A fair point is that they were trying to Be a little bit more like Portland’s Toilets yeah but it’s it’s okay it’s Communal that’s that’s for a single it’s For a single person oh right right yeah That’s true yeah you can’t you can’t Underestimate the communal aspect of Crapping in the streets and shooting up Fentanyl yes that’s true is it is it Just for one guy yeah like only one guy Can use the toilet that’s why it’s a Single person I’m willing to bet that One guy will claim the toilet as his Residence and not let anybody else use It it’s gonna claim gun yeah oh no He got a one 1.7 million dollar house That’s exactly I think with free Wi-Fi it’s a public Space Squatters rights do apply if you haven’t Noticed already this is a live show we Work with that Annette folks and Sometimes it’s great and sometimes I’m

In the chair Monday through Thursday 10 A.m Eastern check us out on Rumble Podcast mug Club if you’re not a Subscriber you do get this mug that is Other things that I have said earlier by The way hit the like button and show we Got a lot of feedback too with you Hosting both you and Dave you both do a Great job you know eventually I want to Get to the point where we can help build Some other shows here yeah and uh show Gerald yeah show Gerald you love them I Love it we have a lot of wonky stuff Today so I was like ah this is probably A Gerald day it feels good yeah I like You do I like covering some of the wonky Stuff yeah it’s a good time I like Making fun of San Francisco by the way I Used to love San Francisco I would Travel there to go to Wine Country I’d Always fly into the airport SFO get There at about nine o’clock in the Morning go up to a couple of different Spots grab some sandwiches or something Go and sit and look at the Golden Gate Bridge and now just be dead by that Point I would be dead because somebody Would have killed me at several of those Stops well now thanks to Pfizer Thousands have left their Heart in San Francisco also I don’t like sitting on Toilets of feces right you know pillows Pillows of poop throughout the lawn you Just kind of pick your own pillow people

Are worse than animals like animals use The corner they do yeah these people Just do it everywhere and by these People I mean San franciscans San Francisco anyone of all Stripes correct Colors yes we do not uh discriminate Here dogs also don’t shoot up into their Last remaining vein in their paw inside Of the bathrooms right Yeah you know when like natural Disasters are about to happen the Animals are the first to alert us they Should have known with everything Leaving San Francisco that it was about To go down but speaking of I can’t say Speaking of going down because you’ll Take that the wrong way anyway Ted Cruz Was on The View on Monday you can uh and You can’t speak when you do that I had to change uh directions there a Little bit be awfully busy We’ll just want to have somebody on that They disagree with so that they can yell At them and as is typically the case Anna Navarro lets us know that she was a Republican Republican and uh it went Just about like you would expect it to Go I read the chapter to someone who Agreed with you most of your career how Do you reconcile your constitutional Convictions with what happened on January 6 and trying to overturn the Election when 60 court cases got knocked Down there are a lot of folks in the

Media that try to anytime a republican Is in front of a TV Camera try to say The election was fair and square and Legitimate you know who y’all don’t do That to you don’t do it to Hillary Clinton who stood up and said Trump Stole the elections Who said who said that the election was Stolen they sat here Okay so it’s illegitimately Republicans No you know here’s the thing we may not Like when Republicans win please tell us Fat photo negative of Diane Keaton Did I miss an entire year of antifa Riots where cities across this country [Music] Is the left doesn’t engage in violence Really you said really Hillary Clinton Didn’t say whatever she didn’t say I’m Saying to you listen And she said we stand here and you were Fine with her saying it was illegitimate Yes she called Donald Trump the next Morning and she conceded the election Results Trump is an illegitimate President Hillary Clinton says the Election is stolen from you Hillary Clinton in 2002 George W Bush was Selected Not Elected oh somebody came Prepared to take on their idiotic Arguments yeah I think he did a pretty Good job actually then Navarro’s like Listen I know you came here to yell and Sell your book but we’re not going to do

That it’s like oh gosh just please just Like push her down she called him the Next morning yes but she spent the last However many years going everywhere that Would take her and say that he was not Elected legitimately right so six years Plus going also she should have done it That night and so yeah she locked Herself inside so the fact that they’re Acting like she had Integrity about it Is exactly nonsense she didn’t even go Out and give her concession speech no no The interns were crying and we were kind Of laughing about all of this I remember Doing a live stream and I’m like I don’t Normally laugh at somebody else’s Misfortune but in this case I’m Absolutely making an exception because You guys thought this was a coronation And it wasn’t make sure you hit the like Button like Steven said just a minute Ago hit the like button if you are Having a good time with us it also Pisses off YouTube and it for no other Reason than that do you need more you Know what though he made a mistake he Said antifa riots he did BLM when we did The yeah the change in my mind we did Antifa as a domestic terrorist Organization I said you know what no I’m Not with black lives matter because People know that they’ll recognize it And you can make the case anyway it’s Not yeah absolutely it’s not which

Points can you make it’s making the Strongest point and letting it sit Because Whoopi Goldberg can’t handle it You heard her she’s like well when when You said when I said something about how That was something and then but what I’m Saying is you’re not you’re She’s well the the argument though Always going to go back to him on Race Though so you say BLM it gives her an Immediate trump card for that entire Studio I think that’s why he went with Antique well no I I but I agree but I Would say please I’ll play three or four Moves down the road please come back at Me with BLM being a legitimate Organization Oh you mean BLM that’s Founder bought houses with the money Instead of actually using it to help out The cause that she was supposed to be Representing like I would have just been Ready to pack that right in the face Yeah all the founders but yes Yeah well look they had a lot of money They’re not gonna have the black lives Matter subdivision yeah exactly yeah Well the left is always uh going to Argue that Ted Cruz is wrong in bringing Up the riots that because they had Nothing to do with the elections right Right of course the antivirus had Nothing to do with the elections Rioting burning cities down threatening Political retribution having politicians

