Matt Walsh Refuses to Pay it Forward (Watch)

By | January 22, 2023

Only a far right wing Christian nationalist like Matt Walsh could be greedy then try to spin it as a kind act. Ben Gleib breaks it down on RebelHQ.

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So here's my official answer For the record Um Kiss my ass I do not apologize In fact by All rights you sick freaks Should be the ones apologizing to me That is unpleasant person Matt Walsh Being perused unpleasant you see there's Just a streak of very annoying to listen To and look at misanthropes on the right In this country that try to make a Living out of being negative Anti-happiness Anti-positivity anti-society working Together and so fiercely committed to Their BS version of the real way to Succeed in life is to do every single Thing by yourself pretending though we Don't live in a structure in a society That would obviously benefit from people Being kinder to each other it's an Absurd and very stupid opinion but Nonetheless that's what these people do That's how they live which brings me to Why I'm doing today's video I just saw a Tweet from Matt Walsh perfectly Personify this unpleasant misanthropic Perfectly Republican point of view he Tweeted my wife was deeply disappointed Appointed in me because we ended up in a Pay It Forward drive-through chain and I Immediately accepted the free meal broke The chain and drove away without shame

I'm only surprised that she was Surprised good for you man wow something Cool happened where people were working Together and you said nope let me take The charity that I argue against and Stop the positivity from reaching Anybody else I'll take but I will never Give that is the Republican way these Days that's Matt Walsh's way and I think It's disgusting I think it's a great Example of how people on the right Personify the kind of person nobody that I would be friends with would ever be They personify the kind of person that Has no real friends because they're not Cool people they're not fun people to be Around he added to that tweet I'm not Participating in performative peer Pressured charity especially when the Charity involves paying for some random Person's drive-through order or you mean Another human being yeah why would you Ever do something nice for that I think It's more admirable to graciously accept The gift saving everyone behind you from Getting roped into this Madness is it Madness or is it a gift you should Accept graciously if it's a gift that You got to accept graciously and how Could it be Madness it's just a nice Thing that you being the Grinch that Stole Starbucks or Carl's Jr or whatever It is decided to ruin for everybody else And of course other conservatives rushed

To his defense Jenna Ellis another Brilliant conservative and I say that With complete sarcasm tweeted I'm Surprised she was surprised too because This is Peak Walsh people were like what Was she maybe insulting him she had Another tweet of course BT dubs I'm not Saying that as a criticism but in Admiration crying laughing face I admire How much of a dick he is I only aspire To that level of dickishness and one day I'll get there says Jenna pick your side You want to be with good kind-hearted People trying to make Society a better Place or do you want to be with very Negative greedy selfish people who try To bring bitterness and unpleasantness And spread that across the land wherever They go the choice is yours I'm Ben William double HQ watch my new stand-up Special the Mad King on YouTube