Lauren Boebert: God Told Me I Would Get Reelected

By | January 24, 2023

During a recent interview, Lauren Boebert said God directly told her that she didn’t have to worry about her extremely close bid for reelection. Ben Gleib and Cenk Uygur discuss on The Young Turks. Watch TYT LIVE on weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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Was just the Democrat and myself he Campaigned as a republican the media Allowed him to do that they called him a Conservative right Um just allowed him to Define himself as That it's bizarre Um but I won again with 51 of the vote Uh just took a lot longer to get there That was Lauren bobert talking about her Election which she won by an extremely Narrow margin just 546 votes to be exact nonetheless during Her painstaking weight she never gave up Hope why You know why because God told her that He would show up Watch this Throughout all of this I was telling you You know God was really pressing on my Heart the story of Elijah Um he said the true God will answer by Fire and those who worshiped Baal uh They they believe that Baal was the the True God he said Elijah said prove it if If Baal is the true God tell him to Answer by fire and they're calling him For him they're screaming they're Hollering they're cutting themselves or Acting a fool uh you know we've seen That like in 2020 riots and stuff right But their God didn't show up Elijah was Mocking them then he went he said you Know what I'm gonna do you one better I Don't want you to say that this is some

Kind of fluke um some sort of combustion That just happened I'm gonna drench the Altar with fire or with water three Times three times he went and drenched The altar with fire and God with water And God still showed up by fire and That's what he was showing me with this Election yeah he said it may look Impossible in the natural that there Will not be a victory you may hear the Voices you may hear other people but I Am going to show up and you did Elected to public office I'd also like to say that during that Story clearly Elijah came and visited my Water because you can see it's moving Okay oh so this is pretty incredible was It did he visited three times or well it Remains to be seen the show's not done Okay got you I hear you so my main Question was why she was doing this Interview with a Christian rock star From the 90s Okay okay Um Creed's doing great And then she wanted a a bigger margin And kept saying can you take me higher I Was like no this is the amount no no Okay yeah did God send a message he's Like I like you I still like you but Only by 546 votes in a district of 750 000 people okay so just do a little Better do a little better okay next time I might not like you as much

Um God's on the fence on this one yeah I Mean why does he stop it she said the 2020 protest and I was like and they're Like aha they were uh worshiping a false God and I was like January 6th the And I was like oh no no she means black People she's talking about the George Floyd protest in 2020. you know when God Was uh interfering with in that because He didn't want people having equal Rights and then he was in favor of trump Being kept in office because he wanted To Except he apparently wasn't because he Didn't show up yeah also true yeah wait He didn't show up on January 6. you guys Went you're like oh we're here at the Good Gods here and apparently with that Viking dude Thor and Odin were also There you should have been able to Harness something right and But but so Does that mean according not might not Me according to her story Apparently they were not they were not On God's side because God did the great That's the great uh irony that I don't Think anybody can ever answer any but It's very religious is when they tell You exam exact details and stories of How God intervened because this was God's Will and then when they lose They just You know God was dealing with stuff on

Uranus I mean look lots of planets lots of Galaxies God's a busy guy he forgot Trump was running in 2020 yeah well he Knew he was running he got him more Votes but he forgot that Dominion was Going to rig the votes He didn't take that into account yeah he Didn't take that into account and then Also God forgot that Trump is running This time as along with all the rest of Us Huh no one knows Trump's running this Time yeah it's God works in mysterious Ways he does look guys there's another Possibility look I don't want to blow Your mind but it's possible that they're Making it up That they're just taking whatever they Want wait what and pretending that God Thinks it hold on The only way I've been able to live is That Lauren bobert is in Congress under God's provision if you're telling me That she just won on her own and people Voted her in on their own accord I can't Live in that in that World by the way That world actually is slightly more Depressing yeah right people were like Looked at Lauren bobert nailed it I Thought it was just God will and Everybody was like well you don't get it Either but we're being forced to pull a Lever yeah and so that goes of course to

The point in all seriousness okay then Apparently God loves Barack Obama He didn't win just once like Trump and He didn't just win the electoral college He won the popular vote and by a lot and Twice man God must think Obama's so much In fact he's Twice As Good As Trump by Definition it's not my theory it's Lauren bobert's Theory and by the way Every right-winger is like that they're Like oh yeah God loves Republicans God Hates Democrats who told you that Uh did God come and tell you no probably By the way your preacher might have said It or some guy on Fox news or some Fox News which are your new preachers right And you listen to them as if they talk To God which would be quite sacrilegious By the way this is true yeah I think Maybe they reconcile it that the Muslim God got Obama in and they had to get the Christian God but wait a minute then is The Muslim God more powerful than the Christian God yeah twice as powerful oh Okay well there you go Lord saying the Muslim God twice as powerful she said It's a Christian paraphrasing but she Said We're Taking Liberties God told me to Say it that way no look I would have Quoted her accurately except God said Don't do it and so we're just you're Doing God's will that's what we're Trying to do he was pressing it onto my

Heart that's correct Um I and look I know there's wonderful Religious folks who also think God's Talking to them and I love you guys and You guys do good things in the world so I'm glad you think God is telling you to Do good things Bad news I mean I do the news for a Living God's not actually talking to you Okay that's just what you want to do Just to give you a sense of it to I'll Finish on this story Michelle Bachmann Very similar to Lauren bobert you know Her eyes are just more like this yeah That's true just like That's actually an excellent Michelle Bachmann Okay I won't be able to get it Oh my God if Michelle Bachman told a Story about how God chose her to to go Into politics just like both yeah uh but It went on and on and explained earlier He had chosen her to be an accountant so Apparently got Jesus is mine all the Time he's like accountant and he said Goes to you know Saturn and does the Rings and stuff and he's like wait wait Wait wait I meant politician right which Actually makes perfect sense and and if God's controlling those details this Proves he's just clearly having fun with Us so take it with a grain of salt maybe Your God is messing with you a little Bit yeah or maybe if God does it does in

Fact exist He might not be talking to Lauren bobert And Michelle by I hope Lauren I hope God tells Lauren Bummer to open a yogurt place next Called bobert's yogurts and we get her Out of the political realm as soon as Possible she opens bobert's yogurts and I'll open chunky yogurt Thanks for watching The Young Turks Really appreciate it another way to show Support is through YouTube memberships You'll get to interact with us more There's live chat emojis badges you've Got emojis of me Anna John Jr so those Are super fun but you also get playback Of our exclusive member only shows and Specials right after they air so all That all you gotta do is click that join Button right underneath the video thank You