KJP Takes McCarthy To Task Over Idiotic Boarder Policies

By | November 24, 2022

Kevin McCarthy makes his pilgrimage out to the southern border to complain about immigration. He teased a possible impeachment of secretary of homeland security Alejandro Mayorkas. Jayar Jackson and Jackson White break it down on The Watchlist. Watch LIVE on weekdays at noon ET.

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“Appearing with Republicans in El Paso, Texas, House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy on Tuesday called on Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to resign for failing to secure the southern border.

If Mayorkas does not resign, McCarthy warned, House Republicans will investigate him and his department to determine whether to launch impeachment proceedings.”


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Are you going to push for secretary Mayorkas to be impeached if you become The speaker in January I think we'll Talk a little bit about that more today I'm going to go down sit down with the Border agents get a first-hand knowledge Of what is happening today because I do Not trust what secretary mayorkas has Told the nation every fact is what he Has said is not true from everything we Have seen but I'm going to go firsthand Get the knowledge with a number of other Members and we'll talk a little bit About more about that today and I asked McCarthy multiple times if he is Planning to impeach my orcas tried to Pry it out of him multiple times he Stood firm he wouldn't give me a direct Answer only telling me that he'll have More to say about that later today at His press conference here in El Paso one Final thing he told me that once Republicans take power and if he is Speaker what he's planning to do is hold Border hearings physically here at the Border in an effort to get Democrats to Physically come down here and see the Border crisis firsthand so that Kevin McCarthy is still trying to Position himself for speaking of their House because they haven't voted yet Even though he did uh struggle to gain That nomination within his own party There's a little bit of back and forth

But he's trying to Galvanize that for Sure as he goes down to the Border Because you know if you go to the border That means you're serious about the Immigration issue or anything else that They're making up uh as it's going Through so he's going to also invite Democrats down there because they won't Come down to the Border Hey Kevin Democrats go down to the border for uh Photo ops all the time too it's the same Thing uh but you got to get them down Here and make sure they take part in This at the border why is he in El Paso You know there's a border in California Where the state that you say you Represent regardless all that is is is Side notes but the point here is to make Sure he coalesce his power to make sure People think he's got this all together What is it exactly he's going to do we Don't really know uh but maybe impeach My orcas I don't know let me just say All these things so that people can Maybe build up my cloud a little bit More that's why he's been kissing Donald Trump's ass for a few years now the Press secretary for the White House for Joe Biden also responded uh to this as Well and she had some points here let's Watch I know I I've heard that my orcas pardon Me that That carthy's at the border uh and the

Question that we have for Kevin McCarthy Who's soon to be who soon to be speaker McCarthy Um you know what is what is his plan What is he doing to help the situation That we're seeing what what is his plan He goes down there and he does a Political stunt like many Republicans do That we have seen them do but he Actually is not putting forth a plan a Plan to help us uh you know deal with an Issue that we're all seeing that you all Are reporting and I mean one of the Things he can do is he can go to Texas Senator Ted Cruz or any members of the Republican caucus from Texas who voted Against the president's request for Record funding to support the Hard-working men and women at the Department of Homeland Security and Whether they'll vote for it when it Comes up again this is we have put a Solution to this we have said here are The ways that we can deal with this I guess the question now with Jackson is Is this next and latest political stunt Going to work number one for him to get Enough votes to get that very much Coveted speakership position but then Also to convince voters that they're Doing something Um you know I think I think we'll get as Many votes as he was ever going to get And um like you pointed out and I hadn't

Even thought about it initially but like He pointed out is he could have just Gone to the California border but it's More of a blue state so you know you go To Texas and it works out a little Better like that but the reality is is That it is true that the Republican Party's more hawkish on immigration it Is true but the Democrats are as well as We know Barack Obama was nicknamed the Porter-in-chief and many of the Border Policies that Donald Trump put into Place Joe Biden hasn't gotten rid of Um and we know also uh the Democratic Party's history even within my lifetime Of things like the crime Bill and just You know the way the Democratic party Typically pans uh to corporate interest So there's no open borders no country Has open borders that's not a thing we Have a process and they know that and Was pointed out by the White House Press Secretary the Republican party has Absolutely no plans not just only to Address this but anything else so that's Really their biggest issue that's Actually part of the plan is to not do Anything in fact in many cases that you Can as you point on Ted Cruz voting Against some of these potential Solutions because we can't have Solutions we can't have advancement Things can be solved in the country if Things get solved what am I going to

and complain about before I run my Next campaign about how much I didn't Help It's a it's a cycle it's a process they Know most Americans don't have the time Uh to pay attention to all of these back And forth and which ones are sabotaging Versus saying they're doing something All of it that's why he's going down to The Border that's why he wants the press Conference at the border so you may look At this I'm here this is the first time Democrats have come down that's the Process that's the thought process we'll See if it works it's worked so far so I Don't see why I would stop now but the Infighting just might be the one thing That derails him because they want power Too it's a bunch of criminals in the Room trying to divide up the money

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