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By | October 30, 2022

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Finally the political earthquake in Italy has taken place. Giorgia Meloni, the candidate of the Fratelli d’Italia party, not only won the elections but her coalition with Salvini’s Lega and Berlusconi’s Forza Italia won a large majority. This has unleashed uncertainty and even fear among both the international media and the European Union institutions themselves.

So the question is, is Giorgia Meloni really a fascist? Is her victory a threat to democracy? What exactly are her proposals and political commitments? What could her victory mean for the country of Valentino Rossi, Enzo Ferrari and Giorgio Armani? In this video we tell you all the details.

Foreign Ly the political earthquake in Italy has Happened giorgia Maloney the candidate Of the Fratelli d’Italia party won the Elections while only four years ago in The 2018 elections her party got 4.4 Percent of the votes this time they have Gained a support of almost 26 of the Voters [Music] We are talking about a huge political Takeoff for a party that was only Founded in 2012. a result that is made Then the leaders of the center right Coalition that Now controls Italy Maloney’s party ran in the elections in Alliance with salvini’s legger and Berlusconi’s Forza Italia between the Three of them they won almost 60 of the Seats in the chamber of deputies and the Senate And guess what this change of course in The third largest economy in the European Union is generating a lot of Talk especially because it’s said that With the Maloney’s election Italy has Fallen into the hands of the extreme Right at least that’s never happened Before in history right but the question Is is this true in this video we’re Going to tell you the details of key Factors to Maloney’s Victory and answer A crucial question what can we expect Now from Italy so without further Ado

Let’s get cracking [Applause] [Music] Is [Music] You can imagine these and other Statements of Aaron Georgia Maloney a Reputation for being Ultra and it’s not Only about what she says it’s also about How she says it if you think about it The intention is clearly to make a Popular speech now while this in itself May not seem like a good thing it’s not Enough to give us a complete x-ray of Maloney if you want to know why she won And what we can expect now we have have To dig a bit deeper among other things Because this new political and social Phenomenon is neither what we could call A political Outsider nor a newcomer on The contrary Maloney knows very well What she is doing she has even reached Possessions of executive responsibility Maloney was active in student political Movements as a teenager that were linked To Italian post-fascism and she was Elected Deputy for the first time in 2006 for the National Alliance party in 2008 at the age of 31 she was also Appointed minister of Youth by Silvio Berlusconi becoming the youngest Minister in the history of the country She held that position until the end of 2011 when Berlusconi was forced to

Resign in the midst of a huge economic And social crisis one year later Maloney Founded her own party bratelli Natalya It’s a party with possessions further to The right than berlusconi’s Forza Italia And with many ideological similarities With Matthew salvini’s Laker including The Euro skepticism that the party has Shown until relatively recently And perhaps that is why the one thing That is clear is that this victory has Not gone down well with the Brussels Establishment In level Maloney and her Fratelli party Are part of the party of European Conservatives and reformists which is The formation that groups together Parties such as the Polish Law And Justice party the pis Vox and Spain and The Swedish Democrats and that explains Why Brussels is somewhat fearful that The third largest economy in the union Could adopt a position as hostile or Disobedient at those held by countries Such as Hungary or Poland something that Is set off all the alarm bells and Unleashed the fury of many media Outlets Giorgio Maloney and the return of Fascism how Italy got there far right Wild Card Georgia Maloney tapped into Italian’s wish for radical change Georgia Maloney is a danger to Italy and The rest of Europe Maloney dog whistles To her neo-fascist political ancestors

With the Mussolini era slogan God Homeland family as you can see there are Many who have presented Georgia Maloney’s Victory as a kind of victory For neo-fascism the coming to power of The extreme right and of course with Such a situation many of you may be Wondering is Georgia Maloney really a Fascist is her Victory a threat to Democracy what exactly are her proposals And political commitments what could her Victory mean for the land of Valentino Rossi Enzo Ferrari and Giorgio Armani Well all of this and more will be Answered in this video so let’s find out [Music] Complicated inheritance [Music] Dear visual politic viewers let’s not Fool ourselves things don’t happen for No reason and the election of Maloney Was not by Chance the Italians had some Reasons [Music] Italy has been one of the worst economic Performers in the entire developed world Over the past two decades in real terms GDP per capita was lower in 2019 than in 2000 public debt the fifth highest Worldwide stands around 145 of GDP the Second highest ratio in the Eurozone Only after Greece in addition the still Relatively low integration of women in The labor market and youth unemployment

