Matt Taibbi’s Embarrassing Elon Musk Collaboration Was A Huge Fail

By | December 6, 2022

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Let's talk about this uh Tybee we got it We got to talk about this okay first off We know based upon what Matt Tybee has Written that there were certain Conditions in which he was going to Retell Or tell the story I guess that Um Elon Musk wants him to do we know That Elon Musk was the source Elon Musk Was tweeting about the reveal of the Um Of here it is let's go with the first One Um What really happened with the hunter Biden story suppression by Twitter will Be published on Twitter at 5 PM Eastern He wrote on Friday uh and that was in The afternoon Then at 5 P at 5 20 he said we are we Are double checking some facts so Probably start live tweeting in 40 Minutes and by we He met mataibi I don't know why he Refers to Matt taibi as part of we That's not usually how sourcing works It's a different style of like we are Presenting this and in fact what he Meant was Matt taibi was presenting this Fighting the authoritarian nature of Twitter by uh the head of Twitter Working with a journalist that's just Like an interesting wrinkle and and then On uh his sub stack uh when Tybee uh

Apologizes for for releasing this on a Twitter thread first instead of on his Sub stack Um He says I understand if you're angry About substack IBM YouTube the last 96 Hours have been amongst chaotic of his Life involving multiple trips back and Forth across the country so he's been Meeting Uh with Um with musk I would assume or musk Representatives uh there's a long story He hopes to tell soon I'm sure that was Interesting can't quite anyway what I Can say is in exchange for an Opportunity to cover unique and Explosive I had to agree to certain Conditions Explosive story Um I we don't know what those conditions Are Um There was a time where I think Matt Taibi would say that it's uh absurd for A journalists to agree To uh conditions that have to do with What he can publish or where Um but whatever Um but we know at the very least one of The conditions was It must be on Twitter This thing that you release And

We know why that was the case because Elon Musk is desperate To make Twitter relevant and to get Eyeballs on Twitter because As a business proposition Twitter is Failing At this point his purchase of it for 44 Billion dollars it's not going the way That he thought it would and he's Doubling down on appealing to a specific Audience as well yeah Without a doubt and Um so Essentially the big explosive story Is that Twitter executives There was basically two broadly speaking Camps within Twitter There was the content moderation camp And the pr communication camp And those seem to be walled off because The comms and and the content moderation People Saw the hunter Biden story in the post At first they thought it might be hacked Materials yet It turned out they found out within a Day or two that it was Apparently not That it was just sort of stolen Materials They had a policy about uh hacking they Were very worried about what happened in 2016 which of course was the huge Nothingness about Hillary Clinton's

Emails that turned into the Um Premier story of that campaign Remember that started actually from a uh From the Benghazi hearings that they had And on some level was exacerbated or Grown through a deal between bannon's Publishing company and the New York Times over this book called Clinton cash Um So there were uh a lot of people who Were concerned uh about A replay of 2016. At one point Um taibi says let me see number 10 first There's only two there's only really two Relevant things that I think you know Are most uh about this from the from the From the perspective of how much did Government play into it and what were The incentive structures of these Twitter moderators Tweet number 10 both parties had access To these tools these are tools in which They could tell Twitter There's tweets up there that we want Taken down yeah take this down right now Let me be clear about this There has never been a campaign at least A federal campaign a national campaign But there's also like Congressional Campaigns Probably even like local ones Where a campaign has not complained to a News Outlet about a story that has been

Printed Or one that is in the works And has tried to kill these stories How do they kill them this is a nothing Burger man or you don't get the context Man this is what comms people do this is Their job every day I'm not saying it's right or wrong I'm Just telling you that as a reporter you Know this As a journalist you know this Is it worth reporting on without a doubt In my mind right like this is a story That uh Politico was gonna write but They got argued out of it because the Sourcing was weak or because it was no Story or they didn't understand it so This happens all the time there's Nothing sort of like Unique about it let's put it that way Campaigns do this all the time what Might make it easy if it was you know Something like massive in in what they Were covering up here with Twitter or Recovering no I mean look it's a story But I'm just saying that Dynamic is not In any way different Uh businesses also incidentally do this All the time but they probably do it With a lot more success frankly Bill Gates has probably killed Um Tens of stories over the years this Happens that that happens all the time

