MAGA Preacher Loses It In INSANE Rant On Nail Polish

By | November 4, 2022

A MAGA preacher is infuriated by a boy wearing finger nail polish. Max Burns breaks it down.

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Seen a boy last night with a fingernail Polish on and he looked like oh boy Oh I'm just I'm like oh I want to break his fingers that's Called assault That's a pastor in a church saying in His sermon that he wanted to assault a Child because that child didn't live up To his vision of what masculinity should Look like I must have missed the part when Jesus Said let the little children come to me And do not hinder them where he added Unless their boys with nail polish in Which case break their fingers that Angry Angry Republican was pastor Joe Camilleri and he's among the most Hateful Pastors in America and that my Friends is a race with a lot of Competition across the country the Religious right is going ballistic about Everything from drag queen story hours To transgender kids and they're not Afraid to get in your face about it [Music] [Applause] You just said I'm a gay pervert you are Based on what based on outward Appearance now it might seem like that Street Preacher is having a meltdown but What he's shouting that gay people are Perverts destroying America isn't that Much different from what millions of Right-wingers here in church every

Single Sunday and those people have a Real challenge separating what they Believe from what they think God Believes you're the Pervert but why is It why is it the God's love in spite of His mercy and Grace and forgiveness yes Why in spite of that do people hate him Nobody hates God we hate people like you Who think you know God better than Anybody think about you guys and I'll Say this again about my pervert friend Here what's up Why are you in my DMs all the time dude Not that you guys are all doing I just Know that he's a pervert Yeah I'm viral On grinder we're all just Sinners I Didn't look at porn this morning I Didn't get drunk this morning I didn't Cheat on my wife with 34 years this Morning I did all three of those Shouting on the street is one thing That's annoying as can be but people can Still walk away but these far-right Christian nationalists are about to find Themselves with a whole bunch of new Republican allies in Congress and when That happens you can bet their first Priority is turning their regressive Beliefs into our federal laws that Dehumanizing language is resulting in Real world harassment and abuse and it's Coming from some of the gop's top Elected officials take professional Scumbag Marjorie Taylor green who posted

An anti-transgender sign right outside The door of a colleague who has a Transgender Child Green got a kick out Of hurting her co-worker but we all know That verbal harassment never stops with Just words this woman has supported Insurrection she voted against the Election she believes in a wide variety Of conspiracy theories she has been Called out any number of times but on This issue yesterday she tried to block The equality act and I felt as though She needed to hear from us and what I Mean by that is that I just want to make A statement so that she sees lgbtq plus People the rights hatred for the LGBT Community is manifesting itself in other Strange ways too take Glenn Jacobs the Mayor of Knox County Tennessee Jacobs is Better known as the WWE wrestler Kane a Profession where he made a living Selling sex and violence directly to Children but now that Jacobs is a Republican lawmaker he has a new enemy Drag shows in a series of tweets Jacob Says his office has been flooded with Calls about an alleged all-ages drag Show he complains that no state laws Give him the power to control what Private businesses can do but he Supports his fellow Republicans making Some of those laws Jacob says he'll do Everything in his power to crack down on Drag shows in the future but as one

Commenter notes Jacobs shouldn't be so Uptight about drag shows NBC reporter Ben Carl Islands reminded the mayor that During his time as a pro wrestler one of The stories he was involved in targeted At children involved a wrestler named Sexual Chocolate impregnating a 75 year Old woman who eventually gave birth to a Disembodied hand that episode was rated TV 14 so maybe Jacobs isn't the best Judge of what our kids should watch Jacobs also starred in some pretty Disturbing content himself as commenter Mike malnikov notes Jacobs was involved In a storyline about let's just say Non-consensual advances ultimately Resulting in a woman having a Miscarriage that episode was also rated TV 14 and I guarantee you drag queen Story hours don't cover that it's Important to remember that for every Glenn Jacobs who's just pretending to be Upset there are real people who really Believe that lgbtq Americans are the Death of our nation and they want Republicans to do anything necessary to End their legal equality take Texas Where the Republican Party platform Officially declares gay Texans abnormal And rejects the idea of trans people as Impossible the Texas GOP supports Repealing the right to gay marriage and Nationwide a historic wave of anti-gay Anti-trans legislation is threatening to

Jail parents for seeking gender Affirming care for their kids so much For a small government and don't take my Word for it here's the pastor at Steadfast Baptist Church he doesn't just Want gay marriage to be made a crime he Wants gay and trans Americans sentenced To death for crimes against God every Single one of them what does God say is The answer is the solution for the Homosexual in 2022 here in the New Testament here in the Book of Romans That they are worthy of death These people should be put to death Every single homosexual in our country Should be charged with the crime the Abomination of homosexuality that they Have they should be convicted in a Lawful trial they should be sentenced With death they should be lined up Against the wall and shot in the back of The head that's what God teaches That's what the Bible says you don't Like it you don't like God's work Because that is what God Says with Republicans now likely to retake the House of Representatives marginalized Americans including the lgbtq community Will be directly in their crosshairs and Those attacks won't just come in the Form of legislation but in allowing Harassment and even physical attacks Against them to be ignored or even Celebrated by magaloyalists on Tuesday

Americans have the opportunity to send a Message by voting out Republicans who Peddle anti-gay anti-trans hate this Election is about so much more than Simply voting the bums out many lgbtq Americans living in increasingly Authoritarian red states are voting like Their lives depend on it because they do If you made it to the end thanks so much For watching please leave a like and Consider subscribing and leave a comment Below so you can let me know what I Should cover next

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