Threaten people and say they shouldn’t Be out of the streets that’s not in any Way shape or form trying to impact Future elections or current people in The White House oh yeah that’s right They actually did protest outside of the White House and uh they were doing stuff That looked very very similar to January 6. Watch the end of this clip Is full enough so far yeah I’m just Gonna you know I’m gonna have oh whoops Oh boy remember the barricades that were Torn down at the Capitol boy that you Mean that were open well in some cases Torn down but mostly opened yes that’s True That seems pretty similar Oh they’re they’re going to keep that as A souvenir Well they just don’t like the fence yes Or the church they burn down right they Are anti-fences that you’re they that Depends Over there Dave it’s a black fence yeah Well what are you saying about these Guys that’s why they they don’t think it Should be there it should be a white Fence were they listening to Stained or Puddle of Mud what did I hear there I Think that was rage oh okay yeah yeah Killing In The Name of you can pick that Album up at Walmart’s next to one of Their shirts yes yeah there’s a Non-explicit version available too yeah

Oh so it’s mostly bleeps yes yeah that’s Fantastic it’s hard to kind of keep the Rhythm going to the Man by completely Selling yourself out yes yes it’s you You have lived long enough to become That which you hate and sell the men Selling Hitler light t-shirts yes yeah Well that’s true no it’s absolutely true That’s why we have the chege of air Thing you know and by the way the Socialism is for fake shirts of course We can’t sell but yeah this is only in One place in live shows but socialism is For Dunces it’s people say Well that’s Incendiary do you know what Che Guevara Did he was like Hitler minus what some People would consider the charm and that And I don’t mean Hitler was Charming or He was right I mean he was able to Convince enough people and Che Guevara Wasn’t so he was just more violent and They found him like a in Bolivia With an entirely loaded gun that had Never been fired saying I’m worth more To you alive than dead and I’m pretty Sure they killed him anyway well that’s That’s a fair point that’s good yes yeah Whenever he a guy like that gets taken Out I I don’t celebrate we talked about This I do but I am a little happy yeah Well he said he he was incredibly racist Too he hated black people he hated black People because there were a lot of black People in Cuba right a lot of black

People who speak who speak Spanish and He wanted pure blood European Spanish Europeans and he executed and he went Before the U.N and said execute without Trial absolutely we will continue to Execute without trial and he bragged About it and a huge portion of them were Black people that’s something people Don’t want to acknowledge and not to Mention gay people no yeah they never Want to acknowledge that in fact they Were celebrating I think his birthday Was like his dad his death day right We can be careful we’ll get in trouble On YouTube for for being somewhat happy When I say somewhat because I don’t Revel like you know God takes no Pleasure in the death of the wicked That’s what I mean not that this person Wasn’t evil and didn’t deserve to die he Did he was right but just saying that so Nobody clips that but I take it pleasure Yes will you take pleasure in a lot of Different ways any hole will do Typically Watering Hole watering typical mortum Pleasure Dave which is something you Should seek counseling about look they Don’t fight it yeah Rigamortis makes it Easy it does all right well look we Talked uh just a scratching trying to Move on Um they’re like yes Whatever you want I think Gerald yeah

This is not a fair name with both of us It really is it’s actually kind of fun For me because it kind of unleashes the Comedy and both of you neither one of You have to come back to the point at All you’re just like well let’s just Keep going it’s funny don’t worry too Chat chat says you’re killing it oh well Thank you all of the monetary uh Promises that I made to you will be paid Quickly in ethereum so I’d cash it out Quickly yeah unless you didn’t read the Other four yeah Gerald Dave’s like wow executing without Trying yeah looking at that positive bro All right so midterms are coming up we Said off the top that we were going to Give you some information that you Needed obviously a lot of people are Talking about it it’s in the news right Now we had Ron DeSantis debating last Night I think we have Dr Oz division Getting tonight Herschel Walker debates Every single night but normally with Himself It’s very unfortunate I like the guy I Want him to win because he’s a Republican but he’s got some problems And we’re going to talk about some of These candidates aren’t necessarily the Strongest people that we would say we Would want to have but when it comes Down to choosing between a republican Even though a flawed candidate and a

Democrat who is going to push policies That the left loves like abortion up to And including birth sometimes you got to Hold your nose and pull the lever for The Republican because at least they Believe in your right to Freedom okay so They’re right around the corner and the Democrats are I think because every Single show is talking about this and Everyone is panicking I think they’re Getting a little nervous How about this this is a New York Times Poll brand new here asking voters what’s The top issue on your mind this election Inflation together that is 40. close to Half of all respondents saying that’s Their top issue nothing else even cracks 10 right now and we’ve abortions five Percent when it comes to the economy of Inflation state of democracy yeah and Typically this has been a pretty good Indicator of weird things This is the average of the generic Ballot right now and you can see the Republicans with a lead here that is a 2.2 point lead for Republicans now as Close generally speaking but we were Here a week ago taking you through the Generic ballot in a week ago this number Was inside of one point you had that Inflation news over the last week Certainly didn’t help the Democrats and It does seem that as the economy moves To Center Stage Republicans are

Improving their chances here so I’m one Thing that I’m very happy about is that The Democrats have failed to make Abortion the top priority like we saw so One of our concerns we wanted Roe v Wade To be overturned we thought it should go Back to the States and we thought more Reasonable rules and regulations for Abortion pretty much getting rid of it In most cases was what was necessary but We also knew that we may take a hit in The elections because of it so I’m glad To see that I’m also terrified to see That eight percent so if democracy Really is a problem the state of Democracy what the state of democracy I Want more than eight percent yeah except People caring about it they’re like well Heck if as long as I can go buy stuff Cheap and I have a good job I really Don’t care where I live yeah the state Of the Republic was actually like it’s Its demise was imminent yes I hope it’s More than eight percent Eight percent of you guys care about This I just don’t understand why we just Watched some nerdy guy make Madden Circles about abortions Back to the Forefront when did it go It go away always the economy stupid Look what we got here I rolled up my Sleeves 2.2 percent that’s the Difference there it’s like what are you Yeah I’m a working man just like one of

You guys look I wear Vans with khakis It’s like those are Payless airwalks But not the same but when they went out Of business I stole 200 pairs Okay well look uh inflation is really Bad they’re like well the inflation news I’m like it wasn’t the inflation news Last week you it’s been the Inflation news for the last several Months okay and Nancy Pelosi thinks that Inflation really isn’t a problem and That all we need to do is change the Subject oh and the fact is is that uh When I hear people talk about inflation As I heard them there we have to change That subject inflation is a global Phenomena phenomenon it’s what that’s The EU the European Union the UK the British have higher the inflation rate Than we do here it’s not really the Fight is not about inflation it’s about The cost of living Is that not deflation you know I’m not a math Asian but Uh I thought that inflation could impact The cost of living ah is that not is That no longer true correlation doesn’t Equal causation but in this case Absolutely okay yeah absolutely okay I’ll put her dentures in her high ball She’s just sitting there I taste gimlets Yeah fix a dent and forget the UK that She started to say words that didn’t Require her mouth to separate too much