That remains above 20 is stressing the Economy of many families as inflation is Rebounding strongly and to top it all Off all of this is seasoned with a Deficit of more than 5 anemic growth and Frankly dismal forecasts for the future [Music] In fact soon we’ll give you many more Details about the situation in the Italian economy on our sister Channel Visual economic you haven’t heard about It yet I can’t believe it check it out Because we really think that if you like Visualpolitik you’ll enjoy this new Channel too plus the host is handsome Ish The fact is if things do not change Italy is heading towards a practically Guaranteed bankruptcy at full speed and Right now the experience of many Italians is that their standard of Living stopped improving many years ago So in order to get out of the hole Italy Needs a real economic Regulatory and Fiscal Revolution among other things it Will need to undertake a strong Containment of spending because Basically the country is running out of Money today in netterm is the only Player buying Italian public debt is the European Central Bank however such a Change seems unfeasible in a country Where politics takes a nosedive every Few years oh every few months every few

Days I’m only kidding Italians but also So are you In addition to the bad economic data There is enormous political instability Remember that we are talking about a Country that has had 70 governments in The last 77 years and of course the Situation seems impossible with so much Political volatility there is no way to Implement a medium and long-term reform Plan and in addition so much back and Forth has caused enormous Disillusionment amongst Italians who see How the country is getting worse with Each passing year in Italy practically The only thing politicians agree on is The massive use of the huge Public Credit Card you know the price of votes This is what explains the enormous Consensus that exists to increase more And more of the pensions that already Swallow more than 16 of the entire National GDP but do you want a more Concrete and recent example well look Italy so far has spent more than 66 Billion euros in Aid to alleviate the Effects of the energy crisis whether This is right or wrong that comes down To personal opinion but what seems clear Is that given the circumstances of the Country it cannot be their only policy So taking all this into account if one Thing seems clear is the economic policy Will be one of the biggest challenges

Facing the Maloney government and also One of the key factors that explains the Electoral result although not the only One Illegal immigration has undoubtedly been One of the hottest topics in Italian Politics in recent years to give you an Idea since 2015 750 000 illegal Immigrants have arrived in Italy in August 2022 alone more than 45 600 People arrived on Italian Shores Irregularly this was a 40 increase Compared to the previous year And one curious fact that explains some Of Maloney’s key positions in this field Of all the people who arrived illegally On Italian Shores in August 2022 almost Half did so abort NGO boats or from the Italian Navy itself well the fact is That if we put in a blender ingredients Such as lack of economic opportunities Through economic performance pessimism Emigration and the increase in violence What we have is the political recipe That perfectly explains Maloney’s Victory I’m sure we’ve heard that recipe Somewhere before let’s just say that Italians have had enough of fine words And have handed the government a Political group with a forceful and Clear discourse the question is what can We now expect from this new political Phenomenon that has captivated Italians Let’s take a look

The birth of melanomics Let’s see we could Define Maloney’s Economic proposal as something halfway Between protectionism and economic Liberalism if such things can be Combined we’ll be trying to break it Down in her patriotic economic agenda There are measures for all tests we have Populist nationalist protagonist Formulas and also some more interesting Ones On the one hand Maloney Advocates Establishing anti-free Market measures To hinder the arrival of certain foreign Products in the country and to prevent Foreign companies from taking majority Stakes in Italian assets and companies That are considered strategic an example Of this is its opposition to the Takeover of the national airline ITA Airways by Air France she also wants the State to use public Financial entities Such as the deposit and Loan Savings Bank to control large Italian companies This is the case with Telecom Italia the Telecommunications Colossus that Maloney Wants to renationalize and manage Directly Although that’s not so different from What we’ve seen in countries like France But let’s keep going [Music] Juano Maloney’s star commitments has Been her promise to approve a