So uh and there are tools on Twitter That apparently Twitter has given I Would imagine not just to campaigns But also to businesses Prominent once into maybe VIPs where you Can get requests To Ban tweets In number 10 taibi lays out something That is really disturbing It is both parties had access to these Tools now why both parties what what Parties is he talking about by saying Both parties had access to these tools It almost sounds like both parties are Within a equal position Relative to our statutes To our laws right because this is about Scandal that he's writing about For instance in 2020 requests came from Both the Trump White House And the Biden campaign were received and Honored however Now this is what's amazing to me he goes On to say the system wasn't balanced it Was based on contacts this is the next One because Twitter uh it wasn't as Overwhelmingly staffed by people of one Political orientation there were more Channels more ways to complain uh open To the left well Democrats than the Right okay first off this is complete Conjecture on his part the idea that There are more people who contributed

Who work at Twitter to Democrats than to Republicans and therefore There were more people for the Biden Campaign to contact Is just absurd Like it's absurd The mere existence of more Democrats Working in a place than Republicans Therefore The campaign and the White House Had an unbalanced channel to Twitter Is an absurd claim it's also completely Unsubstantiated just based upon The contribution some people who work There yeah like if you donate twenty Dollars to Bernie Sanders do you have Access to his comms person or does the Comms person know the content it's just A certain yeah it's just absurd but Let's go back because there's another Problem that is completely unaddressed Here Number 10 Biden campaign White House come back to me because I Need people to see this Okay this is a scale Biden campaign White House Difference between these two things one Is government One is the government he could have said The Trump campaign But he didn't He said the White House

That means someone paid by the US Government not the campaign Someone with the full force of the US Government With censoring tweets We don't know was this on National Security grounds which certainly happens All the time right the defense Department says like oh you're going to Publish these things uh that is not on National Security grounds we want you to Stop and do that and we're going to get You and joined by a lawyer This is the U.S government using the Power of the U.S government On behalf of a political campaign Does it get any mention does it get is It that's not even that's not even the Supposed explosive part of this story According to Tybee the explosive part of The story was scroll up these links wait Uh number eight yeah here we go these Links By 2020 requests from connected actors To delete tweets were routine one Executive would write to another more to Review from the Biden team The reply would come back handled boom And this is what Um Matt taibi had found these five links From these random uh uh tweets now taibi Is professional journalist investigative Journalist I'm sure looked up these Tweets or maybe you didn't and just

Didn't want to report what was in him And part of the reason why is because They turn out to be stuff that doesn't Seem that controversial that a Um a campaign or really anybody who had Any connection because we know that this Happens all the time like look something Gets real you know bad about uh written About uh about you know uh Ariana Grande For instance I just try to come up with This it was good Ariana Grande Whoever her agent is or whoever her uh Public relations department is I haven't C A A CAA they're gonna con They have a contact to Twitter not Because they've donated money not Because the people in the uh the place Of donating money or or more people at Twitter have gone to see an Ariana Grande concert then the Lee Greenwood Concert or something like that Is because they do this professionally And they they have like you know public Relations people uh it's their job to Find out they'll contact and say take This down actually there's more there's Like almost exactly analogous example With say Jennifer Lawrence whose nudes Were stolen off of her off of her phone I guess that was a hack because it was From her iCloud it wasn't for her Physical hard drive but the links that Were taken down here were sexually Explicit images of Hunter Biden

They I think you can make a reasonable Case of its revenge porn which a Majority of states in this country have Laws on the books about misdemeanor to Felony Or misdemeanor it ranges some states Don't have any laws as well There is a a legal basis also for some Of these images getting taken down Because Twitter could have some Liability well what are those links we Don't know yet Because uh Matt tell you being the Explosive report didn't did you just put Them up there Didn't really investigate them just put Them up there as evidence of information That has been suppressed By the Biden team What's the implication the implication Is well I mean I'm not surprised that The Biden team has access to Twitter Because Everybody does Matt tell you did through Rolling stone I'd be surprised if he Didn't have well he certainly has access To Twitter now doesn't he Um but uh Well but but by not saying what these Links are just putting up there just Make it look like there's something Really nefarious about it I'm surprised However you didn't look into it or maybe I'm not here is this guy Christian

