Kurdish Community Protests After Pathological Xenophobe’s Shooting Spree

By | December 29, 2022

The Kurdish community in France has been protesting and rioting following a white nationalist murdering 3 Kurdish people in cold blood. Rayvanna and Jessica Burbank break it down on The Watchlist. Watch LIVE on weekdays at noon ET.

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“The man accused of a deadly attack against the Kurdish community in Paris has admitted to a “pathological” hatred of migrants, French prosecutors say.

The 69-year-old told investigators he had planned to kill “non-European foreigners” as he embarked on his shooting spree on Friday, they say.

The suspect was placed in psychiatric care after being questioned by police.

He is accused of opening fire at a Kurdish cultural centre, killing three people and wounding another three.”

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[Music] All right [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] This was the scene in Paris this weekend The Kurdish community in France has been Protesting and rioting following a white Nationalist murdering three Kurdish People in Cold Blood a gunman killed Three Kurdish people and wounded three Others Friday at a Kurdish Community Center at a hair salon and a restaurant In central Paris in an attack that French officials said appeared directed At foreigners that man is now in front Of French custodies New York Times Reported that a man arrested in Connection with a shooting that left Three Kurdish people dead in central Paris last week was in dieted on charges Of murder and attempted murder with a Racist motive on Monday according to French judicial authorities the decision Was closely watched by a Kurdish Community that has long sought safety in France and was still reeling from The Killing so however many of the Kurds who Are protesting don't believe that the Shooting was actually racially motivated But they believe it was a terrorist Attack targeting Kurds and carried out

With turkey's hell help we from the New York Times again we know it's a Political attack beravan Farah a Spokeswoman for the Kurdish Democratic Council in France a political group said At a march on Monday near the site of The shooting Hundreds of people attending attended The demonstration calling for further Investigation however the French Officials have not released any evidence Suggesting the shooter is affiliated With any Turkish group but they believe It was motivated by deep-seated racism And anti-immigrant beliefs in a Statement released on Sunday the Paris Prosecutor Laura bakow said the 69-year-old suspect had told Investigators that a burglary at his Home in 2016 had triggered a hatred of Foreigners that became completely Pathological the man described himself As depressed with Suicidal Tendencies Adding that before ending his own life He had always wanted to murder migrant Foreigners so more about the attack Itself he headed to a Kurdish Center Where he shot dead two men mere per were And Abdul Rahman gazil and a woman Amin Cara who was the leader of the Kurdish Women's movement in France he next Headed to a nearby Kurdish barber shop Where he wounded three more men before Being disarmed and subdued so the

Shooter claims that he had resentment For the Kurds for detaining Islamic State Fighters while fighting the Terrorist group in Syria instead of Killing them This also is not the first racist attack He's carried out a year ago he was Charged with racist armed assault after Attacking a migrant camp in Paris with a Sword and he was released uh pending Awaiting trial recently when he carried Out this most recent attack and despite All his history of racist violence many Kurdish protesters are unconvinced that This attack was fueled by racism for us This is not a racist act at all said Elise dimir 36 who was walking amid a Crowd of demonstrators as nearby Loudspeakers played a Kurdish song she Noted that the neighborhood where the Attack occurred was full of foreigners But that only Kurds had been targeted The Kurdish cultural center that was Attacked houses the Kurdish Democratic Council of France Adele bakawan a Researcher on the Middle East at the French Institute of international Relations said the group is an offshoot Of the Kurdish Workers Party or pkk Which has fought a decades-long Insurgency against the Turkish state to Win greater autonomy for the occurred so I also want to add some context in 2013 Three Kurdish militants were murdered in

The same area as last week's shootings By a man who was linked with Turkish State intelligence services not to Mention that turkey has been attempting To undermine the kurd's success in Fighting Islamic State terrorists in Northern Syria so much so that the Turkish state was willing to fire on United States service members who were Working alongside the Kurds in Syria I Don't know whether or not this person Who murdered three Kurds was either you Know just motivated by his hatred of Immigrants or had some sort of Connection to the Turkish State I do Know that there's not no reason for them To believe that which I disagreed with The New York Times articles framing of Their belief that this was in some sort Of connection to the Turkish State I Think that the you know Decades of Discrimination and persecution that the Kurds have faced by the Turkish State And the you know the links that the Turkish state has proven its willing to Go to To suppress you know Turkish organizers And suppress members of the pkk it Wouldn't surprise me if it does come out But it also seems like this man was Deeply racist and really you know just a Violent awful individual Jessica what Are your thoughts on this Yeah it's interesting you know we'll

Never know this person's motivations Unless you know we uncover some kind of Writing that they've done uh and you Know it really is the case in the United States that we get a Manifesto or we get To see like terrible Facebook posts that Indicate you know why someone would do Something like this we don't have that In this case uh at least not yet if it Does exist it is interesting uh to Theorize you know why if this was an Area full of foreigners were these three Specific people killed and he just Happened to kill someone who is a leader Of the the Kurdish movement in France You know it doesn't really seem like That would happen by accident maybe it Did maybe it did uh we we don't know the Thing about France though is they really Know how to protest and and to me it Seems like they're one of the the few People or a few Societies in the in the West were culturally they respond Appropriately when an act of violence is Committed against their Community like If if we were this outraged whenever we Had an act of violence or hate committed Against any community in the United States we would be rioting all of the Time and it's ridiculous to me that it's So often framed that the rioters are the Violent people because they burn Property when people and human lives Were taken uh so we could learn a little

Bit uh from the people of France and There's been a mockery kind of in the Media about the framing of protests of Being fiery but peaceful uh because I Would identify a peaceful protest as one Where human beings were not hurt by the People protesting uh burning property Isn't hurting human beings so uh I don't Think it's fair to make a mockery of the Framing of a fiery but peaceful uh and I Do think that the the Kurdish community In France is reacting appropriately to What happened yeah I couldn't agree more You see a lot of these people talking About they'll show a video of the Protest and they'll say you know this is Why immigration is bad this is why Diversity is bad giving no context to The why they're protesting in the first Place but if you put those videos side By side with the yellow vest protests I Mean who are you know uh white French People are participating in they look The same it's the it's the most French Tactic you could engage in is rioting When you are demanding Justice for Something so the racist framing is just That racist and islamophobic