LET THEM FIGHT! Ben Shapiro Vs Candace Owens Drama Goes Public

By | December 7, 2022

Candace Owens speaks about Ben Shapiro publicly rebuking her relationship with Kanye West. Owens highlights Shapiro’s stances on vaccines and Ukraine as examples of other disagreements they have.. Owens expresses her frustration that people think she is controlled by anyone, as well as how people want her to answer for everything Kanye says and does, without directly mentioning the things he said last week: “I also think it’s really crappy for everybody to keep thinking that i have to answer and agree with every single thing that Ye says.”

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Check out more from the MR crew:
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Here's Candace Owens we should just say Like people should be aware of what's Going on at uh the daily wire there's a Lot of dissension because Candice Owens Has been a big defender of Kanye West Um and Um She has been really adamant that he is Not an anti-semite oh yeah and if you Think he is you're being dishonest yes And it's pretty obvious to just about Anybody who understands what the words Anti-semite mean but he's an anti-semite Um but regardless it's always it's Difficult when you have a house divided Right that's the thing is it's like the True tragedy here it's not Kanye's Anti-Semitism it's the fact that daily Wire The daily wire fam I can't get along on This issue remember No One controls what Candace thinks or says okay and here she Is I think it should be abundantly obvious Based on the way that I cover news Topics and the way that Ben Shapiro Covers news topics and our varying Opinions not just me and Ben me and Matt And Michael Knowles that nobody is Controlling the other person I mean what Examples do you need Ben was very provax His wife is a doctor he likes vaccines He's vacced his children he got the Coveted vaccine I was staunchly and

Remained staunchly against not just the Coveted vaccine all vaccines I am a Proud non-back sir I did not backs my Children I believe that the big Pharma Collusion has been happening for a very Long I can do this for you she's lying There's no school that she's going to They're sending her kid is she Homeschooling her kids Unless she is doing that then yes she's Lying unless she's homeschooling her Kids She has got them vaccinated With something Is she homeschooling your kids And how old are they because eventually They're going to leave the house Yeah I don't know yet um she does have Videos and withdraw your kids from State Schools but I don't know if she has a Kid old enough to be in school yeah at Least per Wikipedia um her her son was Born in January of 2021 and she just had A daughter in July of this year okay so They're you know yeah we'll see about That we'll see about that Against not just the coveted vaccine all Vaccines I am a proud non-back sir I did Not vax my children I believe that the Big Pharma collusion has been happening For a very long time I respect Ben's Right to get vaccines into Baxter's Children but I disagree with that Ben Was a supporter is a supporter I guess

Of President zielinski and what's Happening in Ukraine he believes Ukraine Has a right to defend itself against Russia I believe that it's all part of a Money laundering operation and that President zelensky is no better than Putin I believe that what is happening Over there is us moving from Afghanistan The money that we were spending every Single day and it's a part of the Military industrial complex and so I do Not support anything in Ukraine we don't Agree on many topics and if we did and He was controlling me he would be doing A very bad job of controlling me based On what we talk about and I think that It was really crappy for somebody who Was a friend of mine I see that on a Platform but I also think it's really Crappy for everybody to keep thinking That I have to answer and agree with Every single thing that yay says I am Not his spokesperson I am not Kim to Balenciaga all right I am not working on That campaign please stop tagging me in Every single thing that he says and Saying that my silence is violence I of Course do not agree with every single Thing that yay says I don't agree with Every single thing that I say when I Look back four years ago you know what I Have a different perspective on this and I would and I'm I would like to be able To amend my former perspectives

Yeah she's had a tough time folks I love the idea like I do not believe That Ukraine has the right of Self-determination when uh Putin attacks That's a weird same as zelensky you know It's you're everyone else who is calling On me to maybe amend my comments about How well I it you should how dare you Accuse him of anti-Semitism I'm not the bad guy in this instance You're the bad guy for not expressing or Allowing for the free exchange of ideas Here at the daily wire I want I'll tell You what I really want is somebody who's Going to school with her kids in a year Or two To ask the administration at that Private school that she's going to send Her kids to These kids have like tetanus shots and Rubella shots and whooping cough shots And um And uh uh like they don't have their Shots measles shots I don't think so folks she wrote on Parlor a month ago anybody correlating Yay to Adolf Hitler should no longer be Taken seriously as a commentator Politician or journalist anymore just an Absolute joke Yeah funny Uh he pretty much said I love Hitler a Million times on that one it's just Funny the language they use to like the