At that point she was like okay I’m British she’s running low on blood of The innocent but it’s a really lazy Argument Europe always has higher inflation rates Than the us so you can compare it now But that ignores that they always do I Was raised in Quebec where gas was often Too it’s more similar to Europe in a lot Of ways yeah if we were buying Electronics I remember as a kid an N64 Game would be 69.99 that’s much more Expensive yeah gas would be two times The price I mean food was way more Expensive sales tax was 14 it was Actually 15 sorry when I was being Raised so it really is a weak argument But I have heard from a lot of people Saying well how do we debunk this it’s Always higher in Europe yeah and they’ve Both gone up yeah those are the easy Things to debunk and you can say right Now too well it’s interesting that you Chose to go with European union and you Chose Britain and you chose the UK Japan right now so if we focus on kind Of these East Asian democracies Japan Has three percent Taiwan 2.75 South Korea 5.6 so it’s not the entire world Nancy and Joe and Kamala that’s having a Problem with this and by the way This isn’t the easiest argument to make To win this argument it’s lazy in that It’s saying well it’s bad everywhere

It’s not our fault no your policies are Contributing to this maybe inflation Would be a little bit higher right now Right maybe supply chain things maybe That is possible I’ll grant you that for The sake of argument I’m not agreeing I’m not saying it is but just for the Sake of argument you’re telling me that Your energy policies have helped curb Inflation by making gas prices Higher by Making oil go up in price by not tapping Into natural resources that we currently Have here you’re telling me right now That it’s okay to just throw more money On the fire to solve inflation isn’t That typically what leads to more Inflation is government spending we’re Forgetting something else what’s that Printing more money we can just keep Printing more and that won’t lead to Inflation no no no because you’ll have More of it exactly you can just you just Keep doing that yes yes why tax any What are we even doing here just make it Can we get this printer ourselves you Make more money than you take it all Back yes [Music] [Laughter] I believe this is brilliant I think We’ve done our jobs here you know we’re Just getting off the show right now I’m Kidding yourself to Christmas just just Make more money all right have we have

We thoroughly taken care of that for you If anybody says inflation is high Everywhere you understand that in Europe It is almost always if not always in the Canada in the Canada did I just do that That’s fine in the Canadian areas that Are north of here that for some reason We don’t own they always have higher Prices as well and currently in other Places and democracies around the world They don’t suck and they’re facing What was that what And they’re facing Wars by the way Japan Right now I don’t know if you’ve seen Their building I’m sure uh gingersnap Knows this they’re it’s the biggest Building up of an Arsenal um really Since World War II well North Korea is Flexing their muscle right now China’s Flexing their muscle with Taiwan and Japan is basically like okay we hope Everybody comes to our Aid because if This happens especially on both fronts This is going to be a major problem if We keep shooting nukes into the water Though we’re gonna make some monsters Yeah that’s how we’re going I think That’s what we do to get rid of them no Haven’t you seen project Monarch I know But that’s just nonsense that’s Hollywood stuff yeah but I think it’s Real it’s the nukes that are gonna make It like it well Japan needs some help so We should send them when we should send

Them Public School teachers Yeah all right so yeah when a killer Whale is living in your house Arguing over the clicker I like killer whales they’re pretty fun Yeah they are all right yeah you got Hands I’m not wrong Of course Dave not if they have hands Fine I’ll never get the remote back That’s a fair point yeah Thinking of taking stuff back a lot of States seemed like they were Out Of Reach even in 2020 Um and they’re not suddenly not so Unattainable and there’s a bunch of States that we’re doing very well and Obviously Florida is typically a Republican state which is fantastic for Us it’s usually a pretty good stronghold The home of current governor Ron DeSantis uh crushing his opponent by the Way Charlie crisp by double digits also The number of registered Republicans a Percentage of Voters it’s up several Hundred thousand people in Florida Florida yeah it’s a very Stark Trend Absolutely he’s handled the school stuff Well he’s handled covet very well he Probably even more than Texas had uh Policies that benefited local business Kept everybody safe schools by the way He had some information on schools I Think it’s in the clip that we’re going To play here he also disciplined Chris’s

Dog in front of him he did well he was a Bad boy and he put his nose in it and Used a newspaper it was necessary after The debate though on Monday night last Night it’s pretty easy to see why he’s Winning yeah you’re the only governor in The history of Florida did this ever Shut down our school tools you’re the Only governor in the history of Florida To shut down our business I never did That as Governor did you have a global Pandemic that you were dealing with Charlie we need to have somebody who is Something that understands it’s Important to listen to science to do What’s right utilize common sense you Don’t just shut down at the outset and Then when it’s you know politically Convenient for you you want to open back Up the store political Point somebody Packed the audience [Applause] Well so he opposed having kids in school His supporters sued me to keep the kids Out of school in 2020. and how and how Critical was that decision we just got The nation’s report card the results From all 50s sport on number three in Fourth grade reading and number four in The country in fourth grade math and if You adjust that for demographic we are Number one in the country it did not Have happened if we let Charlie Chris And his friends lock our kids out of

School like they did in California and Like they did in New York boom that’s How you do it right there you go Straight to the numbers and say our Policies resulted in better outcomes for Who your children I would have added one Thing I would when you started just say Is anybody buying this is anybody buying That the Democrat wanted more that’s a Little bit more of Donald Trump but you Should just say that is anyone actually Buying this that’s what they try is Anyone actually sitting yeah Yeah he was the shutdown guy was DeSantis no you were criticizing him When you were you were gearing up for Your run to say he didn’t shut down Enough yeah it’s really a lazy argument For them to say well you know I wasn’t In power and uh he shut them down and by The way a lot of people shut down for Two weeks we didn’t we did the mug Club Quarantine month but we understood we Said hey I understand why some Businesses because we didn’t we didn’t Know after about two weeks it was clear It was very clear after just a few weeks And so that’s what he said you closed Down at the outset he goes you should Have trusted the science you mean when He had doctors from some of the most Well-respected institutions in the world And he was kicked off of YouTube when he Was talking to them and letting his

