Loser Republican FIGHTING to Throw Out His Own Daughter’s Absentee Ballot

By | December 20, 2022

A Republican is asking to invalidate his own daughter’s absentee ballot because she voted for his Democratic opponent. Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss on The Young Turks. Watch TYT LIVE on weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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“A New Jersey Republican committeeman is seeking to throw out his daughter’s absentee ballot after she voted for his Democratic opponent, a report says.

Tom Baio, a Mendham Township committeeman, lost his re-election bid to his Democratic challenger Lauren Spirig by three votes, according to the Observer-Tribune.

Morris County Republicans said in a statement Thursday that they plan to file a lawsuit contesting the results, alleging that several young Democrats who cast vote-by-mail ballots did not meet the state residency requirement, per the paper.

Baio told the paper that among those is his daughter, Ariana Baio, who he said voted for the Democratic candidate.”


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A republican politician in New Jersey Who narrowly and I mean narrowly lost uh His re-election bid is literally trying To get his own daughter's ballot thrown Out now he lost by three votes So he's like oh family Political power family political power So he went after his daughter's ballot Um because she actually ended up voting For his uh Democratic Challenger So that's obviously why he'd want to Thrown out I know I know it's amazing even though It's against the Republican that is a Tough blow man the daughter yeah I mean if your daughter's voting against You bro maybe time to do some Self-reflection you know what I'm saying Yeah at least should I have a Conversation ahead of time now let's Fill in the blanks let's give you the Context on Thursday Morris County Republicans said that they would file a Lawsuit contesting the results of the Re-election or the election I should say In which Republican committee man he's a Committee man Tom bio lost his bid for Another three-year term to his Democratic Challenger Lauren spring uh Spirit now uh he lost again just by Three votes uh Bao I hope I'm saying his Name correctly initially lost the Election to Spirit by two votes but the Recount showed that not only did spirig

Keep her win but Bayo dropped another Vote in the end Spirit received 1473 votes while he received 1470. so again three votes that's the Difference when one of them is your Daughter Ouch God that hurts it's delicious now In a statement issued Thursday by Morris County Republican committee chair Laura Ali Republicans allege several young Democrats who cast vote by mail or vbm Ballots failed to meet state residency Requirements among them the daughter of Morris County Democratic chair Amalia Duarte who lives in Knoxville Tennessee Now bio believes that 29 votes cast by Democrats were illegal and cast by Residents who don't actually live here So that's why he's going after these Ballots though it's not clear how he Arrived at that number of 29 ballots it Wasn't explicitly mentioned in Laura Ali's statement but another voter who Also allegedly violated those Requirements was Ariana bio which is Tom Bio's daughter who's a professional Journalist living in New York City okay So while Ali did not mention bio's Daughter in the statement she said in an Email to The Observer Tribune Tom's Daughter is a Democrat and voted the Democrat ticket we had nothing to do With her vote now her father confirmed To the paper that she voted Democratic

In the November 8th election all right There's more you want me to keep going All right now he's expressing regret That he and his wife in fact mailed the Mail-in ballot no that said guilty to His daughter living in New York City Okay and he says Lock him up lock him up Okay you're the one who brought up the Issue not us Like many parents driven by a sense of Duty he says we were wrong to advance The vote by mail ballot to my daughter Ariana my daughter did answer the call Of duty and did vote by the by the mail In ballot it's just that we didn't Expect her to vote for my Challenger at That part that's the problem uh we all Need to correct this Behavior as parents And as citizens of towns as great as Meant him I call on all mentem residents next year To heed this example as shameful as it Is we need to correct this Behavior I Know I will we need to go man Ham on it No look guys they're attacking boating In every way yeah but also I mean Where is she living because here's the Thing if you're a college student who Actually lives in one state but you're Going to school in another state okay I Mean a case can be made you're just Going to school to that other state but You go home for you know when you're not

In school in this case if she is living In New York City if that's her primary Residence it doesn't really make sense For her to vote Where she's not a resident yeah I Totally agree with that looks guys There's a couple of things here number One if you live in two different places Obviously if you vote in two different Places that's a No-No that's obvious Right and that would actually be a crime So assuming that she did not vote in New York she voted only in New Jersey she's Basically picking her jurisdiction that She wants to voted which makes the story Slightly more devastating because she Could have just voted in her own District in New York instead she went Out of her way to vote in her dad's District to vote against them Ouch ow holy cow that hurts okay and Then on top of that okay let's say that That's wrong okay she didn't meet the Residency requirements how many Republican voters didn't meet the Residents right that's exactly right and I'm also curious I mean would he want to Throw out her ballot if she voted the Right way oh I never mentioned it and You all know it so what is the New Jersey law pertaining to this particular Issue voter registration law is somewhat Ambiguous in New Jersey according to the State a resident must be a U.S citizen

Uh at least 18 years old and live in a County for at least 30 days before the Election So if she was in New York City and not In New Jersey then Well you know that's why these uh that's Why lawyers exist because you could read That as it said live 30 days in the County before the election it didn't say Right before the election she lived in That county for well past 30 days Earlier and it was technically before The election ambiguous ambiguous okay But if you like prosecute your own Daughter and yourself for uh to try to Get a political position you sound like A class guy how about it Austin yeah Just do it evenly and fairly yes that's All thanks for watching The Young Turks I really appreciate it another way to Show support is through YouTube Memberships you'll get to interact with Us more there's live chat emojis badges You've got emojis of me Anna John Jr so Those are super fun but you also get Playback of our exclusive member only Shows and specials right after they air So all that all you got to do is click That join button right underneath the Video thank you