MAGA Extremists Threaten Voters: “You Will Be Beaten”

By | November 4, 2022

Clean Elections USA has been slapped with a restraining order after releasing plans to intimidate people at election boxes. Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss on The Young Turks. Watch TYT LIVE on weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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“Days before the U.S. government issued a chilling memo about the threat domestic extremists pose to next week’s elections, a member of the far-right message board known as The Donald threatened voters in Arizona with a message that eerily echoed much of the government’s warning.

“We will post up at every single drop box,” the user wrote. “If you try to drop off more than one ballot, you will be beaten without question. Better tell your gramma to drop off her own vote cause no games are being played this time. You will see violence if caught stuffing ballots in a drop box.”*


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The midterm elections are less than a Week away from today and tensions Throughout the country are definitely High in fact in recent days right-wing Message boards have seen a massive Uptick in violent threats directed Toward voters and election officials now Election workers are being forced to Prepare for the absolute worst and Preparing for the absolute worst is Probably a really good idea considering What we saw on January 6th and what We're already seeing when it comes to Ballot boxes in places like Arizona Daniel J Jones the president of advanced Democracy told Vice this days before the 2022 midterms we're seeing multiple Users on extremist forums promoting Election-related violence or using Threatening and violent language while It is unclear how many users online Overall are making threats against Voters or election officials several of The users claim to have access to Weapons and have consistently made Threats against specific political Figures Now on Reddit there is a form called the Donald I gotta be honest sometimes I go On it just to laugh at the people who Post on there it's an anonymous user by The name of hogs Hogs tooth01 who wrote This We will post up at every single Dropbox

If you try to drop off more than one Ballot you will be beaten without Question better tell your grandma to Drop off her own vote because no games Are being played this time you will see Violence of caught stuffing ballots in a Dropbox so the post was in reference to This ongoing issue in Arizona there were Lawsuits surrounding this issue and it Has to do with vigilante poll Watchers Who are showing up to ballot boxes and Essentially surveilling voters Intimidating voters they're usually Wearing all sorts of like military gear And they have weapons on them thankfully That story and honestly surprisingly That story took a positive turn So U.S District Court Judge Michael Liberty in an unexpected reversal of an Earlier ruling in a related case granted A motion Tuesday for a restraining order In a case consolidating a lawsuit Brought by the non-profit advocacy Groups Arizona Alliance for retired Americans and voto Latino with a similar Suit brought by the League of Women Voters in Arizona both lawsuits accused Clean elections USA this is the Right-wing group that's doing the Intimidation and the group's founder Melody Jennings of carrying out Surveillance of Voters in a coordinated Vigilante intimidation campaign at Ballot dropbox locations with the

Express purpose of deterring Voters from Depositing their ballots so uh because Of the judge's latest ruling Um the members of clean elections USA Will now have to be far away from the Voters as they're dropping off their Ballots uh they're prohibited from Coming within 75 feet of a Ballot Box Additionally any armed or masked Individual will be prohibited from Coming within 250 feet of a Ballot Box They can no longer take photos or videos Of the voters as they're dropping off Their ballots openly carry firearms near The ballot boxes or post information About voters online so that's a positive Update to this story but that still Doesn't do away with the clear vigilante Violence that we're seeing Yeah so there's a a hilarious ironic Twist in this otherwise uh disaster Story that I'll get to in a sec uh first Guys this is what fascism looks like so Uh if you're confused by why that is Wait this isn't necessarily a Republican Party officials doing it Etc no no no When fascism came to Germany there were These uh people that were called the Brown shirts and their job was to do Vigilante violence and the reason that They were egged on through propaganda to Do vigilante violence is so that the Government can have plausible Deniability so that when the Nazis uh

You know uh because remember the Nazis Didn't just take over on one in one day And it wasn't like the Germans always Were in favor of the Nazis in fact they Never even won an election they never Got anywhere close to a majority uh Hitler got a minority of the votes but Somehow wind up becoming president Electoral College okay and and then uh He wanted to have plausible deniability For a long time so he would get the Brown shirts to do vigilante violence on His behalf and say I didn't do it I Didn't do it you hey both sides are Doing I can't tell who's who right so Here we are where they're literally and This is the extra dangerous because They're trying to scare Democrats away From voting at all so they're doing the Violence now very specifically at the Voting booths and then and then the Mainstream media by the way has nonsense Conversations about who's at fault and How can we find a way to blame the Victims here and call it 50 50. but guys That aids in a bets the bad guys when You disperse liability to everyone Instead of the specific people who are Actually doing it now who do you think's Responsible for right Wingers Threatening violence against Democrats At voting areas It doesn't take a rocket scientist to Figure out that it's right-wingers the

Republicans who are threatening violence Against the left-wing and Democrats of Course who else would it be Merchants Lizard people gay frogs what is sin Conspiracy theory do you have for this But yet mainstream media can't tell Can't tell can't tell who's I can't tell Who's right and who's wrong not in Stories like this I want you to Understand but as soon as you're done With this story they have instant Amnesia and then they go back to Republicans and Democrats are the same We can't tell the difference you know we We won't say that Republicans are doing Anything wrong okay yeah they're doing Something wrong they're definitely Definitely going towards Fascism and They're trying to intimidate people by Threatening violence at this level now Having said that uh I got two other Things out of this story Anna okay one Is Ron De Santa says no chance there are Forms named the Donald okay there's Nothing named the Ronald uh there's no There might be but it's not for that Reason it's not it's not orange haired Clown friend Donald Trump is their Messiah he is violent like them he is Entitled like them he has victimhood Like them he is exactly what they've Been looking for a giant prick who will Just oppress everyone that isn't them The scientists and those clones have no