Constituents hear the conversation you Mean that kind of trust the science I Don’t really buy your argument Chris is Basically throwing Haymakers at this Point trying to see if he can get Something going but he also He wrecked him on just about every Single point and you will see some other Clips that the media is trying to Portray as DeSantis getting owned by Chris it’s a very very big stretch but He kicked his butt on the issue of Transitioning kids you’re a 15 year old You can’t go get a tattoo in the state Of Florida yet we’re saying you could Get a double mastectomy of course not it Is inappropriate to do this for minors And in Florida we are not going to allow That to happen boom boom easy enough you Can’t go at 15. he chose 15. I would Have gone 12. yes 12 and a 10 11 that Sounds a little bit worse but that’s Actually what’s happening and it’s it’s A middle point they want five-year-olds Right to be able to have some of these Things start to take place changing your Pronouns which we just heard from the NIH is a really bad thing to do right a Five-year-old I think it was the NHS Sorry yeah yeah I get the uh the the the Letters yeah numbers I’m fine with Letters it’s silly bad with letters That’s fair Um

One thing that I did see though that I Wanted our researchers to pull and they Did was this clip has been going around Mostly from NBC News because he was Chris was asking DeSantis if he was Going to stick around for all four years And I just want to say something at the Outset of this that is one of the most Insane questions that I’ve ever heard Because Chris I guarantee right now if Somebody came to you and said Hey Joe Biden’s not gonna run would you like to Be the Democratic nominee for president Of the United States and you were still In this race you’d be like heck yeah Baby just sign me up it’d be a crisp Shaped hole in the wall of course more Power and something that I can’t Possibly do a good job with I’m your man Right so here’s the NBC news clip and How they’re portraying Ron desantis’s Answer and let me remind the viewers he Wouldn’t even answer you if he would Stay four years if you re-elect him as Your Governor you’re running for Governor you’re asking them to vote for You for governor at a minimum you ought To be able to tell them if you get Reelected you’ll serve as governor Ron Governor so we had the Border that was In much better shape in January of 2021 He pivots right and so they’re like oh See he won’t even answer the question if He’s going to stay and run it doesn’t

Matter but here here’s the full context Of the answer he gave earlier in the Debate and I have a question for you You’re running for governor why don’t You look in the eyes of the people of State of Florida and say to them if You’re re-elected you will serve a full Four-year term as Governor yes or no Yes or no Ron will you serve a full Four-year term if you’re re-elected Governor of Florida It’s not a tough question It’s a fair question he won’t tell you We did not agree on the candidates Asking each other my son’s Governor it’s Your turn well listen I know that Charlie’s interested in talking about 2024 and Joe Biden but I just want to Make things very very clear the only Worn out old donkey I’m looking to put Out the pasture is Charlie Chris In political terms them’s fighting words Listen he was just being polite he was Saying is it my time he waited for that But every single clip that you saw in The media cut when he was standing there Right and not answering in an awkward Silence kind of moment and by the way Just in case you thought Charlie curse Was actually serious and genuine in Saying that you should stay for the full Term of Governor when you’re elected he Ran for the Senate while he was governor In 2009 so that would have been a very

Helpful piece and that’s because he Believed he was going to lose by the way Yeah exactly he’s like I need to find my Next gig so that I don’t get out of Government work it’s like being down in The scorecard so you foul your opponents You’re like I would have won for this Damn ref man that’s true that’s what I Do it very beginning I kick them in the Nuts and get disqualified so I don’t get Punched in the face he’s the beta O’Rourke of uh he is yeah I need another race to lose Where can I go next I hope I lose it I Hope I lose it I think it’s good that he Didn’t answer his question no I think it Was too he pivoted to issues that people Care about he didn’t need to jump down There with him because of course that Was just going to be distraction from What he really wanted to talk about and This is something moderator pointed it Out yes and this is something too that I Think a lot of people the go-to-party System and you really are you do have to Understand it especially in a place like Florida you are voting the platform it Does oh yeah matter now neither platform Is perfect but you don’t want a Parliamentary system for example like in Canada where you can win the Prime Minister office a prime minister’s Office with only 30 something percent of The vote and the platform right now is

Chris versus Ron DeSantis the platform Of abortion up until including birth Period the platform of locking Everything down the platform of Increased taxes right the platform of Civil unrest uh versus DeSantis and People if they’re electing him look if He’s called up to run for president People are electing his judgment and he Will decide who will be filling filling In his spot no I think look I think it’s A good point I don’t know how it works In Florida through lieutenant governor Becomes governor if they have a special Election or anything I have no idea Florida I’m sorry I don’t know your ways But it’s important to understand that Ron DeSantis is a presidential candidate Obviously he’s one of the Front Runners To be able to take that position if he Chooses to he hasn’t declared for that Yet so it’s irrelevant right now he’s Running for governor and he’s doing a Damn good job and he’s kicking your butt Charlie so maybe focus on your own Election and worry about where he’s Going to go next you sir are going to One of the many many retirement homes That your state houses if you want to Hit the like button if that’s what you Would like to see for Charlie Crist and Make sure it’s We need like a more man I’d like it but It needs to be like the it’s more manly

A little bit more of a smash yeah I Think kind of thing but it’s fun Um let’s go to one of the other races That we are excited about in Arizona With uh our very own Kerry Lake Um There’s a good reason Stephen make sure You keep your legs crossed Um Carrie Lake uh actually that traffic Keeper on there and push down that’s Right buddy you know the game would you Like some duct tape or something a Binder hit it with a ruler That only makes it worse It gets angry Um 538 now gives Carrie like a 58 chance To win against her Democratic opponent Katie Hobbs that’s up from 38 just a Month ago she’s actually inside the Margin now take it takes I think it’s Like a 1.8 percent uh leader 1.8 point Lead I should say not percent remember The bumper stickers in 2016 trust Nate Silver 538 now they don’t like him Anymore on the left they’re like oh he’s Too moderate he’s just a chill it’s like You guys had so many bumper the bumper Sticker trust Nate silver I remember it Everywhere yeah well her It’s not just that it’s just when it’s Convenient right right it’s not trust Nate silver because Nate silver is Trustworthy it’s trust Nate silver Because right now he’s saying what we