Generalized tax cut for families and Companies now the question is how can The Italian government Implement large Tax cuts have we take into account the Disastrous state of the Public Accounts That’s an important issue that is yet to Be resolved from Maloney’s Inner Circle It suggested that one option is to do Away with the so-called citizens income This income is a kind of guaranteed Minimum income for unemployed people With no income that was pushed by the Five-star movement in the 2018 election Campaign this is an element of between 500 and 780 Euros per month has been Very popular in southern Italy where 70 Of the beneficiaries are concentrated The problem is is that we are only Talking about 9 billion euros total so This does not solve the question of how To finance the tax cut another option That has been mentioned is what Maloney Herself described as fiscal peace a kind Of taxed amnesty with which they hope to Collect some 30 billion euros in five Years but that doesn’t seem to be enough Either so what exactly is the new Italian leader considering Well you see Maloney has pledged to Promote a measure that has been Fluttering around in political debates For more than 20 years but has never Been implemented we are talking about The flat tax rate the idea agreed on

With the Electoral Coalition that won The elections would be to establish a Single tax rate firstly for the Self-employed who invoice up to 100 000 Euros and then in later phases apply it To the annual increases in income of all Taxpayers in other words if you manage To earn more the first year you will be Rewarded fiscally this is the star Promised in economic matters it’s a Promise that would be balanced with Generous benefits so the larger a family Is the less taxes he has to pay you know God Homeland and family then in terms of Companies Maloney’s team has pledged to Promote strong tax deductions for Companies that hire more workers Following a principal whoever hires the Most pays the least [Music] In any case what’s still not clear is How they’ll be able to finance the tax Reductions and the implementation of This flat tax by the end of the day That’s the thing about politics it’s Easier to promise than to deliver we’ll See how events unfold right now to Finish this economic part undoubtedly One of the big headaches for the new Government will be the National Recovery And resilience plan the nrrp [Music] Its plan is basically Italy’s roadmap For accessing European Next Generation

Funds a plan in which Italy has been Allocated some 200 billion euros it’s a Plan that garnered a lot of attention in The campaign because Maloney has Insisted on changing it from top to Bottom her goal is to reduce the funds Allocated for green policies and to use More funds to carry out major projects Such as the repeatedly canceled messiana Street Bridge a bridge that would be Connect the Italian Peninsula with Sicily it would be the longest Suspension bridge in the world We’ll see how this goes down in Brussels Though but visualpolitic viewers this is As far as the economic part goes because If one thing is clear is that the Implications of this phenomenon go far Beyond economics check this out Manuel Macron Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] Well it seems if there is one thing that Drives Maloney crazy is the Paris Berlin Axis that pulls the strings in Europe Europe against Europe our Europe which Has the Greco-Roman Christian Roots Against the Europe of macron and Merkel Of those who seek to give even more National sovereignty to European Technocrats Georgia Maloney but Admittedly with macron she has a special

Weakness Senora Is electricity Macron Is Maloney a populist leader certainly Is she a politician with much more Extreme possessions than is usually Conventional no doubt actually Conservative certainly nationalist that Too I’m sure we’ve heard this somewhere Before but from there to considering her A threat to democracy is a jump having Said that and given the ideological Similarities that exist in many fields There is one question we can ask Ourselves is Maloney more like hungary’s Orban or she more like Poland’s Moravetsky Well let’s take the conflict of time as An example the great conflict of recent Decades pay attention to these Statements we are on the side of International law We are on the side of freedom and indeed We are on the side of a proud nation That is teaching the world what it means To fight for freedom Simplifying I think I am convinced of The fact that the war in Ukraine is the Tip of the iceberg of a conflict whose Objective is the revision of the world Order if Ukraine Falls the West weakens The big winners of the conflict apart From Putin’s Russia will be XI jinping’s

