Lauren Boebert on Her Bathroom Fight with Marjorie Taylor Greene

By | January 21, 2023

Lauren Boebert shared details about what went on in the bathroom showdown with Marjorie Taylor Greene. Cenk Uygur, Rayy Vana, and Lance from The Serfs discuss on The Young Turks. Watch TYT LIVE on weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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“Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) joined Dana Loesch on her radio show The Dana Show this week and dished the dirt on her bathroom throwdown with fellow MAGA hardliner Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) during the prolonged House speaker election earlier in the month.

“Just going to ask you right out of the gate, what the hell goes on in the ladies’ bathroom?” asked Loesch, who previously served as a spokesperson for the National Rifle Association.”


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So yeah I mean we're talking in the Congressional ladies bathroom Um I'm there with Anna Paulina Luna and You know people are upset about what's Going on in the speaker's race Um it had been a couple of days we were Not electing Kevin McCarthy we hadn't Received the concessions that we wanted And Um my my colleague from Georgia the Gentlewoman from Georgia um came up and Started um you know being being kind of Nasty about it That was congresswoman from Colorado Lauren bobert speaking with former NRA Spokeswoman Dana Loesch on her podcast The Dana show bobert gave a little bit Of insight on the bathroom Throwdown she Had with congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green over the speakership vote and I've Got more for you so let's listen When she started going after me uh I Looked at her and said don't be ugly Because you guys were kind of like BFFs There for a while weren't you or no am I Just is that just because you know the Media is like look two women in Congress I think the media saw two women in Congress you know there was there was Nothing against her um we we travel in The same circles Um have the same policy views on on a Lot of things not everything but um on Many things and uh but yeah I I

Looked at her said I don't have time for This I said don't be ugly and that's Something that my granny used to say to Me when I was being a brat uh it's the Most inoffensive thing you could say she Said don't be ugly and uh so I would Have respond yeah granny granny told me That a lot though Foreign So you all might remember that phrase Don't be ugly from this tweet Lauren Posted earlier this week a couple days Ago she took to Twitter to tweet out be Kind Don't be ugly so now we know that this Tweet was directed at Marjory Taylor Green could this be a signal of a divide Within the Republican Party well if we Want to figure that out first we have to Discuss what their argument was actually About and thankfully for us the Daily Beast did some investigative work to Figure that out So according to the Daily Beast which Cited multiple unnamed sources Green and bobert were nearly in a Screaming match in the women's bathroom During the house floor vote on January 3rd the pair argued about bobert's Loyalty to McCarthy on the day of the First ballot to select the speaker of The house so before I get into more About the fight I want to remind Everybody who was on what team so

Marjorie Taylor green backed Kevin McCarthy's bid for speakership from the Very start and she voted for him in each Round of voting Lauren bobert on the Other hand opposed McCarthy and joined The so-called never Kevin caucus and Instead she voted for Jim Jordan Byron Donalds Kevin Hearn until she eventually Voted present in the final two rounds so She never voted for Kevin McCarthy but Her present votes helped him eventually Win the speakership all right back to The fight One Source said that green Confronted bobert as she was coming out Of a bathroom stall green accused bobert Of taking buddy from McCarthy for her Re-election bid but then not backing him In the house Speaker race The Source Said another source backed this up Adding the green said to bober you were Okay taking millions of dollars from McCarthy but you refused to vote for him For speaker Lauren so Lord bobert barely Won her re-election she defeated the Democratic party Challenger Adam Frisch By only 546 votes after a recount so According to open Secrets the district Which is Colorado's Third District was The seventh most expensive house race in The United States with bobert raising Over 7.6 million in campaign Contributions which apparently several Million of which came from Kevin McCarthy if you believe green side of

The story so how did they ultimately end This fight Well the bathroom disagreement ended With bobert running out of the bathroom Quote like a little school girl the First Source told The Daily Beast adding That bobert told green before leaving The bathroom don't be ugly which is a Little bit different than Lauren played It on the Dana show Jank what do you Think about this Okay Um I'm gonna abstain from discussing uh Ugliness so uh let's break this down Um first off they disagree with each Other on the speaker book So what Right but in politics there's two things Going on one is everything is personal Right so everybody gets takes Umbrage and there everybody's offended You I I get attacked a billion times if I Was like them I'd be like oh my God oh My God oh my God oh somebody called me This somebody called me that Calm down okay you guys disagree so what Right and you barely stick around to Anything and so you're having to Disagree on this no they gotta uh fight Each other like crazy So the first part of the equation is the Reason they do that is because once they

Get into Congress everyone in the world Tells them that they're super special And important and they're they're to be Revered they are now part of the elites She's a gentle woman from Congress the You know the congresswoman from Colorado You are so important so if anybody you Know just criticizes you a little bit How dare you can then they fight Okay the second part of it is they're Right-wingers they're all grifters right So beware of Republicans bearing griffs So the more they fight the more Attention they draw to each other and Honestly the more they win they'll raise More money they're both raise more money Because they're in this silly somewhat Manufactured fight so who's right the Answer is neither one of them they're Both terrible but there is one part That's important guys look at what Marjorie Taylor green said she said Kevin got you millions of dollars and Now you're not backing him Look at the Assumption of corruption Marjorie Taylor green is mad at Lauren Bobert for not being corrupt enough Remember he funneled all these bribes to You and then you're supposed to vote for Him because he gave you the those bribes So score one for bobert apparently uh She wasn't as corrupt as Marjorie Taylor Green wanted her to be Lance I mean normally I would use this as an

Opportunity to rip into uh Marjorie Taylor green but I gotta say if I'm or If I'm being honest if I was in a Bathroom stall and I saw Marjorie Taylor Green starting to do like CrossFit on Like one of the side walls or something Like she does online like I I would Probably run out of there too so uh I I Don't know if I can even excuse uh you Know or sorry really blame lone bobert For this one uh this is awesome it's It's Q Anon versus Q Anon it's it's Someone who thought Jewish space lasers Caused the California wildfires versus Someone who started the gun themed Hooters style restaurant that got closed Down because it gave the town diarrhea Uh so you know uh which one of the two Is more honorable or deserves uh less of Our respect it's it's hard to say thanks For watching The Young Turks who really Appreciate it another way to show Support is through YouTube memberships You'll get to interact with us more There's live chat emojis badges you've Got emojis of me Anna John Jr so those Are super fun but you also get playback Of our exclusive member on only shows And specials right after they air so all That all you got to do is click that Join button right underneath the video Thank you