Matt Walsh Tries To Own Libs, Keeps Owning Himself Instead

By | December 15, 2022

Matt Walsh owns himself so many times trying to own the libs one almost wonders if he’s doing it on purpose.

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An interesting thing about Matt Walsh is That he tends to only use arguments that Make sense if you already agree with him He loves to use unspoken premises and Unspoken conclusions like this does not Make a concrete claim against trans Women being women He is even willing to admit that women Without wombs women who can't bear Children are still in fact women which Means the child bearing nature of it is Not the essence of Womanhood but he Never makes any claim on why trans women Don't meet this criteria of being a Woman but not a child-bearing woman you Just have to already agree with him on That if it helps you out just think all Trans women don't have a womb because of A birth defect this is Matt Walsh Claiming that millions of trans people Are on puberty blockers during an Interview on Joe Rogan's podcast until a Fact check suggests that the true number Is less than a thousand per year I gotta Admit I didn't watch or listen to this Episode of The Joe Rogan Experience and I've only seen this clip and it seems as If much like Matt Walsh's documentary What is a woman I didn't miss much I'll Get back to this later Matt Walsh Doesn't have the stats to back his Anti-trans stance just feelings I mean Here's a conservative Viewpoint I found In this random article online from the

Human life International asking what Percentage of transgenders regret Surgery inside it two studies this one That claims that 11 of female Respondents reverted back to their Original sex and transgender men had a Reversion rate of four percent and this Study a meta-analysis of studies Conducted ranging back from 1988 to 2018 To determine the rate of regret for Those who had undergone gender Affirmation surgeries and found that Regret was less than one percent now What got me about this article was when The writer tried to excuse the truth Saying those who have lived life as a Transgender male or female and who have Detransitioned claim that the numbers Are much higher in that people are Afraid to speak out I'm sorry are we Just going to gloss over the people who Won't even seek a diagnosis of gender Dysphoria let alone seek gender Affirming care due to societal pressure Which may include surgeries there's Always regret when it comes to surgeries Or procedures I'm wondering how many Adults with braces can't stand how much They cost or how they make us talk or The discomfort or even how they look Knowing that it will improve our Appearance one day with that said when The Matt Walsh's and Stephen Crowders of The world complain about the regret a

Small number of trans people face after Gender affirming surgeries they co-opted Data from gender identity disorder as if It's gender dysphoria the difference of Which is critical to know when looking At numbers to the amount of trans people Who de-transition if you read this down Here it is one of the people that worked On the DSM-5 explaining how gender Dysphoria is more concrete more Restrictive than gender identity Disorder which was the thing it replaced Make sure to look for that when you're Looking at dissonance statistics please So it became necessary for a child to Say that they are the opposite gender Before anything can ever be done gender Atypical behavior is not enough to be Called trans by the medical community And it was designed to be that way Dissonance meaning a form of cognitive Dissonance experienced by trans people Due to a misalignment of their Subconscious and physical Sexes gender Dizziness differs somewhat from the Psychiatric term gender dysphoria which Typically conflates this cognitive Dissonance regarding one's sex with the Mental stresses that rise from the Societal pressure to conform to gender Norms this starts with children for Example if a boy runs or throws a Certain way they get told they run or Throw like a girl and it's meant to be

An issue with femininity and made out to Be a bad thing if a girl were to outrun Or out throw those boys they're called Tomboys masculine good but not for her Yet we pretend like we base one sex on Genitals or chromosomes despite the fact That when I bought my son this black Panther watch a few years ago it was in The Voice section the section of that Store was assigned labeled that way the Watch nor the store has chromosomes or Genitals why are we looking for genitals And we can't see chromosomes so to Answer Matt Walsh's question by the way What is a woman it's an adult female we Know this we've known this he does too But we conflate sex with gender Matt Should know that the amount of people Under the age of 18 who have for Instance Top surgery is a couple hundred Per year and about a thousand trans Youth per year start puberty blockers I Could go over the actual numbers but I Doubt it would actually matter and as Much as I want Matt Walsh to keep Talking to prove how dumb he can be I Also recognize that he needs to be quiet On this matter because he's causing harm To people and denying them the care they Need which could lead to Suicide the Wrong people will hear him and believe Him especially when Joe Rogan won't Challenge what he's saying but I'm an Adult with braces so what do I know

