Kyrie Irving DESTROYS Woke Reporter Over THIS Question!

By | October 31, 2022

Brooklyn Nets star basketball player Kyrie Irving got into a heated verbal exchange with a reporter during a press conference. The conference appears to have… (CONTINUE READING / SOURCES: )

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And shut it down and move on to the next Question [Music] Everybody doing my name is Anthony Bryan Logan and today we got to talk about Brooklyn Nets star basketball player Kyrie Irving destroying a vocal reporter After a series of questions that we’re Trying to get Kyrie Irving to say Anything that he doesn’t want to say and Also trying to characterize him in a way That I don’t think he is they’re trying To talk about oh you’re posting this Anti-submitted stuff from this guy over There you’re posting Alex Jones Clips Are you a right-wing Nut Job of Conspiracy theorist are you crazy They’re trying to give him the Kanye West treatment I’ll talk about that a Little bit more a little bit later let’s Get into the clip if you want to see This full clip I will link to it in the Description box it’s about six minutes Long we’re watching about half of it Right now for time purposes and before We start here’s some context now As I said they’re trying to say he’s Anti-submitted posting Alex Jones stuff Their anti-Semitism claims come from a Book that he posted by Ronald Dalton Called from Hebrews to Negroes okay and On the front cover of the book he Features a fist with a cuff that’s been Broken so they’re trying to say oh

That’s the anti-submitted book you’re Trying to hate on Jewish people you know It’s kind of like a Black Hebrew Israel Like type thing and I forgot about that Let me know in the comments also He posted an Alex Jones clip talking About newborn orders from many many Years ago like 90s 2000s long time ago But because Alex Jones has a whole Sandy Hook thing going on then you can’t post Alex Jones I suppose your persona non Grata maybe I’m not really sure let’s go Ahead and get into the clip and see Exactly what’s going on here from Kyrie Irving himself Over top of the adultery of all you you Cannot post that why not Why not I don’t hear uproar that now the the Edited part right there was when he was Talking about on Twitter right now There’s an explosion of the n-word over The past few days you know ever since Elon took over you got some trolls that Think oh we could do whatever we want Right now and they post in the N word Over and over again which isn’t really True because he has not changed content Policy on the platform but there’s no Big uproar about that but Kyrie Irving’s In a hot seat for posting a movie that’s Widely available on Amazon Prime right Now and for posting Alex Jones clips That have not really been refuted that

Much like in a very serious way I’m not here to be divisive on what’s Going on on this or that I’m not Comparing Jews to blacks I’m not Comparing white to black I’m not doing That that conversation is dismissive and It constantly revolves around the Rhetoric of who are the chosen people of God and I’m not here to argue over a Person or a cultural religion or what They believe no this is what is here It’s on a public platform did I do Anything illegal Okay Yeah that’s what I’m saying that do Anything illegal did I hurt anybody to Harm anybody am I going out and saying That I hate one specific group of people So out of all the Judgment that people Got from me posting I just without talking to me and then I respect what Joe said but there has a Lot to do with the not ego or pride of How proud I am to be an African Heritage But also to be living as a free black Man here in America knowing the Historical complexities for me to get Here so I’m not going to stand down on Anything that I believe in I’m only Going to get stronger because I’m not Alone I’ll have a whole Army around me Okay the very he’s handling himself very Very well I don’t agree for anything he Says and everything you post but I don’t

Have to but I respect his right to be Able to say what he wants to say in the Post what he wants to post and I like How he is backing up whatever he says And does on the platform and in a very Straight to the point not disrespectful And eloquent ways so shout out to Kyrie Irving for this year but there’s more While we’re on the top of your promotion Why did you decide to promote something That Alex Jones said That was a few weeks ago I do not stand With Alex Jones Position narrative Court case that he had with Sandy Hook Or any of the kids that felt like they Had to relive trauma or parents that had To relive trauma or to be dismissive to All the lives that were lost during that A tragic event My my post was a post from Alex Jones That he did in the early 90s or late 90s About secret societies in America of Occults and it’s true so I wasn’t Identifying with anything of being a Campaign a campaignist for Alex Jones or Anything I’m just there to post and it’s Funny and it’s actually hilarious Because out of all the things I posted That was the modern post that everyone Chose to Chose to see it just goes back to the Way our world is and works I’m not here To complain about it I just exist

And to follow up on the promotion of the Movie and the book can you please stop Calling her a promotion what am I Promoting Put it out on your platform but I’m Promoting it do you see me doing do you See in front of it out there we’re going To say that you are put it out there Just like you put things out there right Yeah but I okay put things out there for A living right right but my stuff is Great so let’s move on filled let’s move On anti-semitic let’s move on don’t Dehumanize me up here I’m not I’m not Doing that let’s pause right here Because the reporter is just trying to Get a moment because promotion is a very It’s a different thing than just posting A thing like I might post something that Doesn’t mean I’m promoting it I’m just Putting it out there promotion Especially for a guy like Kyrie Irving You’re talking about something that’s Paid you go out there you can’t paint And you get on the t-shirt and like you Really are promoting it see there’s this Backdrop behind him was promoting the Brooklyn Nets the Barclay Center the Guest Network that’s promotion right There it’s intentional okay but if I Just post something on Twitter like Anybody else could post something how is That automatically seen as promotion it Could be promotion but that’s a very