Chance against the real deal Trump Turned politics into an entertaining Sporting event for them I don't think Ron DeSantis has the Charisma yeah it is it's Charisma yeah So yeah Donald Trump does have that and It and it appeals to voters who might Not be you know super engaged or Entrenched in like political policy but They enjoy the rallies they their Politics can be boiled down to one thing And one thing only owning the lips That's it that's all they want and I get It owning the libs is fun But it doesn't accomplish anything for You or the country in general no what it Is is hating the others right that's all It is and what it what did the fascists In Germany do focus on hating to others Now Hitler unfortunately was very Charismatic to the German people you Know the fiery speeches and everybody Yelling at the same time they love that They used to go to a Hitler rally so They could do the salute to him so they Could Rage Against the others and so Anyway back to the irony here though so They this guy gets outed for threatening To kill people at voting areas and then He gets super mad at the press and he Says quote I find it disturbing that he Would use my real name in the message No the entitlement is amazing it is a me The entitlement is amazing

Yeah of course they're going to use your Name what are you you're not a minor why Would they protect your your name that Doesn't make any sense no to the Right-wing mind it does make sense Because they think no I could threaten To murder you and that's okay because I'm a right winger but if you out my Name that's a giant crime I am the Victim because if it happens to you and You're a right winger it counts if it Happens to someone else it doesn't count Because they're the most selfish most Egotistical the most entitled clown Asses you'll ever see in your entire Life and now they're driven to violence And now violence around voting areas yes So this is exactly how fascism comes but Again the good news here with this Arizona case and the vigilantes in Arizona intimidating voters at ballot Drop boxes is that a federal judge ruled Against them and now uh they have to Abide by these rules and I saved the Best for last so remember the group that We're talking about here the Vigilante Group clean elections USA was founded by This woman uh named uh oh my God don't Say her name Melody Jennings oh my God Are you okay Melody are you okay no one Cares if she's okay uh so Melody Jennings uh so she has to according to The judge's ruling put out a statement Indicating that what she's been lying to

Everyone about is in fact a lie and she Has to inform them of the truth so Addressing clean elections USA and its Founders promotion of a false claim Accusing some voters of being so-called Ballot mules uh Liberty who's the judge Ordered Jennings to write a host on Truth social stating that there are Several reasons why voters in Arizona Can legally return more than one ballot To a ballot Dropbox site per the judge's Order Jennings who made the post on Wednesday also included the relevant Arizona law on returning more than one Ballot we'll get to our post in a moment But let me just note look think about How much they are actually hurting Voters that might actually vote for Their preferred candidates part of the Reason why ballot harvesting is allowed Is because like in some states people Vote in like rural areas they might be Disabled they might not have the Mobility necessary to get to a voting Place or a ballot a drop-off box and so They'll have a family member someone Else drop it off for them okay it's not Some crazy conspiracy to stuff the Ballot drop-off boxes with fraudulent Democratic votes by the way guys if it Was we would despise it we would despise It number one the Republicans would be The first one to do it if they could Okay in fact almost all the voter fraud

Cases in America or Republicans go oh I Had to cheat so because I heard the Democrats are cheating so I voted for Donald Trump 48 times I don't know what You're talking about man all right it's Their fault so they would be the first To second of all we're progressives you Know who would be second to cheat Corporate Democrats we would get screwed The most so I want the elections to be As Fair as humanly possible okay let me Just say look there's the moral part of It and I think that's what you're Getting at right but like I also don't Like I wouldn't feel good knowing that The party I root for won because we Cheated I would feel like a massive Loser do you not understand that forget That that's gonna be the first one to Turn them in dude I I would it would I'd Be so embarrassed it's like no obviously The people aren't buying what we're Selling here's right we turn in the Democrats all the time we tell you they Take donations from corporations and They serve corporations we've shown it Literally thousands of times on on air Why would we hide if they were cheating At The Ballot Box right they're not They're not but they and guys one last Thing you think like nobody can actually Believe these insane lies that they say About ballot mules and have you went to Drop off something your the ballots for

Your wife or your husband as you're Dropping off that you should be murdered Because you're a ballot mule no one Could possibly believe that right no They actually genuinely believe it Remember they don't need half the Country to believe it they just need a Couple of lunatics on their side who are Heavily armed to believe it because a Couple of Acts of terrorism gets them The exact kind of vigilante violence They want to suppress the votes of the Other guys to intimidate their opponents And then be able to go above the law and Destroy our democracy that's what the Republican party is doing right now if Anybody isn't telling you that they're Purposely lying to you thanks for Watching The Young Turks who really Appreciate it another way to show Support is through YouTube memberships You'll get to interact with us more There's live chat emojis badges you've Got emojis of me Anna John Jr so those Are super fun but you also get playback Of our exclusive member only shows and Specials right after they air so all That all you got to do is click that Join button right underneath the video Thank you

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