China Georgia Maloney sorry for those Who said that Maloney’s victory was Putin’s Victory we may not like it but The reality if she’s telling the truth May be different [Music] Yes that’s rape both Maloney and her Party Fratelli d’Italia have been very Clear in stating their commitment to Nato and the defense of Ukraine and Among other matters they are in favor Increasing arm shipments to Kiev in fact This has been the access of their Electoral campaign in terms of International policy and the number one Priority of the coalition’s Electoral Program and all this despite the fact That salvini and Berlusconi have Demonstrated quite equidistant and even Sympathetic positions towards Russia 23rd of September 2022 Berlusconi says Putin invaded Ukraine to put decent People in Kiev first of June 2022 Italy Salvini Under Fire over secret talks With Russia meetings with ambassador to Be investigated by parliamentary Committee so that seems totally fine as You can see despite having these two Battle buddies Maloney has managed to Impose her pronato pro-ukraine and Pro-us vision then in the case of the European Union Maloney has always been Strongly eurosceptic and in fact went so Far as to call for Italy’s exit from the

European Union although she surely did That without realizing that this would Entail the automatic bankruptcy of a Country that today depends on the European Central Bank you know little Details like that but the fact is now Fratelli’s leader has come up with a Much more pragmatic plan [Music] Foreign Has acknowledged that Italy is not in a Position to leave the union and that it Needs economic aid and financial Assistance from its institutions to Avoid bankruptcy for this reason Italian Policy has shifted from the Italian exit To a possession focused on demanding Changes in Brussels itself specifically The Italian leader takes a possession Similar to that of the Polish government And wants European structures to be less Centralized and less bureaucratic in Other words countries should maintain Greater levels of autonomy and Sovereignty In short we will not see major changes In international policy except for the Odd friction that is sure to occur with Brussels something that’s becoming more And more common among the members of the Union anyway but perhaps the most Polemic controversial and delicate issue Of this political plan is its position On illegal immigration something that as

We have already mentioned has been one Of the great assets of its electoral Victory now the question is what exactly Is Maloney proposing Foreign She basically defends three key ideas Firstly she wants to establish a Mechanism to expel from Italian Territorial Waters vessels carrying Illegal immigrants even if they belong To an NGO secondly she Advocates the Establishment of a network of hot spots In North Africa so that Asylum requests Are managed outside the European Union a Network that she proposes to be managed By Brussels itself and thirdly she Advocates that residents and citizenship Pyramids for foreigners be subject to Selection criteria based on the Socio-cultural similarities that Immigrants have with Italy in other Words she wants more Muslim immigrants And more Christian Latin Americans The same Venezuela Sono Christianity Is Venezuela having said that let’s move on To the last point of this video internal Politics Maloney has a strongly conservative Character the defense that you do at Christian Roots that as she herself says Even govern the social policy of the

State Maloney is opposed to abortion Although she has stated that she won’t Ban it but that her goal is to promote Measures to prevent women from getting One she is also opposed to same-sex Marriage which is not yet legal in Italy Although she has shown herself in favor Of maintaining the civil union of Homosexual persons as it is he’s also Against though surrogacy and adoption by Same-sex couples [Music] That is we are not talking about any Relevant change with respect to the Current situation in Italy and the Government may be more similar to the Polish one and whether or not we think That is a good thing the point is that Both in economic political and social Matters we do not expect any great Upheavals during Maloney’s government The most daring thing is her economic Policy and let’s not fool ourselves There’ll probably be no major Breakthroughs in fact some voices point Out that the Fratelli leader could even Include technocrat profiles to her Government in order to appease Brussels And present a more moderate image to the World Many media Outlets are fed as the idea That Maloney represents the arrival of The ultra rate and fascism to power However it is likely that this is

Slightly exaggerated and keep in mind we Are not talking about a type of policy That we like at all but we must be Faithful to reality don’t you think be That as it may what is clear is that Italy faces a complicated a very Complicated future and based on Experience it remains to be seen how Long this government lasts but having Reached this point it’s now your turn do You think that the government of Maloney And the so-called center-right Coalition Will mean a turn a radicalization of Italy is there as much danger for Democracy and freedom as some media Portray leave us your answers and your Opinions in the comments below and if You like this video don’t forget to like And subscribe to our channel so you Don’t miss any of our updates once again Thank you for watching us all the best And I’ll see you next time [Music] Foreign

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