MAGA Promotes Pelosi Conspiracies & N-Word Use Up by 500% on Twitter | The Daily Show in Atlanta

By | November 2, 2022

Republicans joke about the Paul Pelosi attack and promote conspiracy theories, and after Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover, the use of the N-word is up 500% on the platform, and Musk plans to charge for verification. #DailyShow #Comedy

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What’s going on everybody I’m Trevor Noah Welcome to The Daily Show coming to You from Atlanta We’re here In the flesh oh and I’m loving it can I Tell you how much I am loving it here Last night Last night I celebrated my first Atlanta Halloween I feel like I learned so much about this Place yeah first up we went to a place Called Virginia Highlands And I don’t know if I’m right or not but Those people must be rich Yeah because forget full-size candy they Were giving out king-sized bars it was Just like full I was like damn even with Inflation they were like yeah they’re Balling out there we had a hipster Halloween we were in Little Five Points That was really cool it was quaint yeah We stopped we stopped at a little party And uh Georgia Tech that was cool as Well yeah I think we got we got there Late though because there was like no Women we were already I don’t know what Happened Oh then we went to a place called Decatur that was really interesting yeah Decatur I I could tell like that’s where a lot Of the white people live because of all The black lives matter signs on the law And I could tell

Oh my favorite party of the night was my Friend took me to a Halloween party in Bankhead Spin yeah I learned a valuable lesson That the people are dressed up just Because it’s Halloween Yes that just might be how they dress I walked up to a gentleman and I was Like wow man I was like you look dope Are you Shakespeare he’s like nah I’m a Pimp I was like well here’s your king-size Snickerball my friend you did well Pleasure meeting you we’re back people Night two I’m so excited I’m so excited It’s everything’s going on right now Midterms are happening The world is still happening You know the news what’s happening in The news what’s happening news oh let’s Kick things off with the big news of the Day right starting with Elon Musk the Guy who always looks like a ghost Whether it’s Halloween or not For months now for months now musk has Said that he wanted to own Twitter right And the reason he wanted to own Twitter Is because he wanted to make sure that It became a Haven for free speech all Right he wanted to change it to that Because let’s be honest up until now you Know people have really held back on Twitter

You know I always find myself scrolling And thinking but what do you rarely Think Why are you so reserved sir So anyway I’m Um the day Elon officially took over Right we got a taste of this extra Free Speech right because in the first 12 Hours under elon’s ownership the use of The n-word on Twitter shot up 500 Percent 500 which no you don’t you don’t know You don’t know who knows what it is it Could be racist yeah it could be it Could be right just who feel free and Feel emboldened to say it now right or It could be black people watching Elon Take over like this [ __ ] You don’t know which one it is you’re Not sure You’re not sure Because he’s going crazy here’s my Question here’s my question I really Want I really want to know this Why is it always when the Free Speech People right all these people are like We want free speech why do they never Want to use their free speech to say Words like perambulate or or Piscellaneous like it’s never stuff like That have you noticed that we want free Speech we want free speech you’re like Okay what do you want to say [ __ ] Thank you

Like really all the things you could Have said in the world every word Everything you could have spoken about All the issues you what do you want to Say that any other word [ __ ] He’s like he doesn’t want free speech You just want to hate on people right So yeah it looks like Elon is up he’s Scrambling he’s scrambling to figure out You know how to how to make this whole Thing work Because remember You spend 44 billion dollars well he was Forced to spend 44 billion dollars Because it was a troll that turned into A real his free speech and he paid a big Price And it’s going to be hard to make money From this thing you know Twitter has a Lot of debts right they’re not Profitable as a company you know and so Today to try and mitigate this Elon Musk Came out and he said he’s going to start Charging people eight dollars a month To be verified with a blue check mark Next to their name Yeah eight dollars a month for the blue Check mark Because I guess he’s hoping that Everyone else on Twitter will also make Terrible financial decisions like he did Because what I’m sorry eight dollars What do you

