Michelle Obama Has Some Words

By | November 22, 2022

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Michelle Obama has a brand new book out About what an amazing person she is Because the property taxes are coming Due and her and Barry satoro's 15 Million dollar beachfront Martha's Vineyard estate and so she's out on her Book tour grifting and rocking a new Hairstyle too braids and she says that She always straightened her hair when She was the first lady because Americans Just weren't ready for a first lady with Braids because of racism the former First Lady Michelle Obama revealing that She considered wearing her natural hair And braids during her time at the White House but decided that Americans weren't Ready for her natural black hair the Former first lady says that she kept her Hair straight so her husband's Administration could focus on other Issues and not her hair the Obamas were Very cognizant of how much attention was Paid to how they looked and how they Acted because they were black please Don't even get me started out now Michelle Obama looks this is drag Queen's Story Hour it's your classic Children's reading program with a Twist The day's literary leader is a larger Than life drag queen So if a white woman wears her hair in Braids that's cultural appropriation and We've all seen the celebrities apologize Profusely who have done so over the last

Five or seven years but now I guess if a Black woman doesn't wear her hair in Braids that's also white people's fault At least Michelle Obama's White Envy Didn't reach the level of Beyonce who is Going so far to try to be white that she Bleaches her hair blonde many people are Hoping that the New Black Panther film Wakanda forever would help make these People feel better but it doesn't seem To be working because the black student Union at the University of California Santa Barbara held a screening for the Film and asked white students not to Show up they said that it was a black Centered event and a gathering of the Black community and that quote we are Lovingly curating this space to support And affirm black people and black joy we Ask that our non-black allies support Our intention of creating a black Affinity and celebration space that's a Long-winded and fancy way of saying that They just don't want any white people Around sadly the anti-whiteism has Gotten so bad in America that white People aren't allowed to sing along to Certain songs that are streamed on Spotify and apple music and awarded with Grammys every year if those songs 50 of Which have the little word in there that Hurts black people's feelings when a White person says it so now the University of Florida has withdrawn a

Scholarship from a very highly ranked Football player because of video Surfaced of him Singing along to a popular rap song I Guess technically most of them don't Actually get their feelings hurt some of Them do but it's mostly just a con game That they use to gain leverage and power Over white people but it is a con game That is very successful and sadly now This kid's life has been ruined he would Have been making millions in the NFL After he graduated but now it'll Probably just be stuck working at Starbucks more people need to do Linguistic Judo and take the terms that The cultural Marxist of coined that they Try to use to gain power and silence Their opposition and their critics and Just twist them around and use them back Against them just like void fragility Which was either coined or at least Popularized by Robin D'Angelo the race Hustler in her book The subtitle is why It's so hard for white people to talk About racism and they're framing the Discussion as when people are just tired Of just being Accused of being racist and hearing Black people complain about things that Happened 150 years ago that aren't even Relevant in society today that it's Because you have white fragility and You're just uncomfortable coming to

Grips with your own white privilege take It and turn it around against them it's Their black fragility and obviously they Have black privilege because they can Dictate whether or not white people are Allowed to sing along to popular rap Songs or not Kanye West summed it up Pretty well during his interview with Pierce Morgan when he said this there's Nobody that gets judged more than a Straight white male the straight white Male has the least amount of a platform To even speak a straight white male Can't say my wife hurt me today and Because people say well you're hurting Women a straight white male can't say Hey a black employee didn't come in to Work on time because then people will Say you're racist a straight white male Can't can't sing along to your music I Know it's completely ridiculous after Elon musk started cleaning house over at Twitter firing 50 percent of the Employees the executives as many of Which have resigned out of fear by now Although they're just multi-millionaires Golden parachutes the executives Suggested assessing the lists for Diversity and inclusion issues so the Cuts wouldn't hit people of color Disproportionately and to avoid legal Trouble the accusations the false Accusations of racism Mr musk's team Brushed aside the suggestion ah good

Speaking of white people Santa Claus is Whites despite certain other people Trying to commit cultural appropriation More on that as Christmas approaches Speaking of absurdities other than Trying to turn Santa Claus black that Are spreading in our society is a new Study in the New England Journal of Medicine which claims that the mandatory Masking in schools during the Coronavirus pandemic helped to reduce Racism why do they believe that Mandating Mass in schools all day helped To reduce racism you're asking I don't Know nobody knows also you may have Heard that there was recently a two Billion dollar payout in the Powerball Lottery And that is racist too because Apparently more black people waste their Money on lottery tickets than white People so that's our fault researchers Told CNN of course that despite the Extremely low chance of winning state Lotteries still aggressively Market the Lottery and sell tickets to low-income Communities at higher rates thus Misleading Americans to believe that it Will help them quickly generate wealth These communities are disproportionately Made up of black and brown people Critics say that the consequence is that Marginalized people will be driven into Deeper debt by A system that is

Transferring wealth out of their Communities and this flew under most People's radar but I thought I would Bring it up so that we'd all have a good Laugh during the Los Angeles mayoral Race which is part of the midterms a few Weeks ago this man Rick Caruso was Running for mayor and unfortunately lost But he did his best to try to appeal to Uh sir certain demographic that Dominates the city of La And this question goes for the both of You the next mayor of Los Angeles will Be either an African-American woman or a White man I'm Italian Italian-American thank you that's Latin Thank you He's not white he's The day move D Chuck Schumer recently said the quiet Part out loud the part that when Tucker Carlson reports on it gets the ADL upset And calls for him to be fired now more Than ever we're short of workers Uh we have a population that is not Reproducing it on its own with the same Level that it used to the only way we're Going to have a great future in America Is if we welcome and embrace immigrants The dreamers and all of them because our Ultimate goal is to help the dreamers But get a path to citizenship for all 11 Million or however many undocumented There are here

However many you mean 30 million sir Back in 2015 The Huffington Post the Huffington compost put together and Posted this satirical newsreel on YouTube mocking what Republicans are not Allowed to talk about According to the U.S Census Bureau white People will go from being the majority To a minority group in the next 25 years Yeah and to make this transition a Little less traumatic we've put together This helpful educational guide white People they used to be everywhere in our Homes At our jobs And on our juries For years white people were the majority In this country and when you're the Majority America feels like one long Sing-along around the campfire [Music] But those days are about to come to an End [Music] So say hello to the new America sure the Loss of white privilege might take some Getting used to but there's no reason Why with the few simple downgrades to Your expectations you shouldn't become a Proud happy constructive member of Society a society in which you're a Minority And with Thanksgiving now just two days Away we'll be able to wash down our

Turkey with a fresh cup of liberal tears Because you know what they cry about Every year celebrating Thanksgiving is Celebrating racist genocide and there is A Thanksgiving protest planned at Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts for Thursday you heard that correct a Thanksgiving protest I can't wait and if you use the promo Code turkey you have to check out this Whole week at markdust.com you can save 15 off of any of my shirts including Trump claws which is back so order yours Today to be sure that you can get it in Time for Christmas dinner so head on Over to marktase.com or click the link In the description below thanks to the Promo code turkey at the checkout save 15 this whole week and check them out [Music]

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