By | October 27, 2022

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Now I’m not saying they are Intentionally crashing the economy into A great grave economic reset and Depression even though they say they’re Doing that in their own words or helping The world system and order enter a Global conflict otherwise known as World War III and create more division among The masses politically here in Western Nation states like the United States and Also Europe but if they were what would They be doing differently because this Seems like the absolute perfect storm Let me give you an example of this Vladimir Putin has explicitly warned as Both Russia and NATO are running drills Right now for nuclear simulations this Is end of days worst case scenario Princeton just came out with the report That set up to 25 to 30 million people Could be instantly vaporized God forbid Pray that that doesn’t happen but he Specifically has said that if if Ukraine Applied for NATO membership and Successfully joined then that would be Enough to send us into global conflict And global war and we’re also starting To get reports leaking This is unconfirmed but I believe this Is very likely and possible and Mentioned this before that in addition To the 300 000 reservists that have been Called up we could see as high as 1.2 million called into a winter

Offensive many tacticians and Military Analysts would say that Russia has a Severe Edge on the battlefield when it Comes to the approaching harsh and cold Winter of course the pipelines having Bursted being bombed both sides arguing Which was the culprit which was not as The United States funds the war and Ukraine Asking for another 50 billion dollars Think about this for a minute this is Wild is Ukraine like the 51st state of America like a new state or something Because our own States here in the United States don’t get this kind of Funding a hundred billion now another 50 Billion they are wanting at a time of Economic recession is what they’re Saying all over the mainstream media Right now that we have job losses and an Economic slowdown we see big Tech their Numbers Google coming out with Disappointing headlines today and all of This is building momentum so I asked the Question again I’m not saying they’re doing this Intentionally although some of us might Think that they are but what would they Even do differently as we’ve seen the Supply shocks and the sanctions Specifically precipitate an economic and Financial storm that we’re currently Living through as the closures and Lockdowns only help to propel a lot of

The problems that we’re currently seeing In the first second and third world a Global reset and economic Financial Transitioning from a Petro dollar and Now a posturing and pivoting Saudi Arabia and Middle East moving away from The hegemony in the Supreme superpower Status that was once the United States With Z cementing his power regime and Infrastructure government with a Permanent lifetime rule as the brics Nations grow stronger and as Saudi Arabia King Solomon and others suggest That Biden this is what they’ve accused Him of is manipulating the financial oil Reserves as a part of our strategic Reserves that should only be used during War not to meddle in elections and Upcoming midterms so as we enter and are Living through this worst case scenario Is there warning about dirty bombs and U.S officials are even saying in Accusing Russia of a false Flack Upcoming how could it get any worse and We see this culturally culturally as Well with the Very divisive issues and cultural divide That we’re getting with yay and all the Drama going around that we’re seeing This all across social media as well so To me I see this as a lot of propaganda Predictive programming as I talk about Incessantly uh to get people into arouse Those old fears of Cold War Cold War 1.0

Now Cold War 2.0 this is why they keep Telling us about nukes and not just World War one and two but now world war Three I mean I’m looking at a host of Articles here probably 15 that all are Major headlines from Newsweek U.S news Bloomberg Fortune all calling for World War III even Elon musking this is from Fortune that he’s worried about nuclear Escalation and specifically World War III it seems like the only people not Worried about World War III are the American people that think that these Things cannot happen even though all of The media outlets and all of the Billionaires seem to be warning about it So again guys think for yourself think Critically but this truly is the perfect Economic Financial Global wartime Scenario in all wars as we know Historically are fought over embargoes Like what was placed on Japan before Pearl Harbor and before the entrance of World War II and also energy or in this Case oil and the Petro dollar currency Itself as we enter the great reset in Their own words so get ready ladies and Gentlemen please be prepared share this Video I think we’re going to see a Stronghold and escalatory measures this Is my opinion I’ll State my opinion of Possible Bank runs and of course asset Freezes in the coming days weeks and Months as we move to the economic

Financial reset to Central Bank digital Currencies because just like Everything’s on our cell phone today Your money is certainly going to be on Your cell phone and we’ve talked about This as well we’re seeing now social Credit score scores the cancel culture That we’re seeing with yay for example Not saying I agree with what he said but It only proves the point that Banks can Cancel your relationships with them they Can cancel business dealings like Adidas And the Gap and I pose this question This is just a question I thought I’d Ask because I’m a critical thinker I Think for myself I know it’s crazy it’s Unbelievable but do you think Adidas and The Gap would have severed the business Ties with yay if he had made the exact Same comments about white people I was curious what you guys think I’m Not saying they wouldn’t have or they Would have but I’m posing the question I Mean these are intelligent or as I like To say intelligent questions to ask and This to me is just setting the bar Raising the bar in the stage as we Approach again very tumultuous midterms A very tumultuous election as they Bifurcate two extremes notice how They’re doing this this is all by Design In my opinion in my view the Republican Party over here the Trump extreme over Here the yays over here the Alex Jones

Over here and then the woke crowd over Here on the left they want everything Extreme as if there’s not normal people In the middle that say believe in God Have constitutional values and Principles and aren’t extreme but are Maybe just right down in the middle see They want to bifurcate that’s an Important word both parties and that to Me is just an element of psychological Control and what only allow them to Further the narrative and the agenda for The well ultimate toppling of Sovereign Nation States as we move into The great reset because you know we’re All in this together ladies and Gentlemen I’m Christopher green Hard-hitting and in your face please Like and share this video worldwide and Also like to hear your comments Questions that helps us out a lot if you Just click the like button subscribe and Help us get to a million plus Subscribers here on YouTube I certainly Appreciate it and have a blessed day I’m Praying for all of you tuning in

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