Madison Cawthorn Wastes Final Hours In Congress To Say This…

By | December 2, 2022

Madison Cawthorn decided to waste his final house floor speech whining about “masculinity” and “metrosexuals.” Jayar Jackson and Dan Evans break it down on The Watchlist. Watch LIVE on weekdays at noon ET.

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“Soon-to-be-former Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) used his last speech on the House floor on Wednesday to rally his colleagues against the impending threat of “soft metrosexuals.”

In a fitting coda to a bizarre single term in office, Cawthorn wasted his final precious minutes on C-SPAN sounding the alarm on the death spiral of masculinity. “Our young men are taught that weakness is strength, that delicacy is desirable, and that being a soft metrosexual is more valuable than training the mind, body, and soul,” the 27-year-old said during his heated remarks.”

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Our nation used to believe that there Was strength and purpose in taking the Hits learning from your mistakes and Growing from through the adversity America is weak her sons are sickly and Her daughters are decrepit our country Now faces the consequences of enabling a Participation trophy Society We are no longer the United States we Have become the nanny State our young Men are taught that weaknesses and Strength that delicacy is desirable and That being a soft metrosexual is more Valuable than training the Mind Body and Soul Social media has weakened us siphoning Our men of their will to fight So on this precipice of disaster I asked The young men of this nation a question We reclaim your masculinity will you Become a man to be feared to be Respected to be looked up to or you let This nation's Next Generation be its Final generation with that I yield back Madison yields back as he returned to Congress because he's been missing uh Madison cawthorne is on his way out as We all know he lost his primary A few months ago already so he had no Chance in the first place but that's his Parting words for Congress make sure you Save America what's up with these Participation trophies and these Non-masculine men what's the matter

Metrosexuals we need to strengthen our Chins and put a cleft in the middle and Buck up and take some steroids because That's what a man is that's what Madison Kaufman wants you guys to always Remember because we can have men being Feminine Let's take a look at that picture that You guys are all picturing in your head Right now Madison cawthorne by the way Enjoying himself in lingerie still a man You're still a man Madison someone maybe Needs to tell him you're still a man It's okay you don't have to push this Narrative that you can't have your Little fun surrounded by women with Lingerie on it was a fun night I guess But he has to play this role as he Leaves office even though I'm not even Sure what the purpose of this is what's His next steps who knows but uh he's Always had this whole thing about having A tough guy anyway so I guess he has to Finish off with that let's just have a Little bit of a stroll down memory lane About Madison cawthorne and his tough Guy persona watch that Because you know if our election systems Continue to be rigged and continue to be Stolen then it's going to lead to one Place and it's Bloodshed we want our Country back we want our culture back And if you want to stand in the way of That we will run you over there's

Nothing that would dread doing more than Having to pick up arms against the Fellow Americans our culture today is Trying to completely Demasculate all of the young men in our Culture if you're raising a young man Please raise them to be a monster Kyle Rittenhouse is not guilty my friends you Have a right to defend yourselves be Armed be dangerous and be moral Remember the Ukrainian government is Incredibly corrupt and it is incredibly Evil and it has been pushing woke Ideology it really does the new world Man that old rotted tree never saw it Coming uh so Dan uh parting shots for Madison cawthorne are you heating his Advice Let's go ahead and Inspire more Manliness with men Yeah I I would like to if we could go Back to the lingerie photo for a moment As since I never thought I would say Live on air on tyt and um Actually yeah uh when you were saying Huh it's interesting that Madison Cothern is talking a lot about Masculinity and all these other things I Know what image you're thinking about I Was like how is Jr Gonna Play that video On the show because they're way worse Things that uh are way more compromising In Madison cawthorne's sort of like life And what he's doing uh that I think

Again a lot of these things kind of Painting him with these photos is a Smear because like I was like in a frat At one point and we did a contest where Like to fundraise with sororities we all Ran in the heels and I killed that and There's like something that is just like Enjoyable as like being comfortable in Your sexuality like mine is a cisgender Male and you know just like doing Something like out of the blue like that For other people's entertainment but Also like it's like something I wouldn't Normally do like it's like and if you Would normally do that then that's also Totally fine but this idea that Madison Cawthorne's attacking we're not having Regular men anymore we're losing our Society guess what you're going to have Regular quote-unquote men you're going To have traditional cisgendered men that Exist and have no interest in you know Routinely dressing thing up in you know Lingerie or women's clothing and you're Going to have regular men or like people Who are just like a little bit more you Know comfortable with these things who Will do it from time to time just like Madison cawthorne has on multiple Occasions and you know they're just okay With it because they're okay that these Are just closed just things we put in Our body these are just social Constructs too how lingerie and these

Things even look and fit to Europeans so Like this is like this is him trying to Go into the culture War I'll say one Thing I'm disappointed in you Jr you Said who knows what he's going to do After this you and I both know podcast Ugh well everybody can you keep up with All the podcasts I just I can't I mean Marjorie Taylor green never stopped like She was in Congress like day of talking About her stuff like on her podcast I'm Like yo usually you wait until you get Elected out to like do that whole grip But no she's just keep doing it before During and after you gotta respect it at A certain point but when you're not Really working in your job that you were Elected to do then you have time for Your podcast as well it's just the way These things go by the way uh you talk About the manliness of people dressing Up and then you know you did the heel Run at the at the in college and stuff I've been in many manly situations many Manly locker rooms I was an athlete my Whole life Lots of stuff gets said in locker rooms You don't remember when Donald Trump had His whole blow up that happened before He in 2016. it's just locker room talk Remember it was this locker room Todd I Know many manly men big strong guys Playing football basketball running and Swimming and all that that did a lot of

Things in the locker room that seat that Didn't seem very manly or standing up to Masculinity and not putting those things On bro it happens and none of them Consider themselves any less manly after That neither did folks seeing it people Do what they're gonna do they're humans They're folks but you know in order to Uh in order to appeal to the masses and Act like you're this big time manly guy Who for some reason should be followed Because of that you have to keep pushing This narrative Maybe he'll uh maybe he'll I don't know Maybe he'll he'll find himself one day And actually understand who he is and It's not this Persona that he's putting On because you're lost anyway it didn't Work out for you did it