Matt Gaetz Promises To Resign Over *THIS*?!

By | January 7, 2023

Matt Gaetz threatened to resign from congress if a moderate Republican was elected. Jayar Jackson and Ben Carollo break it down on The Watchlist. Watch LIVE on weekdays at noon ET.

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“Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) threatened to resign from Congress if Democrats joined Republicans to elect a moderate Republican.

Kevin McCarthy failed to get the necessary 218 votes to get the gavel on 11 ballots between Tuesday and Thursday. With only 222 Republicans in the House, McCarthy could not afford to lose more than four of them. A 12th ballot is set to occur on Friday at noon.”

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Look if we are able to get this you're Going to be okay Congressman will you be Okay then if there's ultimately a deal Struck with moderate Democrats that give Democrats kind of co-control of the Committees you're fine with that no Absolutely not that that will not happen There are two people scenarios here no Listen I'm on the floor Laura these 212 Democrats are going to vote for Hakeem Jeffries every single time he is a Historic candidate for them they are not Going to cleave off under any Circumstance I assure you that if Democrats join up to elect a moderate Republican I will resign from the House Of Representatives that is how certain I Am I can assure your viewers that won't Happen A tantalizing offer there just might Resign if they make this deal uh he's Guaranteeing it he's basically saying I've taught them trust me they're all on Uh Hakeem Jeffries I think that might make some sense he's Probably right about that but either way It goes this is where it's now come down To he's willing to say hey this is What's going to happen this is where I'm Staying this is where I'm standing what They're looking to do is make sure Kevin McCarthy is not speaker of the house and The deals and negotiations just might Not be there for them we'll see who who

Uh who may pop up next as a name to Replace him if they go that route but uh He's not the only one uh you know we Know burbert was calling out uh Donald Trump on this whole thing but here he is Directly going after let's watch more Why is Trump Forum I mean how many how Many posts on Truth social can we see From president Trump telling y'all okay This is this has been fun but let's Let's wrap it up here well I love he Wasn't Trump I I he I love president Trump I defended him a great deal in Congress but uh HR wasn't always his Strong suit you know president Trump got Us folks like Jeff sessions and Bill Barr and Jim Mattis and Mark esper People who didn't always Advance America First policy so I well I think Division I do I think president Trump is wrong to The extent that he supports Kevin McCarthy I'm going to support president Trump if he or when he runs uh for Reelection in 2024 but I'm not going to Back him on this play so Not gonna back him on this play now the Battle lines are drawn I want to remind You guys every time because I know I Said it the first day this happened but Whatever way this shakes up whether or Not they are successful in getting rid Of Kev McCarthy and he finally steps Down and doesn't attempt this anymore or He finds his way in Via any deals with

Either side of this whole thing there Are battle lines drawn that are going to Last whatever whoever picks up this Gavel however they decide to go about Their investigations into Hunter Biden And laptops and all that stuff they're Still going to be Republicans that hate Each other over this entire thing Because people's lives people's Positions have all been shifted and now Donald Trump's name is being tossed in How about we listen to one of these uh Mega Republicans who is Big Donald Trump Energy Talk about how upset they are now at Matt Gates who was formerly a big Donald Trump guy but he kind of still is these Are where these intricate battle lines Are going to be drawn and these will Stick watch this people like Florida's Matt Gates um surprising some and Nominating former president Trump to Become house Speaker Trump who endorsed McCarthy four speaker responding on Truth social with this photoshopped Image it's him next to Kamala Harris During a State of the Union Address Congressman-elect I know you served as An advisor for president Trump what are Your thoughts on this and the fact that Some are saying McCarthy's struggles are Reflecting poorly on the former President now in terms of Mr Gates I Like Matt I think he's a decent man all