Like right right in the mainstream media Normally carries the water for people But not right now Carrie Lake’s opponent Hobbes has even Faced criticism from them They’re not going to look at their Ballots well she just came and said that God didn’t debate her opponent she just Came and sat down with me and and Answered my questions for for a lot of Minutes a lot of minutes yeah a lot more Than one answer questions And they’re saying you know an open-toed Strong decision President Biden’s former 2020 co-chair said I would debate and I Would want the people of Arizona to know What my platform is if you think she’s As dangerous as you’re saying to Democracy is it your responsibility as a Candidate who wants to run Arizona to Show and explain who their alternative Is That is exactly what I’m doing right now And there is a lot more ability to have A conversation with you without her Interruptions and shouting uh to do that Um I thought that when I came on this Network that you were going to support Me and say that everything that I did Was fantastic but you’re asking me tough Questions and I don’t think I can handle That no no no that’s why I think being Meek is the best way to run a campaign Yes yes especially when combined with my

Abnormally small mouth Painting cycle and look I don’t know a Whole lot about her other than she’s Democrat which is basically all that I Need to know about her when she’s Running for governor in Arizona but I Like Carrie Lake I like what I’ve seen From Carrie Lake but I specifically love This from Carrie Lake because she’s Pointing out the media’s hypocrisy about The election I thought you’re gonna say Figure here’s 150 examples of Democrats Denying election results Oh wow look at this this is from oh wow Like she’s surprised Joe Biden’s press Secretary reminder Brian Kemp stole the Gubernatorial election from Georgians And Stacy Abrams Democrats saying that Is that an election denier Oh look at this Just heard Republican Ryan Costello said It would be difficult for Stacy Abrams To win because she lost her State bid But yet she’s still claiming she never Lost Trump is an illegitimate president is She an election denier she were a President she’d be Abraham Lincoln That’s fair and Justin Bieber like her Husband Lovely great but she is a very fetching Candidate and we respectfully think She’s attractive yes yes absolutely and She’s also doing a fantastic I will say

This Carrie I know your your kids her kids watch I Think right yes okay so your kids are Watching right now I know that you are Already planning to do that but when I Told you in the interview make sure you Point out that I’m just going to take Like .0001 credit for that because that is What I’ve been waiting for somebody to Just come out and be like Oh election Deniers we talked about what was it kill Chain was the the movie on uh Documentary on HBO in 2018 I believe With all of the democratic people saying That with Hillary Clinton denying the Election that Ted Cruz points Specifically said that Dominion voting Machines are easily hackable and showed It live yes Didn’t win the election because Dominion Voting machines could have been hacked That’s their argument and right now we May actually have it down here so I Don’t want to hit it but they’re doing It again Democrats are actually kind of Seeding the ground a little bit telling You that this is going to be a problem But look it’s not just that Kerry lake Is doing well in the polls it’s not just That she is doing a fantastic job Destroying the lies of the left The enthusiasm Gap right now is Something that is massive right and so

Just take a look when when you guys were Introduced at the show for Stephen and Dave when you guys were in was it Phoenix Arizona yeah just look at the Audience reaction to them with Terry Lake I think here future governor That’s reaction to Carrie yeah I could have just gone home It’s done it seems they liked her yeah Yeah it was a sustained Applause and Kerry Lake had the balls to come out to A comedy show yeah I know knowing that That was probably going to be used Against her oh sorry Stephen no when I We went to Phoenix I don’t know if Dave Said this I was in the hotel room Watching uh Watching Casino for like the 15th time because it was an AMC and uh I Saw attack ads against Kerry Lake and I Was in them he was in them are you Serious I said like something about the FB like defunding the FBI said well yeah I do think we have a problem with our Intelligence communities and the attack Ads said Kerry Lake serious or seriously Dangerous and I was like oh my God There may be a lot of them by now the Specifically the one with the FBI and Kerry like and look I know Carrie is Doing a fantastic job but she’s also Helping people down ballot as well Especially in her state right so you’ve Got Blake Masters who has surged Recently in the polls against Democrat

Mark Kelly Um they’re doing a fantastic job with Undecided voters older voters and women They’ve all moved towards Masters in the Recent days and again it’s no wonder When you have somebody like that at the Top of the ticket for your state just Kind of electrifying the base a little Bit but look at the groups undecided Voters right now independent voters that Is the group that Republicans are doing Incredibly well we didn’t talk about That when we looked at the polling with What people were thinking right now Those voters are going overwhelmingly it Seems right now towards Republicans so If we can keep that momentum Particularly with strong candidates that You need to be a a Meek or a week really Flat out week moderate candidate it’s People like to carry Lakes it’s people Who are actually willing they push Button stand for their convictions I Mean and I will say this with Kayla we Spend some time with her there in Phoenix like Carrie like when people say Oh she was a Democrat she was incredibly Anti-war and we were dealing with in the Wake of George W bush Um and she said why yeah and she still Is and she’s answered for it but she is Genuine having spent time with and by The way a fantastic family and even People surrounding her she’s a blueprint

For a lot of people out there as to how You win an election yeah don’t back down Doesn’t mean you have to be bombastic Doesn’t mean that you’re undisciplined She’s disciplined but she’s also uh raw In in the best of ways yeah she’s very Honest right and it’s easy to just be Honest and go out and speak to the media But she has good media skills as well oh Yeah which is I mean obviously I mean This is obvious it’s incredibly Important to have in this day and age But Donald Trump had that too Donald Trump was so at ease with the media and Just kind of pushing their lies and if He didn’t know how to do that he would Just make fun of them which was also fun You know why don’t think about it Donald Trump worked in the media in Entertainment yeah same thing with Carrie Lake right she was a reporter a Lot of conservatives because they’re Rejected by media and entertainment they Don’t get that kind of experience yeah So these are examples of people who do And you see when they know how to Prepare when they know the arguments From the left from people in the media But I repeat myself before they’re made They’re able to be effective it is a Blueprint on how the Republican party Needs to move forward it’s strong Conservatives who stand by their Convictions and will speak directly to

