Midterm Fallout – What Now?

By | November 9, 2022

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Well the good news is those annoying Political spam text messages have Stopped because the election is over the Bad news is swell I'll get into that and Almost didn't do a video because at Least at this point this early the Outcome of the key races aren't even Known uh so we'll get into some of the Craziness of course the media was upset That uh nobody really cares what they Have to say anymore everyone at CNN is Developing an inferiority complex Because well they are inferior Especially compared to a guy in his Kitchen on a laptop and they've lost Over a million viewers over the last Several years and so they started their Election coverage yesterday begging People not to pay any attention to Social media and to trust them instead Stay off social media people if you're Trying to figure out if you're trying to Figure out are there really issues with Votings trust your local officials trust Us here trust a news source that you Know and trust to be honest about this They're doing their jobs and they're Doing it right trust CNN he says like All normal people conservatives I was Extremely excited did early in the Evening especially watching reports like This we just got I'm totally just got Miami-Dade this is a big one in Florida Let's take a look at okay this we got

The yeah so let's put this in some Perspective well the Latinos aren't down With the woke crap in in a highly Concentrated Democrat area Majority of them went for Marco Rubio Miami-Dade County has two and three Quarter million people in 2016 this was A democratic County by 30 points Hillary Clinton won this County by 30 points Miami-Dade is 70 percent Hispanic it Began shifting to the to the Republicans In 2020 Donald Trump only lost it by Seven and look at this in the mail-in And early vote which again tends to be More democratic friendly Marco Rubio the Republican is outright leading in Miami-Dade County by seven points over Val deming's Democratic Challenger many Republicans were bracing for the Red Wave which sadly obviously didn't Materialize but many Democrats were also Bracing for that as well so the New York Times issued five ways to soothe stress Including breathing exercises and Plunging your face into a bowl of ice Water for 15 to 30 seconds To get up and take a walk around the Block and offer some relief that says For an uneasy mind breathe like a baby Well they have the mentality of a baby And to limit your scrolling consider Plotting out specific times when you Will look for election updates one of Joy reads black supremacist friends and

Contributor to MSNBC Jason Johnson who You probably have seen over the years Spewing his anti-whitism was so Concerned that Republicans were going to Have a red wave that he started Undermining our democracy even before The results were in the level of voter Suppression is beyond anything that we Saw in 2018 so I think it's completely Up in the air there has been youth Turnout at levels we haven't expected Democrats feel confident Republicans I've spoken to feel confident but we Can't say that whatever happens tonight Is a fair and Equitable election because There have been too many laws passed by Election deniers to keep people from Being able to express themselves I Thought that kind of talk incites an Insurrection better ban this clown from Twitter speaking of election deniers Stacy Abrams lost their gubernatorial Race down in Georgia again you may Recall that in 2018 she lost and then Started undermining our democracy by Refusing to concede and spewing Conspiracy theories and so this time Apparently she has been rehabilitated She must have got a call from Nancy Pelosi and told her what to do and so She did admit defeat and when I first Saw this I thought that's a funny meme But then I thought maybe it is actually Real because the Liberals are so crazy

That it's impossible to tell whether or Not something is a joke or something That they're doing or a belief so I went To her Instagram page and I double Checked and it is actually real she Really did post this and I think on her Birthday little Miss future governor of The great state of Georgia Remember when Hillary Clinton made that Mistake you never want to do such a Foolish thing happy birthday to this Future president I'm trying to find some Ways to lighten the mood because as of Last night things weren't looking too Good for us Um things aren't looking too good for Beto O'Rourke either though which is Good news for us he lost his bid for the Governor down there in Texas you may Recall that he challenged Ted Cruz for The Senate lost then he ran for the President and he was portrayed as the Next Kennedy and then he lost and now he Lost a third time so there's really Nothing more for him to lose at this Point Marjorie Taylor green won Re-election so of course the Liberals Are losing their mind the New York Times Declares that representative Marjorie Taylor green who's racist anti-submitic Conspiracy theories you're not supposed To talk about George Soros funding Democrat Party of course they put her on The fringes of the Republican party when

She was first elected two years ago was Re-elected on Tuesday and is poised to Play a more our Central role in the next Congress Ron DeSantis won re-election in Florida by a whopping 20 points and then Gave this incredible victory speech we Have embraced Freedom we have maintained Law and Order we have protected the Rights of parents we have respected our Taxpayers and we reject woke ideology And we mock it too We must mock it We fight the woke in the legislature we Fight the woke in the schools we fight The woke and the corporations we will Never ever surrender to the woke mob Florida is where wolf goes to die This is fantastic but unfortunately in Pennsylvania Democrats elected one of Their own someone with brain damage John Fetterman Won and again at the time that I'm recording this late Tuesday night The outcome of the senate race in Georgia is unknown which now is what Hinges upon us taking control of the Senate and things could get really Strange down there because if neither of Those guys get 50 because there's a Third party libertarian who is siphoning Off a couple percent of the votes it Looks then they're gonna have to have Another election just between Raphael Warlock and Herschel Walker just the two Of them the two top uh contenders in the

Race but things might get really tense Here really soon Donald Trump said that On Tuesday uh November 15th he's going To make a big announcement everybody's Expecting that he's going to announce That he's going to run for president he May not he may just be teasing he may be Bluffing if he does he's going to let a Lot of people down but at a rally just Last week he insulted Ron DeSantis for The first time when he was going through Some polls about who was favored to be The Republican listen to this if you Haven't heard it's Trump at 71 Rhonda Sanctimonious at 10 percent Mike Pence at seven oh Mike's doing Better than I thought Ron Des sanctimonious first time he's Ever insulted Ron DeSantis at least Publicly that was a shot fired and now There are a growing number of Republicans including Matt Walsh and Mike cernovich who are openly saying That they prefer Ron DeSantis over Donald Trump and if those two end up Running against each other in 2024 if One of them doesn't decide to stand down And let the other one go ahead they go Head to head it might be a disaster the Only thing that could have possibly Alleviated some of the disappointment And sadness about the midterms this year Is if Brian stelter still worked for CNN

And was covering it so please Brian come Back to television soon it's Times Like These that we all need someone to laugh At [Music] Foreign

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