Man Who Took Down Q Club Gunman: I Was Protecting My Family

By | November 23, 2022

Richard Fierro, a Colorado Springs resident and army veteran, describes to CNN’s John Berman how he was able to take down the armed gunman at a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs on Saturday. He was his daughter and wife who survived, but his daughter’s boyfriend was killed in the shooting.

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Richard Piero his Colorado Springs Resident an army vet he was there Apparently with his kids His daughter had a friend performing in The drag show and so he was there with His wife his daughter I think a few of Her friends supporting her their her Friend from high school who was Performing and her boyfriend uh he was One of the victims he was killed oh my God my daughter's boyfriend his daughter His daughter fiero's daughter's Boyfriend was killed he was one of the Five And Um I I like it I I it just horrific and Apparently this guy I think he was the Guy who was also arrested by the cops And held for an hour as he was Desperately trying to find out what Happened to his family but listen to This Um uh this is the guy who approached and Apparently the the Um the murderer was in full body armor So completely prepared for what was Going on here uh Very much premeditated And Um and this guy's a hero like they would Have that more people would have died Ever all the authorities are saying if He did not without a doubt take action

Here is a it may not even been a window Left but I saw a lot of people and this Guy was there and I saw the ACU pattern Uh like this and for me that was like There's a handle I'm getting it so I ran Across the room grabbed the handle Pulled him down and then started to uh Well actually I think I went for his gun With him his rifle flew in front of him Um and the young man that tried to jump In there with me Um he he we both either pulled him down Or whatever but he ended up at his head Uh and right next to the AR And then with the AR he we I told him Push the AR get the area away from him The kid pushed the AR I I don't know What his name was Um and then I I proceeded to take his Other weapon the pistol and then just Start hitting him where I could but the Armor's in the way and I just started I Found a creases between his his armor And his head and I just started wailing Away uh with his gun Um and then I told the kid in front of Me kick him keep kicking him and we were I was yeah I was guided I was telling People call 9-1-1 call 9-1-1 I brought Him down I I I was in mode I was I was doing what I Did I do downrange you know I trained I Trained for this I don't want to ever do This I I didn't even retire because I

Was just I was done doing this stuff it Was too much and uh I I you know it came In handy and and I got to protect my my Kid I lost my kid's boyfriend I tried I Tried to have everybody in there I still Feel bad that there's five people There's five people that didn't go home And this Is you see I I told him while I was Dating him I said I'm gonna kill you man Because you tried to kill me My family was in there My little girl was in there with her we Are so sorry For the loss that you and your family Have gone through Yeah uh I absolutely but just uh Devastating to hear the uh pain of of People Losing their friends losing their family And The reaction from the the right is just Astonishing Um just absolutely astonishing Um I saw Jack the Soviet tweeting you Know why was this guy at a drag show With his kid right family night out and That that's actually you're telling on Yourself obviously but that's that's the That's the reason it's a fun night out It's an entertainment yeah I'm curious About the valorization will happen for The uh Army veteran who stopped this guy From killing more people like every

Other armed person who so-called good Guy with a gun stopping and shooting Well he did not have a gun he did not Have a gun and maybe that makes things More complicated because you read this New York Times write-up of him and he Struggled with you know acclimating back To civilian life after being in the Service for so many years and said he Didn't want guns around him and you know So that they're that that's they don't Have that narrative anymore also Interesting that this unarmed man with a With the assistance of a drag queen Disarmed of the sky and and neutralized Him then the police came in didn't do Any sort of reconnaissance and threw This guy in the back of a squad car with His hand cuffed behind his back while he Didn't know where his family was that Was their response to this this uh Tragedy and they were not the ones who Apprehended the guy Richard Fierro was And with the help of a drag queen who Was performing there hey this video Sponsored by established titles what is Established titles it is a fun novelty Gift that also Helps you preserve some natural Woodlands it's a Project based on Historic Scottish custom where Landowners are referred to as lairds or Lords and Ladies in English Title packs give you at least one square

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