Can't ask for too much here you are not Allowed to care about it They say We're supposed to just accept a rule Which says you know having a white actor Play Black Panther is horribly racist But it's also horribly racist to Complain about a black actor playing a Little Mermaid Matt well she's upset Actually a lot of white people are upset Why because the Little Mermaid has been Cast and a black actress is playing the Role that's right Hallie Bailey is Playing the role of The Little Mermaid And they are upset that their fictional Underwater character is black it's a Fictional mermaid but Alonso aren't all Mermaids fictional well apparently not Apparently there's some real ones and These white people are representing them Saying that they should be white I had No idea that underwater creatures had a Color but it's a big deal and making one Black is blasphemy and they are so upset Matt Walsh is so upset he's using it to Explain all of racism and he's somehow Mad that a white guy can't play Black Panther well you know what Matt go for It but that rule is indefensible and Hypocritical in the extreme And we all know it and yet we're Supposed to just acquiesce to it That's what all this is about in the end It's not about the movies I don't even

Watch any of these movies that's right Matt make a movie have a white guy play To Black Panther now there may be some Rules involved regarding copyrights and Licensing fees but assuming you pay all Of those you can have anyone play the Pro part that you want so please have a White guy play Black Panther you know What rule gets in the way of that Matt The rule of making money that's right I Don't know if you've heard but Entertainment is a big profit industry Particularly movies particularly black Panther which was a billion dollar movie Maybe the black guy playing the Black Panther had something to do with that Billion but you go ahead and prove them Wrong have a white guy play Black Panther I mean imagine the tens of People who will go see that movie that's Right you and your most racist friends And don't worry we as black people won't Be offended no sir Matt will be laughing Too hard that's right we're gonna laugh Our asses all the way to wakanda You do know wakanda is a fictional place There could be mermaids living there for All I know it's all made up but not in Your world Matt give us a white black Panther we need a good laugh on their Own I don't care about them I do care about the racial double Standard which we are being conditioned To accept

Because another word for racial double Standard is racism Is a racist That's why it matters so there's a Double standard huh Matt well guess what Matt there is no double standard in the Underwater world of mermaids but there Is a double standard out here in the Real world whether it be housing or Education or health care or treatment by Law enforcement or treatment by the Courts or a million other things yes Matt there is a double standard and Guess what black people are on the wrong Side of it you have something called White Privilege Matt do you know how Privileged you are your white privilege Is so strong that you're upset over a Black mermaid think about that that's The biggest problem you have today a Black mermaid guess what Jackson Mississippi has real water problems Matt Because they don't have any water they Can't drink water and no a mermaid can't Live in it and you know what else Matt Their water is black and that is not the Color their water is supposed to be how Dare you you punk ass idiot sorry people I'm sorry I got a little upset but Idiocy of this rant got to me but let's Back off I will not be mad about it Let's take another look at The Little Mermaid so Matt suppose she was white You know what she would be Matt she'd be

An immigrant and I'm gonna say she'd be An illegal immigrant you know why Because she doesn't have pockets or a Purse so she can't be carrying papers You can't carry papers in a giant tail So now she's an illegal immigrant and Guess what Matt she's not wearing pants She's not wearing anything from the Waist down she's an indecently exposed Illegal immigrant and yet somehow you're Okay with it as long as she's white my God if she swam to Florida Ron DeSantis Would have to put her on a plane and Send her to Martha's Vineyard where the Water is much colder and she probably Wouldn't be as happy but as long as she Was white I guess that would be okay Listen Matt over here in the real world We have bigger problems than the color Of mermaids I'm glad this is all you Have to worry about I'm sad that you're On the wrong side of this issue but Trust me you don't need to fight me Because you're going up against Disney Against whom you haven't got a chance You are not a pimple on Disney's ass oh Disney those are the big boys you tell Them what color to make their characters I'm gonna be over here watching Aladdin And trying to figure out is he black or White or somewhere in between wait a Minute isn't he made a blue smoke damn It how did Aladdin get past this and the Mermaid can't what is going on