Schneider I didn't know who he was but It turns out he's from the National Review on why is that right yeah in a Cato Institute editorial director okay So a real Lefty would it be helpful he Writes to see what these tweets said Were they death threats I checked with the first these links Archived at the Wayback machine and Featured pornography and a picture of The Biden family there you go okay That's weird uh I can understand why Twitter took that down second features Video the Wayback machine cannot play Wonder if that video Coming off of Hunter Biden's uh Uh stolen laptop Or the information stolen Certainly weren't allowed to have access To it Um was a video of Joe Biden taking a Handful of money From uh you know Chinese Ukrainian Oligarchs or if it was one where uh Hunter Biden is probably doing something Nasty or maybe it could be just a family Thing Uh we don't know because that didn't Play the other one is the third is a Picture of hunting Hunter Biden's penis I grant you there may be a lot of Curiosity about it I'm not going to Pretend like I'm completely uncurious as

To what Hunter Biden's penis looked like Yeah I have some amount of curiosity About every you know mildly famous Person's penis but I don't think that I Am like deserving like I don't think It's uh completely out of the realm of Uh you know the Biden campaign I don't Think it's the First Amendment right uh No I don't think I have a first memory It's okay for me to be curious but I Just don't think I have a right to see This on Twitter The fourth link not archived by the Wayback machine so we don't know it Would have been nice if with the Journalist who was presenting this as Explosive evidence of something that had Actually done this work but he didn't For whatever reason Maybe maybe that's coming in uh tweet Thread number two Wasn't that tweet thread number two Supposed to come 24 hours ago but Elon Had a problem with that hold on a second It's hard to separate between taibi and Elan here because Elon said we're doing This and taibi did it and then we're Gonna release number two and then Elon Said oh we're gonna hold back like who's The Wii yeah what is this entity the we Have such a power Fourth link is not archived by the Wayback machine the fifth link is the Same photo of Hunter Biden's penis as a

Third link with a suggestion in the Picture and the girl in the background Of the photos underage Again Curiosity about famous people's penises Notwithstanding Um If this is a picture of an underage girl In the background I think there are uh Better places for this photo to go But Um the fact that Twitter took these down I don't think it is evidence of anything Other than a moderation system that Seems to be working properly now I think Overall the argument might have been it Was wrong for them To go uh so overboard and not allowing People to link To the uh New York Post story And I think that's arguable I think there's absolutely no basis to Think that it was going to change the Outcome of the election if you knew These things because here's the other Part What is the underlying story This is the thing they will never ever I Mean look at what I mean what he's Reporting on is a third order issue that Is Not that the media wouldn't report on Hunter Biden's uh penises Penis photos or videos

Because they did They're not arguing on what Hunter Biden Did was in any way problematic for Joe Biden as president like that was Implicated Joe Biden in any type of Corruption because there's been no Evidence of that they had access to all This material obviously we haven't seen It for some reason maybe they just Thought like we'll set up we'll put out The part about Hunter Biden's penis that Will have far more value to us as Supporters of Donald Trump than Corruption by the candidate himself is That what we're allowed to believe In the absence of any material of the Underlying corruption that it was Supposedly associated with Joe Biden Why are we hearing these third order and Second order Stories the second order Story is that Um Donald Trump's Government agencies were skeptical of This material The second order stuff is that Not enough of the press covered this Material the third order was that Twitter would not Sanctioned the promotion of the second Order coverage of a scandal which did Not exist except for the fact that Hunter Biden has a penis which my Understanding is was pretty big Um the story

But also I don't know yeah and maybe That is a mystery that we need to solve And it's good that taibi's on it Um but there is no underlying story Or any evidence let's say there may be An underlying story just like there may Be an underlying story about anything But after five years With they definitely have access to all That information we have not seen it and The reason why we haven't seen it I would suggest to you Is that there is no underlying story and So therefore everything must be a Process story And this is Like every other right-wing Canard that They have foisted whether it was Sharia Laws taking over whether it was uh the Trans ideology is taking over whether it Was the Caravan is taking over whether It was a huge cover-up involving Benghazi whether it was Barack Obama is not really born in this Country whether it was I mean these are All manufactured stories I think it is perfectly interesting I Would read A 20-page uh magazine piece yeah 20. a Five-page magazine piece On how messed up a corporation is with Their moderation principles and how they Haven't been able to figure this out Because the real reason is is because

