Male LECTURES WOMEN On “Girlhood” | Boycott Ulta & Dylan Mulvaney

By | October 17, 2022

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Despite being male, Dylan Mulvaney was just featured on Ulta’s show ”The Beauty Of…” to discuss girlhood. Now women are threatening to boycott the company because of the promotion of ”womanface.”

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Lauren Chen is a political and social commentator. She was born in Canada, raised in Hong Kong, and came to the US for university. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a Minor in Middle East Studies and Arabic.

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Hey Lauren here let’s talk about Dylan Mulvaney and Woman face so you guys may Not know this if you don’t follow me on I guess Instagram or maybe other social Media but I’m actually pretty into Makeup and I don’t just mean that I wear It because I film videos and I want to Look presentable but even before I ever Had a YouTube channel I still considered Makeup a hobby slash interests of mine It’s fun it’s creative and it’s just oh So girly so it’s just it’s something That I enjoy doing and as a result I I Do own quite a bit of makeup but one Thing that does frustrate me about the Beauty Community is that it is Insufferably woke I mean social justice Gender craziness feminism to the Max and Really what else would we expect from a Community made up pretty much entirely Of yet women and oh that’s right gay men And incidentally this is also the same Reason why there’s just so much drama in The beauty community and the fact that The beauty industry does cater to far Left talking points is something that Many of us were reminded of when Ulta Beauty posted this tweet and in case You’re not not familiar with it Alta is One of the largest beauty retailers in The United States it’s not as big as Sephora which is more International but They do sell makeup skin care Hair Care Fragrances that type of thing the other

Day they posted a tweet which read trans Girls can do it all tune into the latest Episode of the beauty of where host David Lopez sits down with guest Dylan Mulvaney to chat all things girlhood and Accompanying that caption was this video Clip now I know I can find love I know I Can still be a performer I know that I Can have a family I want to be a mom one Day and I absolutely can and that’s why The narrative still has a long way to go Because when I was grieving boy Dylan I Didn’t know those things were even Accessible to me so yeah in case you Guys didn’t notice despite the fact that This episode was all about girlhood the Two guests featured were in fact both Males you know what I know that we’re All trying to be Progressive and Inclusive and accepting nowadays but you Know it’s one thing to say hey men can Wear makeup too because everyone can Wear makeup and it’s okay to express Yourself however you want I’m on board With that and actually just as an aside As someone who’s been in media for a While I gotta let you guys know most men You see in front of the camera they are In fact wearing makeup it’s just it’s Very usual in any entertainment industry For also men to wear makeup doesn’t mean You got to wear a smokey eye but Probably some powder maybe some Concealer that’s just how it is and yeah

Considering that Ulta is trying to Appeal to everybody or at least as wide An audience as possible to consume their Products I don’t begrudge them featuring Males and advertisements at all but I Think it’s one thing to say hey even if You’re a man you can use skincare too You should use skincare if you’re a man And maybe even wear makeup knock Yourself out whatever you want to do Versus hey I’m gonna have this mail on The show to discuss not even Womanhood But girlhood like not only does that not Make any sense but it’s actually also Creepy girls are young women they’re not Adults yet so yeah for this dude to be Obsessed with not only looking like the Opposite gender but actually a girl it’s Just creepy all right it’s weird and by The way just really quick here guys I do Want to remind you that I have a second Political chat Channel that I have now Started I have mediaholic as a channel Where we talk about pop culture stuff But I’ve also started a second political Channel rabble Rouser where I’ve been Uploading pretty frequently about as Frequently as on this main Channel Original video so if you want to see Those definitely go over and like And Subscribe it would really mean a lot to Me this channel is pretty old and it Comes with a lot of baggage especially Algorithmically so it was time for a

Change and if if we could even get a Small fraction of the guys who watch me Over here over to rabble-rouser it would Mean the world actually as woke as the Beauty Community can be I was impressed For once seeing how many women also felt Uncomfortable like I did seeing this and Took it upon themselves to actually Speak up about it because yeah that Tweet from Alta it got ratioed so much So that they were not only hiding Replies but also turned off replies Entirely eventually and is one of my Favorite responses to them red if you Validate adult trans identified males Calling themselves girls you are putting Actual girls in danger this is about Access through language women and girls Are not gender affirmation tools for Males who want to feel feminine so very Very well said and actually that clip That Ulta posted it did get me curious As to who that person being interviewed Who this Dylan was because scrolling Through the negative comments it seemed That quite a few women were already Familiar with him and already did not Like him which made me a little bit Curious as to why so anyway I ended up Looking into him and he is so much worse Than what that clip would have you Believe so we’re gonna be going into it More but first I do want to say thank You to today’s sponsor Noble gold did

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Popular on it would be Tick Tock but he Does this series where every day he Makes a different Tick Tock about what It’s like to live as a girl day one of Being a girl and I have already cried Three times I wrote a scathing email That I did not send I ordered dresses Online that I couldn’t afford and then Uh when someone asked me how I was I Said I’m fine when I wasn’t fine How’d I do ladies good Girl power now if that video was all you Had seen from Dylan Mulvaney you would Be forgiven for thinking that he’s just A troll right he’s doing a parody this Is satire he’s trying to be over the top Because obviously nobody except for Maybe the most extreme misogynist could Actually think that those things are What constitutes being a girl right well If Dylan is trolling then he’s got to be One of the most committed trolls that I’ve ever seen because he’s been doing This whole shake for it seems like a Year now day 66 being a girl and today I’m in nature Trees I love them Water lakes I love them Heels they’re my hiking heels I love Them okay come on Bridges love them Coconut water love it not mad just love It Wind turbine love it Meadows love them