What are you spending eight dollars a Month for like the blue check you Realize what you get with eight dollars A month you could subscribe you can get Like Netflix you can get Paramount plus You can get Hulu or All pay So that people verify that they actually [ __ ] on you Just like oh this is the real Trevor no I hate this guy yeah He said the reason he’s doing this the Reason he’s doing it is because he’s Sick of twitch’s current Lords and Peasants system for who has or who Doesn’t have a blue check mark and then He ended it with power to the people Blue for eight dollars a month So here’s my question If you’re trying to create equality on Twitter Why charge anyone to be verified huh Yeah just give everyone a blue check Mark then Why are you charging the people Give it to everyone for free or give it To no one give it to no one right but it Doesn’t make sense to offer it as Equality and then put a price on it do You get what I’m saying can you can you Imagine if MLK was out there like I have a dream I have a dream and I’ll tell you all About it for 8.99 a month

It wouldn’t be the same thing It’s all about equality no you’re trying To make money I get it yeah so I think This eight dollars a month thing is Ridiculous you know if you ask me if Elon Musk wants to make money from Twitter what he should do don’t charge People for blue check marks no you know Charge white people to say the n-word Turner will be the most profitable Company in history Races are going to be taking out loans I Need a bit of extra cash my neighbors Are so goddamn loud I could use this What else is going on in the news oh of Course of course it’s the story of that Crazy dude I’m sure you’ve all seen this By now the crazy guy who uh broke into Nancy Pelosi’s house And then attacked her 82 year old Husband with a hammer now you would Assume I would assume probably all of You would assume that everyone Regardless of their politics would be Against hammering the elderly right you Would assume that right but apparently Oh but apparently things have changed Because It turns out there are many Republicans Who find this whole thing really funny A lot of Republicans have public Publicly condemned the violence but some Are actually making jokes about it yeah That’s exactly right wolf I mean instead

Of this moment of unity what we have Seen is Republicans actually mocking Paul Pelosi and the attack in fact Donald Trump Jr tweeted out some really Crude memes making fun of Paula Plessy And the incident that happened and then You have Carrie Lake who is the Republican candidate for Arizona Governor who had this to say at a Campaign event earlier today it is not Impossible to protect our kids at school They act like it is Nancy Pelosi well She’s got protection when she’s in DC Apparently her house doesn’t have a lot Of protection But I’m not I’m not gonna lie Mega comedy is weird I don’t get the you hear the joke about The old man who was almost killed that’s It that’s the joke that’s the joke What like like who are these you know You know this was crazy to me What’s crazy to me is These are the very same people the very Same people who are devastated and Appalled Because somebody was rude to Ted Cruz at A restaurant huh these are the same People they’ll be like this was at a Restaurant they were rude to Ted Cruz at A restaurant Where people go To eat

And Ted Cruz goes to lick the napkins They were rude to him this is America And look I I get it it’s like it’s not All Republicans I’m not saying it’s all Some Republicans think it’s a joke many Other Republicans are not laughing but Not because they’re being civil about it No they’ve chosen to turn this into a Giant conspiracy theory right yeah They’ve said there’s a whole bunch of Crazy conspiracies they’ve come up with Why this has happened right and then Some of them have chosen to just dismiss It they go like oh this is not a big Deal this is just the random kind of Crime that happens if you live in a Democrat-run city that’s what they’re Saying which which is which is weird Right because you tell me this is random It’s like a random completely random Everyday crime Right you’re sending me some right-wing Conspiracy theorists broke into Nancy Pelosi’s house screaming where’s Nancy And you think that was a random crime Yeah because we’ve all experienced this Right yeah he was walking down the Street some random guy jumps out with The weapons like where’s your wife Nancy Pelosi and you’re like what I’m not even Married and he’s like oh well if you do Get married one day you look me up and You tell me where you lived you’re like How will I even find you it’s like oh

Look me up on Twitter I’ll be verified [Music]

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