Ultimately is because they don't want to Spend the money on people doing this They want it to be all artificial Intelligence which becomes uh really bad And also the policies are all messed up Because they want to avoid being seen as Publishers And therefore they have to worry about Running a file of both parties Which is indicated in Um In the story there is none and taibi Says this no evidence Of government interference and what's on Twitter except for the evidence that he Offered and then decided was not Evidence which is that the Trump White House not campaign White House was Involved in this maybe in part two Part two is supposedly coming tomorrow Down as of last Friday And now it's Monday So do we I mean if uh if Elon Musk had a sub stack we could go There I mean are they doing a joint Maybe they should just do a joint Podcast together and we could see this Um And this contradicts what tayibi said in August If you look here one second I'll just Get In August he says he said

The laptop is by far the secondary issue The real problem is the FBI stepping Into cut in Cut distribution of true Story And This he said in August the 26th and then What's the next one and then in number 22 of the files he says although several Sources were called hearing about a General warning from federal law Enforcement that summer about possible Foreign hacks there's no evidence that I've seen of any government involvement In the laptop story in fact that might Have been the problem dot dot dot so In August he's saying that the only big Story here it's like the FBI involvement Would be the FBI involvement Because let's be clear We all saw The implication like the main part of This story that was the explosive story About Twitter Moderating out and silencing the Reproduction of this story we all saw it In real time We all know that that happened the only Thing that we don't know now is that the Only thing that we know now is that the Moderators did it because they were Worried about messing up like they felt They had in 2016. Which Is probably less than a fair the least

Nefarious possible answer you could have Like the worst one would be the FBI said You've got to shut this down the second Worst one would be Um I'm on the payroll of the Biden Administration or or there or if there Was like I really want Biden to win so We're going to silence all this Now taimi surmises that they really want Him to win and that that was their Motivation just simply by the fact that They happened to be more Democrat Supporters there And that's why they were operating in That instance but if we're going to be If that's an allowable you know if you If you can reverse engineer it that way We could make that same assessment of Mount tabi couldn't we we could I mean It's sad I understand why he's doing this because I think his brain was broken And and I say that from like you know Having some sort of like Fairly close uh awareness of the Dynamics and I think you know I've said This in the past I think he was unfairly Accused uh of Of Like me too stuff Based upon His writing or uh you know his his his

Partner's writing and he was unfairly Accused and Um And I think that everything that Happened to him specifically around that Was unfair I think he had written stuff In the past that was misogynistic Without a doubt I think he had taken at Least some responsibility for that uh And I certainly think that he had Regretted it Um But How you respond to those type of things Um I think it's also evidence of Of your mindset and the way that he Responded to uh uh that thing that Happened to him that was unfair was you Know to I think go down a wormhole where Uh you start to wear contrarianism as a Um as an identity and You know I think there's been things that I think Like I say Matt has written that has Been problematic over the years uh but I think Mataibi of 15 years ago would have never Like I would would have criticized This might tell you be mercilessly for For promoting what is I mean look If there's a story to be had about the Content moderation of Twitter Release all the archives There is absolutely one reason

And there's a naked naked naked reason Why these set of archives is being Covered or if you think And people like well he did release all The archives to taibi and Barry Weiss Let me tell you something how about not Giving them to uh opinion journalists Their opinion journalists Has Thai be done reporting in the past Of course he's an opinion journalist now Without a doubt And give them to some other reporters Give them to 20 reporters Give to other opinion journalists given To so-called non-opinion journalists Give the entire archives to them make Them available so that people come up With their own stories coming out of This because I'm sure there's some Interesting stories and if if the Company is going to do this I actually Think it's a public service because I Want to see behind the the workings of This company yeah give us insight into What's happening with Google but when It's filtered out in this very narrow Way through Matt taibi's agenda which is Clearly invested in there being Something to the hunter modern story Matt tahimi has skin in this game about Hunter Biden that all of his Protestations over the years that this Was so authoritarian and whatnot Need to be in some way validated which

Is why he's right when he writes like There's no government interference no Government interference in the laptop Sorry well wait wait What is the White House involved in this Like what were they sending I want to See the specific message from the White House I hope somebody's doing a Freedom of Information Act Right Now Yeah because I want to see I want to see Freedom of Information Acting what the White House is sending To um Twitter We'll do it for all of them I I'm happy To do that but Um I wonder I wonder what's what I mean Wonder what's holding up episode two They thought it was coming within a day It's been three or four days This is this is an embarrassment it's an Embarrassment totally But that's what it is