Of that being said nominating president Trump was a political stunt and it Should be seen as nothing other than That when you go ahead and do that and Then you send out fundraising emails and Text messages and I understand that he Feels the need to go ahead and raise Money so that he can fight against Kevin McCarthy we don't need to be raising Money off of this to me that's a Self-serving individual putting yourself Before the conference in the American People and that is why this is so Upsetting and I hope the American people Can see this for what it is I see it for what it is it's a battle Then what are your thoughts here first Off the Trump loss of maybe political Power within the party but also where These fights may be happening in years To come Yeah most definitely I mean like because Here's the thing one or two votes to get Concessions and people will be like okay You just want concessions and you're Like the freedom caucus or whatever but It In three days and like I don't I don't See any end to this right and so like How are Matt Gates and the clown caucus Gonna you know have any type of deal With Kevin McCarthy in the future like It doesn't make any sense it'll be a lot Easier for them to find five Democrats

Than to find like any of these clowns to Like because they're just not gonna work With them another thing is like Nominating Trump for speaker of the House is deeply hilarious because Speaker of the house is a real job when You're the president of the United States you can delegate basically Everything that you do and just say Something and people will go do it but Like Speaker of the House you actually Have to like show up every day right so Like Donald Trump in no way shape or Form would even want to be speaker of The house like you just like that's That's just a random like ridiculous Aside and I think when it comes to like Drawing battle lines here for the future I think the clown caucus really has just Established themselves as being like Just alienating themselves from the rest Of the Republican party which is Honestly good for America right this is Good for the country because it means The people pushing the absolute worst of The worst ideas are alienating Themselves even from their potential Allies and with Donald Trump Donald Trump is going to follow the money and He's going to follow the power right and So it's very clear that Matt Gates is Not in power and that Kevin McCarthy has Way more power than Matt Gates does and So Donald Trump is going to align

Himself with Kevin McCarthy and not Matt Gates and so unless Matt Gates magically Changes this Um you know he is going to continue to Be sucking up to somebody who really Doesn't want to hear from them let's uh I want to ask you this quick question About this uh slightly related because You know there was the attempts when uh Many folks on the left were trying to uh Force Nancy Pelosi to have a different Approach to the speakership and many Folks said you guys got to hold out and Basically do what these Freedom caucus Mirrors are doing to the extent that They're doing it to force that vote we Know all that whole thing happened and Many folks are now saying look at these Republicans these crazed Republicans the Gates's and the bullets are actually Doing the work How much are you buying that why or why Not because to a degree I can see if You're really trying to force something But what is that in-game and are these People principled in that approach what Is it that they will take because if the AOC groups got what they wanted would They continue just to not go for this Yeah I mean the thing is like what what Did these people even want what they Wanted then was like a vote on uh Medicare for all which we know would Have failed right so like okay so you

Want AOC to be a pariah in the house For a vote that we know is going to fail Like it's just ridiculous and because I Think what we see with Matt Gates right Here is a testament to the fact that Force the vote was always kind of Ridiculous without a viable alternative To speaker of the house it doesn't make Any sense to do that whole Force to vote Thing because fundamentally like Matt Gates and this clown caucus they're Ruining their careers right they are They're turning themselves into Pariah Within the Republican Party barring some Sort of major electoral shift across the Country Um you know and so it wouldn't make Sense for like AOC to do that where Because like AOC and like the squad they Have like committee seats that are Relevant and really important where they Can do all of this stuff uh and they Would not have got those seats uh had They not sort of played ball and so While it's frustrating that Force the Vote isn't the thing that it was like Possible right it's frustrating that There aren't more progressives in Congress that could have like a Speakership role You know like that's just the we we live In the real world and this is the Material reality and you know there's Plenty of problems with the way the

Government works and it's slow burning And slow moving and uh yeah I wish it Would happen quicker but this is the Other part there's plenty of people on Each aspect of the party We complain About establishment Democrats just like Many Republicans complain about absolute Republicans they're still there So are their voters it's just the way These things work and again like I said Nobody's against getting that progress Let's find a way to get that progress I Don't know if these Freedom caucus Members are getting their progress we're Still trying to figure what the hell That practices they want I think it is We just don't want Kevin McCarthy and That's fine if that's what it is say it