The people yeah absolutely that skill Alone is what took him from being kind Of a Joe candidate to becoming the President yeah I made fun of him at Skills not so yeah not just him I made Fun of his candidacy I didn’t think it Was legitimate nope I was like I didn’t Think he was serious I thought it was Just a publicity stunt and I made fun of That not him necessarily but I was like There’s no way I even told you I was Like he’ll be gone by October I mean in September I don’t even remember when we Were talking about it I think that’s Gone and you were like no no no he’s in It for the long run but apparently every Election has been legitimate except for His just right just uh just that one no You’ve got it to me yeah see seems to be The point let me send let me put a finer Point on it every election the Democrats Win He’s legitimate that’s legit yes every Election that they don’t or every Election that they think they might not Will be preemptively called illegitimate That’s right just to make sure just to Cover all the bases we should change the Term from put a finer point on it to put A carry Lake Point on it here even if It’s uh fine I think her husband is now getting on a Plane Uh all right so during the debate

Masters uh was asked if Biden was a Legitimate president and like we said Being direct being ready to go having a Little bit of media training goes a long Way check out his response is Joe Biden The legitimately elected president of The United States Joe Biden’s absolutely The president I mean my gosh have you Seen the gas prices lately legitimately I’m not trying to trick you he’s duly Sworn and certified he’s the legitimate President he’s in the White House and Unfortunately for all of us I’m not Trying to trick you and by the way it’s Bad news yeah not a joke it’s pretty Good why did they have two signers by The way You see that there were two signers There for for Sean was it one was was it For crosstalk maybe like where the Moderator was talking in the small Picture yeah in the gas prices lately Legitimately oh it is okay he’s duly Sworn and certified he’s the legitimate President he’s in the White House and Unfortunately for all of us did she just Wave was that like hi Mom yeah Somebody’s signing in Spanish are they Really I don’t know oh okay that was a Good answer I would have run with that And been like well yes thank you that Sounds very good yes it is Arizona they Do have a large Hispanic population that Makes sense yeah there’s uh no Integrity

Anymore so they have to have several Signs for everybody interrupting each Other yes do the signers actually get Into a fight if there’s like a heated Discussion because you can only Communicate that they’re actually Fighting with words if you yeah One of the signers gets a folding chair Yeah this turns into the WWE yeah the Refs looking away Exactly well look in Georgia we we Understand the the race here you’re Going to want to look away from this Person Stacy Abrams who’s the president Of Earth by the way that is the the Highest honor I think we should call her Madame Earth president which president Said of dirt yes yes I don’t think that’s true so in the Person that she still thinks is the Illegitimate governor of Georgia is Kicking the crap out of her Brian Kemp Crushing her by 7.5 points in the RCP Polling Um Abrams is actually already already Preemptively because she knows Refusing to concede her inevitable loss You refuse to concede and say that you Lost do you stand by that decision today Absolutely the election was not fair the Process was not fair uh you know what I’m actually I’m sorry that uh that Doesn’t seem right Gerald the label Clearly says 2019.

You know what guys look that’s my bad I Don’t get to sit in this chair that Often sometimes I make mistakes that was That was when she didn’t concede the Election that she lost in 2018 and still Has not conceded that election to this Day right never Um hit make sure guys hit the like Button again it helps us out we love it And you you know you like hearing and Comment below other examples because We’re going by the ones off of the top Of our head I’m sure there are other Examples of that oh there’s plenty or Example well but so she’s got a new well It’s kind of a new old trick that she’s Pulling um she’s saying that uh a Republican by God is racist I’ve never Heard that argument before but it’s a New one that the left is using against Republicans and that he has racist Policies that are meant to keep her Voters uh from being able to vote and That that he’s suppressing all of the Voters that would absolutely turn out And make her win And it’s unfair what he’s doing it’s Terrible the current governor said it in His primary debate he said that the Election was free and fair he also said He was frustrated by the results and That’s what led him to pass laws to make It more difficult to vote absentee made It more difficult to use drop boxes for

People who have on-call schedules for Folks who can’t get somewhere from nine To five they now have a much more Difficult time 1.9 million Georgians Will be affected he said that that’s why He cut off funding he won’t allow the County elections officials to seek Outside money to shore up the lack of Money they receive from the state that’s Why he made it illegal for people to get Water and food and lines in the state of Georgia have been up to eight hours long Oh my gosh okay first off do we we Covered this I’m sorry every time it Happens I don’t want to get distracted By it but yes you can get food yes you Can get water you just can’t get vote For Stacy Abrams water handed out in Line it’s called electioneering you’re Not supposed to do it and so that’s what They were making sure it didn’t happen Corn syrup You want to hand out Funyuns that’s on You that’s fine right but in Georgia This year we have Donuts Is this the licked Donuts why is this Water so why is it so viscous from Precious’s understudy why are you here Broke the record for first day early Vote this year and that’s twice what They say in 2018 so if Kemp is trying to Suppress the votes doing a very bad job At it and I can’t do something else you Can hand up you lose in fact I’ll take

One if you’ve got it it’s not chocolate Milk it’s not soda it’s something in Between I put liquor in it yeah was that Not a real offer I was that sounded Fantastic I know I wish I had you who Knows I’ve never had a Yoo-hoo ever Really we didn’t have it in Canada well That’s why Canada I need to try it is it Good no I mean it’s okay It’s as a kid yes it’s fantastic It’s a ghetto chocolate milk it really Is yes when you when you grow up it’s Called the Kahlua Yeah mama wants some more of her you who All right look I can’t drive you who to School That’s a really bad idea moms don’t Drink and drive your kids to school it’s Okay at most it gets mostly absorbed Yeah oh it takes me a lot to be legally Over the limits yes uh it’s just a Mimosa in the morning uh look Camp Actually addressed the claims of voter Suppression in his debate with Abrams And uh didn’t go well for Abrams uh the Miss Abrams is going to do a lot of Attacking of my record tonight because She doesn’t want to talk about her own Record on 2018 in the governor’s race we Had the largest African-American turnout In the country she said that Senate Bill 202 our recent elections Integrity act What we passed two years ago would be Suppressive in Jim Crow 2.0 just this

