Marjorie Greene And Matt Gaetz Beef Gets HEATED

By | December 23, 2022

Marjorie Greene is not happy with her fellow Republicans lately. Jayar Jackson and John Iadarola break it down on The Watchlist. Watch LIVE on weekdays at noon ET.

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“Republican Matt Gaetz has endorsed the possibility of his controversial House colleague Marjorie Taylor Greene serving as speaker of the House.

Gaetz, who has represented Florida’s 1st Congressional District since 2017, recently appeared at Turning Point USA’s America Fest event in Phoenix. In a clip shared to Twitter by right-wing watchdog account PatriotTakes, the congressman told correspondents for the outlet Real America’s Voice that, in his view, Greene would make for “a terrific speaker.”

Gaetz made the comment in response to an inquiry about the recent news that Greene had opted to support GOP House leader Kevin McCarthy’s bid for the speaker role, saying that McCarthy “doesn’t deserve her.””


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Someone who we all respect Marjorie Taylor green says Kevin McCarthy is Going to be a great speaker I guess you'll have to ask Marjorie About that I'm a fan of hers I'm an Admirer but it's not something we see The same Lauren well you know I I've Been aligned with Marjorie and accused Of believing a lot of the things that She believes in I don't believe in this Just like um I don't believe in Russian Space places are you a heart no space Lasers and all of this no I'm just Saying we need to actually have an Inside conversation and and make sure That these promises are there Remember back a few days ago when uh Lauren bobert fired some shots at Margie Taylor green and she did respond we did Talk about that she responded and talked About all the money that beaufort's Gotten and how she's just not doing the Right thing this battle is over whether Or not Kevin McCarthy who's one sole Purpose in life is to become Speaker of The House who's going to vote from how Is he going to make it in with some of These Maga Congress people holding out Well Martin Taylor green has to up the Ante and she's gone after Now Matt Gates Matt Gates is now in her iron but wait a Second she did come from in a way but Matt Gates is still saying these glowing Things about her maybe he's trying to

Temper that attitude let's watch that Your colleague congresswoman Marjorie Taylor green he's going to be speaking Here you I was with you guys when you Were traveling and touring around Various places in Florida and other Cities She is actually backing McCarthy he Doesn't deserve her this is so great I Love Marjorie Taylor green I think that She would be a terrific speaker or Leader you know Marjorie is often Reflected her frustration with Congress As an institution how corrupt it is how There's no planning and oftentimes Kevin McCarthy is the embodiment of the worst Features of the Congress so I don't begrudge her that not all two People see all things the same way every Time she and I see this differently but Trust me we're allies we're in the fight Marjorie Taylor green is going to be one Of the folks no matter who the speaker Is holding him accountable and making Sure that we're getting after it one one Quick follow-up question to that but he Doesn't deserve it okay there you go you Want to make that Very nice glowing words from Argentina Green but she wrote a little bit of this This is what she's trying to do to Convince folks she went on The Daily Caller and uh put together this op-ed The one thing people are sick and tired

From Washington DC is empty promises Says Miss green lying to the base is the Red line for me and that's what five of My closest colleagues are doing when They claim a consensus house Speaker Candidate will emerge as they oppose Kevin McCarthy now she directs uh her Her op-ed towards Matt Gates Let's start with my dear friend Matt Gates many of his attacks against McCarthy are comparisons to Paul Ryan It's quite ironic given Matt's very First uh vote in Congress was for Paul Ryan as Speaker even when we all knew Paul Ryan would never deliver the Maga Agenda we had full GOP control and President Trump with pin in hand ready To sign America First legislation this Republican failure is why I ran for Congress all that said though Matt Gates Is one of my favorite members of Congress America needs his talent and Intelligence to work alongside Jim Jordan on investigations for the Judiciary Committee not blow things up Before we begin isn't that weird how she Tossed that in we need to continue to Try to protect Donald J Trump that is Her one sole purpose And maybe she even has a point as far as Like some of these deflections or Potential deflections once uh McCarthy's Looking for those votes she said who Else are you going to put in place I

Think Matt Gates said Jim Jordan John Yeah uh yeah she obviously wants to Continually like she's she's gonna go Down with Trump like if he becomes President again she's going to benefit If he loses she will be you know Possibly destroyed but she's hitched Herself to his wagon or whatever Um but she also I think wants to be back On committees and she wants to have a Position of some influencer Authority in The Republican party and clearly Kevin McCarthy has made promises to her I Don't think it's an ideological thing She's attacked him in the past I think I Think there's been a back room deal and She sees that she'll be in a better Position with him as Speaker than anyone Else other than that the way that her And Matt Gates were dealing with each Other That's that's good you should be able to Disagree about things like leadership or A candidate and not have it immediately Be seen as the biggest betrayal ever I Think it's it's nice to say nice things About a person that you disagree with It's weird when she says that America Desperately needs Matt Gates's talent And intelligence although Although Marjorie green so it sort of Reminds me like do you know do you Miss greater and think that high Schoolers were adults I think that's

What's going on with her praising his Intelligence but anyway Um yeah I prefer that to the the Throwing each other under the bus like Lauren bobert was doing to her but isn't It's weird how it stands out that these Two Mega Republicans When they're beefing it's a headline and It's not even that full-blown of a beef I mean the bobert green one a little bit Was because that's more like their style But when it comes to niceties being said Amongst each other they do know they do Need each other but what never happens Is never a gray area when these when These arguments happen there's never oh That's a good point but what about this Type of things that discussions that go On because that's how normal people will Discuss something if they want to get to A particular conclusion as we've seen With many republican uh uh politicians They're not looking to a conclusion They're looking to prolong uh a horrible Atmosphere have voters upset so they can Go to that next election this is about Getting Kevin McCarthy in place this is About again like you said John her power And maybe these promises that have been Made to her Maybe Matt Gates and Lauren borward and Company and Jim Jordan I'm not sure Where he stands yet maybe they haven't Gotten the promises that they were

Looking for yet maybe Marshall Taylor Green has a has the ear of the former President much more than these other Folks the anytime something like this Happens and it seems odd just something We're missing that they're not being Told