Matt Gaetz’s Life Advice For Young Men Is Just As Pathetic As You’d Expect

By | January 18, 2023

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz gave some of the most ironic and hypocritical advice possible when asked by Benny Johnson how young men can improve themselves. Adrienne Lawrence breaks it down on Rebel HQ.

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What I've said to president Trump is Like you have to create a permission Structure where women who do not like You vote for you again and like you see The grit of a Sarah Huckabee Sanders you See the directness the efficacy Um really bold steps her first days as Governor Banning tick tock on a lot of The government devices there Matt Gates Knows Reason the congressman is making the Rounds because he's Captain popular in This moment and people are actually Asking how he succeeds as a good man Welcome into tyt's overruled I'm your Host Adrian Lawrence Congressman Matt Gates is enjoying his time in the Limelight since uh what impeding Kevin McCarthy's bid for house Speaker even so Some commentators are taking things a Bit too far like this Twisted exchange From the Benny show Matt a bit of a Esoteric question as we close here this Interview but I think a very important One a lot of young men are looking for Heroes a lot of young men are looking For the fight they're of course being Emasculated this is affecting our Military as you just talked about they Are being told that masculinity is a Poison uh that testosterone is a poison That's standing up for yourself like you Just did against Unspeakable pressures I mean the

Pressures you were under was I mean Unlike virtually anything I've ever seen You could create a diamond with them uh It was and you stood strong you were Rock ripped and you were brass balled And you had gunpowder in your gut and a Lot of young men see that and they're Like I want that I want to be able to Stand strong I want to be able to have Constitution and an iron spine what's Your advice to young men to go live a Noble and brave life find a good woman That's what I that's I'm a way better Man because I I have a wife because I am Uh you know in a uh in the type of Arrangement that allows you to do your Very best because you have someone right There by your side doing their very best And inspiring you every day so I think Like you know true like sustainable uh Authentic relationships make us all Stronger and you know I knew that Whatever happened at work when I got Home it was going to be my Responsibility to do the dishes take out The trash and that my wife would uh Would pour me a glass of wine or make me A margarita and we'd uh we'd watch Hoarders or something [Laughter] You know my guilty pleasure is watching Hoarders it's beautiful man it's Beautiful you did you take out the trash You literally took out the trash in our

Congress and we really appreciate that And thank you Matt for fighting really This man can't be serious here a good Woman I am so surprised Gates didn't Slip up and say a good girl the 40 year Old Congressman married in 2021 under Questionable circumstances as it Appeared he did so so he could look like A family man in hopes of dodging child Sex trafficking charges that appear to Be quite legit and yet he's out here Wanting to Market himself as an Insightful good guy with success tips For healthy marriages this is Peak Pathetic Gates is nothing short of a Privileged mediocre white male who Couldn't get a pardon but appears to be Able to get away with plenty when he Should be subject to a perp walk and any Man who seeks to model their life after Gates is nothing short of foolish I Cannot wait until this man's Tour de Audacity ends and he is booted from Congress and he suffers the consequences He so much deserves But I'm cool with it those are just my Thoughts you let me know yours in the Comments below hit that like and follow Button and thanks so much for watching