Past May in our primaries we again had Record turnout in the Republican primary And the Democratic Primary in Georgia It’s easy to vote and hard to cheat There you go that’s how you do it by the Way she had rested defeating face yes She did yes yes She was just in a defeated pose yeah Inside her head she’s going oh oh I I will say this though at what point you Know Democrats would always say oh if we Increase turnout we win right well this Is obviously the strategy right now for Republicans increase or not there’s a Lot more turnout what Democrats mean What the left means is if we increase Turnout without any kind of verification We win they mean people who aren’t Citizens they mean people who maybe Aren’t eligible to vote when you have a Legitimate voting process and I don’t Think that identification is an Unreasonable qualification to vote Voting goes up and it’s also because There’s value if something’s just out You can mail and vote whenever it gets How I still have health insurance uh Mail that’s on my office desk I think It’s from 2017. well I mean we get so Much stuff in the mail in the mail is so Easy to rely on to make sure things Actually get delivered on time right we Don’t have any problems with stuff Getting lost in the mail they’ve done

Study after study on mail-in voting and They show that it actually under counts The vote because there are so many that Are done either late they’re done Inappropriately and so they’re not Counted as votes or they’re lost in the Mail one way or the other going to them Or actually coming back except in 2020 Wherever every single vote counted Except for Um and look free and fair election guys Right the results in Georgia 100 110 the most inaccurate right it’s the Most accurate we’ve ever seen except When we actually called in to question George’s vote and they did a recount They found more votes did you guys Remember that they found literally Thousands more votes that weren’t Included in the original tally and They’re like this is really that’s our Fault I’m so sorry about that there’s so Much freeness and fairness I almost Can’t even well sometimes you have to Bring in the votes later in a cooler yes Well camera equipment Dave that’s what I Meant let’s make sure that we’re clear On that free and fair elections include Camera equipment cameras have a right to Vote too and then voting brand camera Equipment that’s true yes look in the Senate race Herschel Walker is actually Uh for all of his faults Herschel Walker Is actually statistically tied with

Warnock right and remember warnock’s Victory and Donald Trump did a lot to Make this happen I think he pushed so Hard that people kind of went Democrat When maybe they wouldn’t have his Victory in the a 2020 runoff election Was what ended up giving the Democrats The Senate yeah and gave them the Opportunity to you know create hell all Around you throughout the country yeah But we’re doing our best to take it back In Pennsylvania the latest Insider Advantage poll has Dr Oz uh tied with John fetterman and that’s that’s pretty Significant because he was down by 13 Points how many can you fit in A room that’s true I’m not a fan of Doctor no no no no that was a screw up I Don’t know who anybody I mean he’s had Some he’s also been on the wrong side of Transitioning you know young people too Like he’s yeah it’s you know you are Picking the lesser of two evils but you Are I don’t I don’t envy you guys no I I Don’t at all and again this is one of Those odds like the TV show yes some Weird stuff going on there he’s like Welcome to Oz oh geez I’m making Some toilet Yoo-hoo Whether you want it or not I’m here to Make you a lady oh boy all right I think You should get down on your knees I’ll Start with you Ah it’s just a skinhead rubbing him

Though Speaking of skinheads his candidate I’m Just kidding no he’s uh no I I don’t Like him I I’m surprised that he’s doing As well as he is as unlikable as he is But he’s running against fetterman and This guy I know he has some current Issues but he has terrible policies in The past and that is what we’re Attacking but he is talking A little bit weird right now and has Some Joe bideness moments yeah a portion Right S deserve to every Street excuse me what state that you Live it’s going to make a custom chopper Are so much better Than the [Applause] Day going to make sure I don’t push back Against Work to work My name is John Fender woman Dad hates you I love how somebody out in the audience Said it’s better woman in case you for a Fetterman in case you forgot you hear Like one person like just in case by the Way he had a stroke right yes Joe Biden what’s your excuse [Music] This guy’s got a legitimate reason that

He might have some difficulty talking And people just kind of Nod and go along With him and I know you’re going to get Some some more important winning Arguments because I will say this as Someone who said several people you know In my my closer who have had Strokes uh I I don’t know that’s a winning argument To say he’s unfit because of the stroke Because he could have largely uh you Know auditory processing issues I I Don’t think he’s completely out of it I Don’t necessarily know from what I see That he’s brain damage I know that he Has a problem with that signaling from His brain to his mouth but I’ve seen People who are stroke victims who act Well yeah who’ve come back and I’ve also Seen people who weren’t able to so if You think it’s a strong argument today It could be taken off the table if he Recovers in a couple of months it’s Relevant but it shouldn’t be the main Argument exactly because when he isn’t Having a problem getting his thoughts to Go to his brain to talk which I know is A big issue they’re bad his policies are Bad when they come out and make sense That’s the problem that we have right he He advocated for eliminating cash bail And also for releasing murder I think He’s also the guy who went and Vandalized what was it a was it a Restaurant or a store where he kicked

Down the sign or something like that He’s he’s a bit of a Loose Cannon and Maybe that plays well the guy with the Shaved head goatee and American Choppers Hoodie is a vandal what absolutely he Was upset over a meal is that what Happened I think he’s going to bring out Your custom bike here in just a few Minutes He’s gonna leave his wife for Dita Vontes right well an unlikable Dr Oz Addressed fetterman this is come and Soak his record pretty well last week on Crime The first step act had nothing to do With convicted murderers being released From prison especially after they’ve Been sentenced to life in prison it’s a Whole different game so when John Thunderman is asked if you could wave a Magic wand what’s the one thing you Would do the one thing World Peace he Says well I’d get rid of life in prison Well I asked him that he actually said It would be codifying Roe versus Wade And abolishing the filibuster yeah well The way I just described it in the past As well and too often John fetterman Seems to pay more attention to the Feelings of the criminals than the Innocent who were hurt so he’s changed His mind is what you’re saying so Basically whatever Direction the Political winds are blowing is what his