Specific thing yeah I can post what Whatever I want so say that and shut it Down and move on to the next question But Kyrie you have to understand that I Don’t have to understand anything from You now stop me nothing Bro move on but by posting next question Any questions do you guys have any more Questions and they’re gonna say you guys Have any more questions This is going to be a clip that he’s Going to Marvel at is this any more Questions but you’re not answering the Question there’s another answering your Question oh my god let’s make another Instagram clip so we could be famous Again next question Kyrie basketball Related Yeah at that point I’ll go ahead and Just get up I don’t know if he if he Left right there but at that point it Was like okay I don’t know I explained To you what’s going on you ask me a Question I’m not trying to promote Anything I don’t stand what Alex Jones Said about Sandy Hook because I know I Know you want to go there I know what I Posted it’s not related to Sandy Hook It’s about New World orders and Societies and the clip is 20 30 years Old So I know I didn’t post about Sandy Hook But I know you want to bring it back There talking about Alex Jones being

This horrible person and then talking About the book being anti-semitic or Whatever It’s so weird and this and here here’s The thing about it and before I continue Shout out to Kyrie Irving yet again that Was very well done very well said keep Standing for what you believe in Don’t let them make you think you’re Crazy you have your own opinion you have A right to feel how you want to feel You’re not going out there hurting Anybody you’re not damaging anybody you Just are a free man free black man Thinking for yourself which is what you Should do is regardless of what race you Are you should just think for yourself But let me let me come back here Now Mike my question is pretty simple Why attack Kyrie Irving for reposting a Thing that’s available right now Amazon Prime Like why is that a bad thing to repost That I mean if it’s available on Amazon Prime Why not attack Jeff Bezos Why not attack Washington Post because Don’t they aren’t they owned by Jeff Bezos Amazon Why attack Kyrie Irving For posting the thing that’s available Right now anybody can buy it I don’t I don’t really understand and Then why not allow people to read the

Book for themselves and then they can See if they think it’s anti-semitic if It’s hateful if it’s nasty or whatever And let’s just say it is I don’t know if It is or if it isn’t I’ve not read it so I can make that decision I can make that Assumption or assertion but let’s just Say that it is Okay well how about I see what people Think how about I understand how people Are you see I have to look at everything I have to read everything some things That are positive some things that are Negative and a lot of that is subjective But I think is negative you might not Agree with and vice versa I think it’s a Good thing you think it’s a bad thing Who’s right and who’s wrong who’s the Grand Arbiter of what is a thing that’s Good or a thing that’s bad when you’re Talking about personal opinion some Things are just pretty much bad you just Kill an innocent person obviously that’s Something bad But even in that there is difference of Opinion oh abortion is that right or Wrong But I’m getting a little bit too deep I’m talking about just basic surface Things that you could just say oh I’m Offended by that well I mean just Because you’re offended doesn’t mean I Have to be offended doesn’t mean I can’t Read it doesn’t mean I can’t figure out

What someone else thinks and kind of put Two and two together do my own Independent research if history is Offensive let’s be talking about World War II Germany right if that history is Offensive why can’t I still read about It you know we’re kind of getting like China to a certain extent where certain Things in their history like Tiananmen Square they don’t want you to know about And if you look into it if you research It you might get in trouble but why Can’t I know about our own history why Can’t I know about things that happen Right here in this country why is that a Bad thing to know and I should be able To hear and see different points of view Different opinions about things that Have happened and then I’ll make my own Conclusion all right I’ll be able to Come to a decision on my own rather than Having decisions and opinions curated For me But I think I’ll leave that right there For now and what said you how do you Feel about what Kyrie Irving said here Do you agree with him do you disagree With him whatever your thoughts are let Me know in the comments below how do you Feel about the the book movie and the Alex Jones clip have you seen them I’ll Link to them in the box if you’ve not But whatever your thoughts on those are Let me know in the comments below you

Guys pretty much know where I’m at I Agree with Kyrie Irving’s stance on just Being able to be a free independent Person a free independent black man and Just reading researching trying to Figure things out what’s wrong with that Now they want to put you in K-12 College You can it’s okay to learn about gender Reassignment surgery at five years old According to these same people that say That him putting out a book is available Right now Amazon Prime is somehow a Problem it’s an issue it doesn’t make Any sense but once you understand that There’s a certain Lane people want you In okay read this don’t read that do This don’t do that once you understand That then you’ll be more likely to want To break out of that particular box But whatever your thoughts are please Let me know in the comments below and That’s all I gotta say for this video if You like what you heard please comment Rate share Hand subscribe Peace

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