Ketchup Karen Makes Her Tomato Needs Known

By | January 10, 2023

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Your manager I asked for extra Adventure What is this what is this what this is So much ketchup I can't eat that oh you're making fun of Me because I'm on a diet Yeah There's uh one lady very upset about her Hamburger added one particular it's a McDonald's her issue is with the ketchup What she ended up doing this is Karen And this fabulous outfit what should I Do in a second uh she was upset that There was too much ketchup or ketchup on Her Burger uh therefore after this whole Confrontation of the back and forth she Then slammed the burger into the counter Sending it everywhere because that'll Get you somewhere Um when it comes to these types of Disputes first of all I don't like going To restaurants in the first place Especially fast food but then even with Extended sit-down restaurants something Can go wrong with your food I know people have bad days I know People get upset about something that Wasn't done right but what is the end Game after smashing that burger and Looking like a fool and people recording You and then playing it Um all over the place you could have Just said oh I didn't want this much Ketchup on this can you take it back

It's such a simple process this seems Like something five to seven year olds May be arguing over and getting this Upset about yo it's a hamburger you're At McDonald's lady that is the niece of Chris Christie former New Jersey Governor and Trump crony of course he uh She was arrested on the Spirit Airlines Flight leaving New Orleans on Thanksgiving morning but first she Accused this Latino family of being drug Mules that she sat next to then she Became pretty aggressive and violent With the folks that were there to take Her away she was biting and kicking them But she accused another family being Drug meals because just because Here's more details on Shannon her name Is Shannon Epstein she's 25 years old And she boarded the Spirit Airlines Flight to New Jersey on November 24th at About six in the morning and asked a Family who were near her and whom she Perceived to be Latino if they were Quote smuggling cocaine that's what the Captain said uh Airline workers then Requested Epstein be removed from the Plane as she became increasingly irate And the end of the plane which had Started to taxi to the runway returned To the gate we've seen this story so so Many times you know Someone has maybe a little too much to Drink they're leaving New Orleans maybe

They had a couple is it car bombs with It not car bombs that's the Irish one They have a um um what is it called I Know Emily knows hurricanes exactly Maybe she had one too many of those but She was definitely upset on this flight They turned around and then the officers Tried to move her and that's when she Started fighting with them as well those Details in the scuffle she injured six Deputies bro fighting one on the arm and Breaking the skin and kicking another in The groin is what Rivard said they were Treated there by paramedics The best part is as pointed out Do you know who the hell I am what's the Next Point all the while Epstein shouted At the deputies that they were going to Lose their jobs or end up in jail Boasting that she was related to a pop To powerful people that her uncle is a Friend of former president Donald Trump Is what then uh Rivard also revealed What's going on Pause there for a second Chris Christie Is her uncle apparently uh a friend a Former president Trump do you guys Remember the relationship that they had During that campaign and after Chris Christie dropped out nah he was the guy Standing behind him like this the whole Time while Donald Trump was talking then After he got through talking he said get Out of here uh get out of here Chris get

Out of here get on the plane Chris get On the plane talked about how he eats Too many Oreos bro is this the friend You guys are talking about we're gonna Tout that buddy buddy relationship still Um I want to point out again you guys She was on a Spirit Airline flight Because she's a VIP to a very important Person to the former president seven Deputies were needed to handcuff her to This wheelchair so that she could then Be moved to the airport security office She continued to shop vulgarities and Try to bite deputies again is what he Also added to this whole situation they Confirmed that she's been charged with Six counts of battery on a police Officer three concepts of disturbing the Piece one resisting arrest by force and One of remaining after being forbidden And Christie's foul mouth niece was then Released from the Jefferson Parish Correction center on Thanksgiving day After posting an odd numbered bail maybe They don't always go even 10 750 bucks And she's back in court next year