I’m scared of getting Lyme disease Love ya Oh Did you see them I gotta get out of here Did you see that There’s a dragonfly oh my God never Again get me out of here love you okay It’s day two hundred of being a girl and I think we can agree that it’s been a Whirlwind I have a tendency to overshare My life and y’all are still watching how Cool is that once upon a time I was a Boy who had ADHD and now I’m a girl who Still has ADHD I really like possums and Twilight and pretzels I accidentally Became an influencer now here we are Girlhood has had its ups and its downs And here’s what I’ve learned so far Women are awesome but can also be cruel I’m doing my best and boys they kind of Drool my hormones are wild and my boobs Kind of sore it’s only day 200 we have So much more to experience together We’re just getting started thank you for Being my friend you’re open-hearted I Don’t feel so alone no more shame and Carefree being a girl is awesome would You agree Woohoo Love ya so first off I am sorry for Exposing you all to that uh don’t you Wish you could go back in time before You had seen that I do but I can’t so

Instead I’m just gonna share it to more People kind of like the ring Remember that movie so if this Dylan Person was just trying to live his life Dress however he wanted uh pursue Whatever feminine interests he wanted That wouldn’t really be a story in and Of itself uh you can be a man and have Whatever interests you want however what Really rubs me and I think so many other Women the wrong way uh is Dylan’s Apparent insistence on the fact that he Is pursuing girlhood by doing all of These different things by portraying Himself like some vapid bimbo online but A lot of other women are referring to This as and I agree with them is Woman Face and yes it is it is in fact Offensive I mean obviously as a society We’ve come to accept that blackface Isn’t really okay because you’re a Perpetuating stereotypes when you do it Because you know not all black people Look like this have these features have These interests or whatever so when you Try to distill an entire race down to These these few things it’s kind of Insulting and it really diminishes the Entire experience as a whole of what it Is to be black or what black culture is Even as a conservative I can accept that I wouldn’t dress in blackface now I’m Not going to be super offended if Someone else does or if someone even

Dresses like in yellow face so it’s not Something that I would do myself what Bothers me though is that we have still Yet to realize that when men do drag for Instance they are for all intents and Purposes doing the exact same thing but For women they are participating in Woman face they are trying to make the Entire gender in into its own Stereotypes stereotypes which by the way Are always the negative ones or the Overly sexualized ones and what a lot of Women I think are also rightfully upset About is that through his Tick Tock Showing you know different days of Girlhood Dylan Mulvaney has risen to Fame for better or worse and heck he’s Even found himself participating in Collaborations with Ulta being an Influencer online that’s also working With Ulta those are things that so many Different women would absolutely kill For and the way that Dylan Mulvaney has Accomplished that is by parodying women Doing things that if actual women were To do they would be mock they be called A bimbo they would be hated they Wouldn’t be featured by Major Brands and These criticisms are apparently Something that Dylan has actually Understood because he he did do a video Kind of addressing them okay I managed To Offend women on my first day of being

One and I just feel terrible about it Um some gals saw my video yesterday as Perpetuating The Stereotype which it was And it was satirical but it was mostly For a way to me to be like how do I Connect with women I need to figure out A way to you know connect with them and Um I just feel terrible some some girls Said it didn’t sit well with them I got Like I don’t know probably like four Messages but I still those four messages Made me want to throw up because I’m the Least confrontational person ever And Um so now I know better I’m sorry I’m Sorry not me making an apology video on My first day oh I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m Sorry Apologies don’t really mean much if Anything at all if you turn around and Keep doing the same behavior that you’ve Apologized for sky can dress however he Wants he can put on makeup he can wear Fake nails but he will never know what It’s like to experience girlhood and Frankly the fact that he is so fixated On the idea specifically of girlhood Instead of maybe just a Womanhood or Femininity just more broadly it’s weird And I can’t get it out of my head that Part of this must be nefarious wear Whatever you want make whatever stupid Videos you want but understand that you Will never be a girl you will never

Understand what it’s like to be a girl And yes it is it is insulting that you Think putting on these clothes and Wearing makeup that’s all there is to The entire gender and actually Thankfully people were so upset over Ulta trying to conflate this Dylan Person with girlhood that boycott Ulta Actually started trending on Twitter Because apparently even normies uh women Normies do have a line between okay Let’s just accept uh trans women versus Let’s say that this male L represents Girlhood there is a big difference there I’m fine I’m glad we finally found the Line I mean I knew it had to be Somewhere it took us a while to get to It I suppose so whether Ulta will delete This tweet I don’t know so far it’s Still up even though they’ve clearly Been in damage control mode I would love It if they took this as a learning Experience to say hey maybe we should be Uh less politically divisive in our Marketing but who knows now though I Guess that means I also have to add Ulta To my boycott list it’s getting really Hard to buy makeup from places I’ll tell You what that’s it for now though and as Always if you guys enjoyed this video Please be sure to like share and Subscribe it helps me out so so much Until next time

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