Equating them like I don't think people Like equate to them so much to say like There's uh some similarities in terms of The ego is egotism that makes like a Stand-up comedian or that he was Self-involved in a way that saying Anti-Semitism so it echoed it like in Nazis I like these more than the Nazi Yeah yeah and also and she's in a tough Position with this Balenciaga thing Because that's what's funny is so you Know it's that it was a campaign that Alluded to it had children and kind of Like bdsm-esque outfits and then there Was a case uh if you zoomed in on the Photo a case File that involved child Pornography that I think went to the Supreme Court Um and so like I mean that is just a Fashion designer trying to stir up or Whoever did the pr campaign for this Trying to stir up controversy and now Their name is in the news so it's a win For them even if uh people are obsessing Over it but like the people that are Obsessing are these Q Anon folks that Want to see pedophilia in every corner Of Hollywood and he Kim Kardashian his Ex-wife had to disavow it Kanye's like Out of his mind right now so he's still Defending and saying I love Balenciaga There could not be more of like a Chasm Between what you know Candace Owen says She stands for and what Kanye is is uh

Is putting out there in regards to Balenciaga so that tension is fun I also Missed the the thing from a few weeks Ago where uh Candace Owens quote tweeted Max Blumenthal saying that um like Organizations like the ADL aren't as Necessary because like secular white Jews are are prospering and that you Know Zionism is contingent upon Jewish Insecurity and then Shapiro was like Shapiro screenshotted that tweet of Candace Owens like quote tweeting and Basically saying I said something Similar about the NAACP but you Shouldn't say that if you if you try to Disrupt the trauma economy you get Punished and Shapiro was like this is a Bad look for like the retweeting max Blumenthal who's a guy who is like a Promoter of a lot of Jew haters is a Really bad thing and Candace Owens was Like you have my number we could have Settled this privately well that's What's funny I had no idea actually I Can't even I didn't even realize Blumenthal had any sort of involvement In it yeah it's bad um do it do it um Publicly like that's the thing is like We want to see you have this the whole Thing you're selling is like oh we have A diversity of opinions yeah well then Let's see the debate put them on let's See yeah without a doubt this reminds me Though like as you know they talk about

Their differences in vaccines and Candace Owens comes out as like just the Full anti-vaxx this reminds me of a clip From a Dave Rubin from um see if you can See the date there it's with um the Skeptic side of the Universe I forget Her name but um this woman who's a Skeptic and sort of it's a pro-vaccine Segment from years ago with Dave Rubin I Thought we could enjoy this this is what Posting this is what finally made David Block me on Twitter Let's start with this I'm going to show You take a look at this this is a map That you can see in this map how over The last couple years that the amount of Parents that have chosen to opt out of Getting their kids vaccinated for Measles has increased in California so These are parents that use the personal Belief exemption uh to get their kids Not vaccinated so they didn't have to Take vaccinations and that was that that Was awesome that's pretty good that was Pretty good those red clusters there That you see are um more than five Percent of the population and those are Just verbal claims people who have Actually said on paperwork Um that they are taking that personal Belief exemption a lot less people get Vaccinated even even than that right Okay so let's start for so again for Like just the Layman basic people that

Know nothing about science okay people Don't want measles right no you don't Know you don't want measles so they Vaccinated us for measles you've been Vaccinated for measles right I've been Vaccinated remember you got it was Called the MMR vaccine probably the Measles mumps and rubella vaccine and These sound like Victorian diseases Don't they right Bella who do you know The type of Bella right exactly same Thing with measles I mean it was all but Eradicated really in America the same Way we think of polio as having been Eradicated we were very close to Eradicating measles and now we're seeing It creep back into the population right Okay so that sounds crazy that it's Coming back so why would people not want To have their kids vaccinated well this Is a complicated issue and I think it's Easy sometimes as as a science Communicator you know they get into it There it is so Dave Rubin was like That's a Kara Santa Maria you know You're right old friend from tyt's maybe That's when he was closer to sanity she Was on tyt