Answer is going to be when you ask him What is the one problem that you would Solve that’s essentially what she just Said and by the way abolishing the Filibuster you think that’s a good idea You think codifying Roe v Wade is a good Idea against the wishes of people in States across the country you think it’s Okay to take that back even though the Supreme Court says Nope we can’t do it This decision was inaccurate I don’t Think that’s a good idea and I think the Voters agree with me in places that you Would be surprised right of all of the States other than maybe New York and California of all of the states that you Think would be pretty solidly Democrat And not turn this one is one of the Biggest surprises Oregon the news for Republicans in Oregon is fantastic and Christine Drazen has a real shot to Become the next governor governor of Oregon and I know a lot of us don’t pay Attention to Oregon what do they have Like five electoral votes I mean maybe Maybe three now because people are Leaving well don’t put them down I don’t know if she’s a Carrie Lake why Wasn’t Oz wearing scrubs yes how much if I if I was a doctor yes exactly yeah I Would wear the white lab coat whether I Deserved it or not because put some Popsicle sticks in your pop you know Your your pocket square something

The you know yeah the heart thing the Stethoscope stethoscope thank you Hopefully Christine yeah you can walk up To fetterman put it on his head go yeah Oh no one’s home oh geez yeah just Echoes that’s all I hear so hopefully Christine Drazen is going to become the Next governor of Oregon and for those of You who don’t care about Oregon politics Or don’t know Oregon politics there Hasn’t been a republican governor in 40 Years I think a senator only in about 20. yeah senator in 20 years or state Senate sorry is this they I think I Don’t know if it was a Senator Statewide Yeah it’s been 20 years since anything Really significant for Republicans has Happened in Oregon and Oregon’s policies I don’t remember exactly where Portland Is but uh yeah yeah it’s in Oregon yeah It’s one of the crappy like when we Refer to cities the Democrat policies Have destroyed it San Francisco and Portland not usually Seattle though Sometimes that happens for obvious Reasons right but Oregon is known like I I just hired a guy from Oregon and I Can’t say what his name is oh no um no He’s fantastic he’s uh he’s actually a Mixed martial art This guy’s fantastic he moved down from Oregon and he’s like you would not Believe it Lee no not Chad Lee Dave in fact that was uh that was strike

Three all right I gotta go yeah you Gotta go so uh really quickly well Here’s something important they always Say you know the opposing party right Surf Ninjas was that with Rob Schneider Yeah Um the opposing part of they say well They always do well in midterms and That’s true right but if it’s even Within Striking Distance in a place like Oregon that is very atypical the story Here is this is first off in strong red States they are getting even stronger Right Florida Texas yeah uh and then in Reliably blue States for the first time In terms of 40 years they’re looking at Becoming a red State the story here is The rejection absolute all-out rejection Of what happened with kovid and the Democrat policies I mean it’s these Aren’t anomalies this is a consistent Through line and these are live to votes Yes people lived through the policies of These parties and they’re voting against It now we have other states and other Cities that need to do that around the Country with some of the water issues We’ve seen in Jackson Mississippi I know In Michigan and Flint having issues There these are Democrat run strongholds That they need to go oh your policies Suck and we end up paying the price Every single time for it somebody who Won’t Nike founder Phil Knight he

Donated a million dollars to Drazen Earlier this month and when he was Questioned how he could support an Anti-abortion candidate as the founder Of Nike he said Nike has good leadership They make choices whatever they want but I think I’m more conservative than Nike Okay that’s fantastic they have good Leaders and they make choices you get to Make your own choices and Knight has Made another choice he’s like look what Are the ways that I can help Republicans Win so support the Republican that Sounds pretty nice oh yeah I’m gonna Support the candidate who’s independent That will pull Democrat votes away so He’s given money to Betsy Johnson as Well just to make sure he’s covered all Of his bases and who can blame him for Wanting to change when Oregon looks like This [Applause] Yeah that’s just a nice little gift Heat stroke [Music] Is she trying to help him or is she Robbing him yeah It’s a birthday party yes taking a dump Right here in front of everybody That’s a shock God bless you man you know what it’s Almost unbelievable that the store that That person is taking a dump in has a Sign that says for lease in front of it

And there’s not an actual business it’s Because when Democrats rule these places Everybody who lives there suffers they Pay more in taxes they have fewer Protection from the police because crime Is rampant and the police no matter how Well funded you make them unless you Make them a military State cannot Possibly take care of every single Problem that these people create right And it’s no wonder that Kate Brown is The least popular governor in the Country she’s the incumbent that’s Running governor in Oregon well we Should have invested in tents yeah we Really should we weren’t like doing that Well for a while and now they’re like Guys we’re loaded I didn’t know that you Could just live wherever you wanted that Guy who created that to throw up tent in Congo he’s making a killing oh my Goodness but you would if you want to Live in Portland you would also need the Laser guns as well The Run and Jump Through the thing just To test it for I don’t know where they are if they Still make them we should find some bad But look we hope you guys have had fun I Hope this gives you some information on How Republicans are doing and the Elections that are coming up get out and Vote if you live in these states if you Know anybody that lives in these states

Get out and vote in those states make Sure you vote legally make sure you take Your ID even if they don’t ask for it Just say hey I just want to make sure You know that I am who I say I am and Here’s my ID that I would need to rent Or to check out a library book down the Street but not to vote but I’m just Giving it to you just in case make sure Also that you share this show it’s a lot Of fun we enjoy doing this get this Information out to all your friends and Uh I it’s a good it’s a it’s a silver Lining like it is people want to go out And you know Doom and Gloom all the time Right this what I’m hoping happens is You look at for example the Cuban Americans they’re the most reliably Conservative voting block why because Many of them are first generation or Second generation they fled communism Socialism they lived it and they Rejected it right I’m hoping that There’s you know to a lesser degree the Equivalent here with kovid we all saw You know the mask was off the Democratic Party and now you’re seeing it even more With transitioning children but I’m Hoping now that you have enough Americans who say well we lived it boy Was that a mistake and I think we might Yeah absolutely I think you’re right and I think what we’re seeing too and this Is the final point we’ll go out on this

Hillary Clinton’s now out there saying That the elections are being stolen by Republican Governors who are putting in Place because the Supreme Court is about To rule on something saying that the Governors of the state or the state Legislatures if there’s a problem with Their slate of electors they can handle That at the state level they can remedy That problem themselves before they send The electors to Washington to vote and she’s saying that That is stealing the election so Hillary Clinton’s out there saying that the Election is going to be stolen before we Actually have any elections and she’s Talking about 2024 so she’s just setting The stage but nobody can trust the Election so maybe having all of these Laws that say we want to secure our Elections in these states is probably a Good idea but either way YouTube piss off [Music]

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