Kosta Has Some Constructive-ish Criticism for Ronny | The Daily Show

By | January 23, 2023

Michael Kosta has a few notes on Ronny Chieng’s 2018 biker D.A. piece. #DailyShow #Comedy

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Hey I'm Michael Costa I'm Roy Chang all Of our pieces on The Daily Show are Perfect well you're supposed to be Critical but I guess it's not too good No I was just about to say you watched a Costume piece we solve the complex issue And in this when I see a cause I see Like a right-wing pervert just trying to Make gay excuse to talk about right wing Covet I take great pains to not Watch your pieces yeah okay um and Sometimes if they come out I'll try to Run out of the room I report oil pieces To YouTube [Music] All right what are we watching this Piece is from 2018 and it's where I put My life on the line to expose what I Think is corruption inside local Government in other words boring That all the other correspondents said No to I'm in Corpus Christi Texas where the Local community district attorney Mark Gonzalez he's also a member can anyone Even understand me over the sound of This massive chalk wow pause so much to Unpack I mean immediately first of all I Did my own stunts on that what is that Bike and how did you even learn how to Ride it I still you look terrible on it I don't understand I still don't Understand that bicycle till this day Because there was a throttle but there

Were pedals beautiful motorcycle is Isn't even that expensive to rent why do They give you this diesel gas guzzler That's like probably giving you Carcinogens as you breathe I didn't even Think about those yeah it's a typical Daily Show no helmet on gravel right Right just following a truck and just Yeah and that guy on out in the field if Your head explodes your head explodes They just they just get another guy Rumors suggests a dangerous Mexican Biker gang has managed to install one of Their Members Mark Gonzalez as the local District attorney so I'm going Undercover with the gang to blow this Story wide open I feel like that jacket comes with one Of those whips Yep you look like you're on your way to A German sex club what are you Auditioning for the Village People I was auditioning for this gang yeah Something chachos Thing that screams sexual submission to Me is that hat hat you know and about That hat becomes Universal yeah I'm I'm DTF you're DTF drove off before you Shake a man's hand brother oh what about High fives okay high five years but I Actually bet Desi 50 bucks you're gonna Get beat up by these guys no no they Love me yeah I love me I became one of Them I I identify with uh

With tough Mexican guys you identify as A tough Mexican yeah Isn't it true that you mark Gonzalez an Elected D.A and top law enforcement Officer are also a member of the Calaveras gang yes Got it we got everybody we got you we Got you your reign of terror ends now Everybody knows this pause Um Really this is a piece so far about the Semantics of the word gang because it Initially has negative connotation but This is a you can be in a you can be in A positive motorcycle riding group sure That's what that's what he is sure but Uh we'll yeah keep watching it so Instead of inflicting maximum punishment On criminals the loss of rehabilitate Them could the suckers who elected Gonzalez really support this week on Crime strong on hugs agenda if you have The stigma of a bad record in the past That's it stuck with you we don't care If you've been good for five years so You you don't think people should be Defined by that one mistake no you ever Make any mistakes your life no no that's Too bad you'd learn something how does It feel to be outsmarted by a guy with No teeth what do you mean this guy is Like the smartest guy in Corpus Christi Yeah this dude's got a PhD this dude This dude was awesome yeah so first of

All this was this was this was Corpus Christi this is how ignorant I am of America I didn't know Texas had a Coastline right glad I got to see it Yeah These are coastal Texas I mean as an American myself I'm always baffled when People from other countries such as Yourself are surprised that there's cool People in the middle of the country I Mean what do you think you're like so Blown away that you went to a place Where Texas all you think are guns all You think is anti-abortion good people There who are making Intelligent Decisions the beautiful Coastline right Would you what'd you expect everyone's Been shooting their guns in the air yeah Well I gotta say uh after the piece the D.A took us back to his house right and Showed us his freaking Armory of guns The dude had wow he had everything so Some stuff about Texas is real I'd Rather it be the D.A than like sure Bobby who didn't graduate high school Yeah well how many tattoos do you have Uh I got a lot okay season I'm not gonna Show you my tattoos why what's the Problem do you have a tattoo on your Penis you did a great job of taking this Piece about Criminal Justice Reform and Basically turning it into can Ronnie see The DA's dick yeah why is that always Your thing like even when we're upstairs

In the office before the shoot you're Like let me see your penis well I need To know if people have one yeah anyone Can be a dick look I can be the biggest Dick I want you are being kind of a dick Uh I know he was joking but honestly Like I've known you for a while you are a Dick Thanks man I appreciate it Just because you're a tattoo criminal Gang member doesn't mean you can't also Be a great D.A and just because you're a Smart handsome Asian journalist doesn't Mean oh what a surprise you mentioned You're Asian yeah some people in America Don't know let's be honest Ronnie I like This piece but let's be honest this is Just a quick interview with the D.A with A bunch of fluff around it right what it Is and that's what and that's where We're different because when Costa does A piece about Criminal Justice Reform You know what happens at the end Criminal justice has been reformed you Solve it right I solve it yeah all right Well [Music]