MAGA Prophet Turns General Flynn Into The Mayor Of Crazy Town

By | December 15, 2022

Is General Mike Flynn just grifting to get some Evangelical dollars, or has he actually bought into what MAGA prophet Julie Green is saying?

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There's a lot of people who are giving Up on this country because what they Just saw for two elections in a row and It's not over and I don't want anybody To think it's over but it is going to Look a little bit differently and the Lord's been saying that it's going to Look a little bit worse before it gets Better he said but don't go by Appearances don't go by the way things Look but do not be apprehensive for what Is coming and you know and it may it may Shake people honestly to the very core Of their of who they are I mean it may It may create such levels of anxiety and Frustration frustration So don't be apprehensive for what is Coming because it is you know he is Coming what's up everybody major retired Richard here and it seems like those in The Trump orbit and Prosperity Gospel Style con Artistry go hand in hand Mike Flynn has gone from being the director Of the defense intelligence agency to a Massive wacko grifter that speaks at Q Anon conferences let that sink in this Cult this quote movement is so off the Rails that people completely spiral out Of control and land there in Crazy Town You know this idea of You all if you're a pastor you can't Talk politics well guess who said I mean Those are exactly what the the enemy Wants us to think I really have um come

To not only a Meyer admire but also Respect what it is that you represent Because God talks to everyone not just Something Prophetic words God talks to all man he Does it's just some people choose not to Listen now I am from the south deep red Areas churches on every corner and I'm No stranger to the odd behaviors of Those with devout Faith but anyone Telling you that God only speaks Directly to them and sells that Information is a fraud and people I know Are frustrated because what happened With the midterms again the same thing What happened in 2020. This is what God Said The midterms are not the answer to say This nation I am that's what God said he Is the answer to save our country and so We have to be in agreement with Almighty Our enemy deceives distracts destroys That is the three days that God gave me A long time ago when he was giving me a Teaching one Sunday and he goes that's What your enemy is doing right now this Is a Warfare we are in war and we're in A different War than World War One or World War II we're in a different War This is a war of the soul of this nation This is a war that's so basically the Soul of human beings in general they Want to change Us in any way shape or Form they want to bring a one-world

Government as you can see people say That's there's no such thing look in the Red Book of Revelation because it is in The Book of Revelation God warns us About that and they want to put things Under our skin and that's what they're Talking about right now to try to track US you can't buy herself out because not Leaving us without hope this is one Thing I just love about God and love About his work also in all of these Conferences and interviews and tv Specials I all of these so-called Prophets speak as though God and Jesus Are only invested in the country of America and that U.S politics is the Most pressing issue for them not war not Famine not Childhood Cancer just the American political system these people Are nuts I can't say that enough they Are absolutely insane and they Unfortunately have aligned with the Maga Crowd to create one giant crazy Casserole topped with bat crap I think The Maga people figured out pretty early On that using the massive influence of Evangelicals and radical Christian Groups was beneficial for them Politically and that's about it you Throw Jesus's name on any ridiculous Statement and they say amen for you they Are easy to manipulate because they Don't allow anyone to question God or Religion or anyone that would use their

Faith against them to gain political Power but that's what Trump and his Allies have always done Trump held the Bible upside down he couldn't tell Anyone his favorite Bible verse I don't Know that he's ever read the Bible Because it's not in a format of 250 Words or less he's not a devout Christian he's not a godly man but that Doesn't matter because he said that he Would crank out policies and bills that Benefit the Christian nationalist Movement whatever you believe is just That it's a system of belief that may or May not be defined by your own personal Experiences and religion but it has no Place in American policy we do not Endorse any religion via the state and We do not condemn any religion in that Either I've met more atheists and people Of other faiths that were more likely to Do good things in the world simply Because they felt it was the right thing To do not because they were going to Somehow be rewarded by their God and There are good churches out there that Do what is more in line with the Teachings of Christ they set up food Kitchens they do clothing drives for the Poor they do things that the world needs To be better simply because it's right But these people the ones that think Trump was hand-picked by Jesus himself To usher in the Rapture or what the hell

Ever it is it is you know these people Are fruit cakes and they have no place In determining or coordinating American Policy decisions We aren't all Christians here and that's A good thing we don't all need to Believe in the same God to be a Functioning country but we do need to Believe in each other and want the best For our fellow man and it is obvious That these people do not have that in Mind for their agenda and that's a fact Hurricanes are coming more in this hour My children and I know you will ask why Lord It's stirring up the Atlantic Something in those Waters was being used Against you and you will see it because I will expose it But some of these storms were man-made To cause havoc and destruction along With devastation but remember my Children these are the days of Haman They meant this for you and it will Expose and Destroy them I told you I am Your protector and your deliverer saith The Lord This is Mega Prophet Julie green yeah You heard me correctly green is a Self-described prophet who uses social Media to spread Ministries foretelling Many gruesome awful things to come of Course nothing she has ever predicted Has ever come true but that doesn't stop

Her from amassing hundreds of thousands Of online followers so in this one we Just watched she is talking about how God specifically told her that he is Sending a hurricane to unleash Devastation on Earth but God also told Green that there will be man-made storms Wreaking havoc essentially she's saying That storms like recent hurricane Ian Were made by like the government to kill Its own people green is Canadian and she Also recently prophesied that Canada's Justin Trudeau was finished catastrophe Will be seen in Canada Trejo is coming down and he is being Removed He will say he's stepping down but it's Not because he wants to we see that my Hand is moving in your land to save you From those task Masters I am here and I Am cleansing your land you will see Trudeau exposed and you will see him Fall Big Time saith the Lord It's all Big time definitely totally sounds like Something God would say doesn't it Stylistically her videos are also Bizarre and really poorly made and just All over the place she's clearly reading Something off of her screen and is like The least captivating speaker I've ever Seen so how is she gaining such a Following it's pretty difficult to find Out how she started gaining Fame but the Q Anon Community certainly has something

To do with it and propping up someone Like her with her fire and brimstone Prophecies foretelling the destruction Of liberal politicians lunatic right Wingers ate up what she was selling and It's propelled her to be one of the most Popular spiritual leaders on the far Right especially amongst Pentecostal and Charismatic Christians according to the Washington Post Doug mastriano is among Green's closest political accolades she Said that so many politicians on the Left are soon going to meet their maker Joe Biden she claims is already dead Quote he has already been judged and is No longer alive now there are copycat Prophets trolling the streets in America Making similar ludicrous prophecies Showing just how far Julie Green's Shtick has gone I think that's why God Sent me here as kinda like a Maga Missionary you know because God's in Control and there's a purpose for Why God said me here you know it's now Undoubtedly a part of our political Discourse and it doesn't look like her Influence is abetting anytime soon