Kellyanne Conway Spotted Dining With Andrew Cuomo

By | December 22, 2022

Former Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway was spotted dining with disgraced former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo at a swanky NYC restaurant. Jayar Jackson and Adrienne Lawrence break it down on The Watchlist. Watch LIVE on weekdays at noon ET.

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“Former political rivals Andrew Cuomo and Kellyanne Conway have been spotted dining together at a New York restaurant.

Democrat Andrew Cuomo, the former Governor of New York, and Republican ex-White House advisor to President Donald Trump were once political rivals but were pictured exiting Italian restaurant Il Postino on New York’s Upper East Side on Monday night.

Both were at the center of American politics not so long ago but now find their political careers somewhat over.

Andrew Cuomo did not comment when asked by reporters and photographers about the reason for the dinner as he left the restaurant at around 10pm.

The pair were pictured yesterday just hours after the January 6 House committee recommended that former President Trump face criminal charges.”


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Thank you guys you have a good night Thank you [Music] Former Governor Andrew Cuomo out in New York thank you guys see you later glad You're taking pictures who are they Taking pictures of he was out at a Swanky uh I guess it was a Swanky Italian restaurant Il Postino that was On Monday night on New York's upper east Side but he was hanging out with Kelly And Conway yes this kellyanne Conway That was walking out of that restaurant As well with Cuomo right behind her like We had a great dinner all smiles festive In the holiday season yes this is Andrew Cuomo let's take this we can roll Through these pictures if everything has Happened because the paparazzi Apparently only got 10 seconds of him Getting to his car on video and the rest Were photos also more of the happy uh Couple of friends walking out of the Restaurant as well Waving goodbye from their expensive cars As they get in the back because they've Been drinking wine and hanging out so of Course people got to thinking what the Hell is going on one other thing people Also notice a I guess a passerby heard Conway wishing Cuomo abundant Natale Which of course uh all of us Italian Speakers would know that means Merry Christmas I'm educating you guys today

They left around 10 30 p.m which raised Even more speculation what are they Doing out so late oh Andrew Cuomo didn't Comment when asked by reporters and Photographers about the reason for the Dinner as he left the restaurant around 10 o'clock as was pointed out but Kellyanne Connolly was ready to talk Though Uh his uh Donald Trump's former Political advisor as we know insisted on Tuesday there was no Amore in the air as She had a private late night meal with The disgraced former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo at that famous Upper East Side restaurant and while the unexpected Meeting of political opposites had Tongues wagging on Tuesday Conway Insisted to the post that the meal was Quote not romantic she said Italians Prefer eating to zoom we could have Invited his brother Christopher but it's Unclear that he eats carbs She finished by saying nothing romantic And I've known Cuomo the Cuomo family For decades which did remind me remember This uh not that it's a video but Remember when she was fighting all the Time with Chris Cuomo on CNN before he Was gone from there all the time Throughout uh beginning of Trump's Presidency when she was the advisor and Speaking for him on every cable network That she could find those fights were

Happening But there was this weird like happiness To the fights So they've known the Cuomo family for Decades is what she said there's more Though Conway set the dinners menu for Discussion included how they both had Podcasts with the same company Quake Media and talk of various political Issues on which they could find Common Ground stick that in your mind as we Continue through this my policy Portfolio included nonpartisan issues Like veterans and the drug crisis not Worse than ever is what she told the Post looking to re-engage on that and it Requires working across the aisle Sharing a meal with the former New Jersey uh Governor Chris Christie uh Next week on the same so she's going all Over the place Chris Christie's is up Next for another dinner to talk about Things maybe across the aisle Foreign Backed up Conway's no romance claim as They said Tuesday that the duo was not Affected toward each other as they spent Over two hours drinking wine and talking Lastly they've known each other for 20 Years is what another source then Claimed so um the first thing I thought Wasn't oh my God what are they doing Because if they're doing something They're not gonna be walking out of the

Restaurant telling everybody so calm Down but I know that's the juicy Assumptions you can make but the thing About working across the aisle Adrian Let me get your thoughts first because I Got I'm a pessimist but uh I guess I'll let You uh start here just in case I take Some of your pessimism if that's there I Don't want to assume no okay so foremost I I will say that I think it's really Um just disheartening that our society Continues to automatically assume that Just because a woman and a man are out To dinner or they're out somewhere uh That there is something sexual or Romantic going on because the thing is That ends up hurting women uh when it Comes to professional Endeavors and People can be professional with each Other and they can have professional or Collegial relationships and it doesn't Have to be romantic or sexual so I'll Definitely put that out in the Forefront The fact that she had to defend that is Really just speaks to how much our Society still assumes that women have Very little to offer uh professionally And assume that it must be something Sexual as far as I'm concerned this them Having dinner I'm not shocked it's two Republicans spending time together Talking about their strategies and all That they're going to do to make this

World build a terrible place that's Exactly what I would assume I that's Just it I I just I don't see how anybody Could speculate otherwise let's be real About Cuomo's history and also who he is Um definitely he's a girl and we know Where there is sexism there is racism And all other isms so as far as I'm Concerned this man has never had me Thinking that just because he claims to Bleed Blue he ain't out here believe in Red and engaging in all sorts of Nonsense that is aligned with the Republican agenda we see it a lot when It comes to the media's political Figures but the whole thing about Working across the island we're coming Up with Solutions we're talking about This and that next I'm talking to Chris Christie next week None of these folks Chris Christie Andrew Cuomo or kellyanne Conway are in Positions of power currently I mean they Used to be that's the thing we're Talking maybe 2020. all three of these Folks were very relevant to them having These types of conversations that will Maybe lead to some kind of on the Legislation which again none of them are Legislators even when they were there I Mean Cuomo governor of New York but We're talking about legislators that are Changing laws I guess for the country That's in Congress but

Still they're talking about how they can Have these conversations about how to Change policy What policies are they Changing I don't know and now I think it Was a bit of an announcement coming out Hey look we're hanging out there's Something else going on as far as like When when folks like this in these Positions of of influence If they want you to see that they're Hanging out they'll let you see it if They don't they won't you think they Couldn't have had dinner somewhere else Where no one's seeing it I I don't know Again maybe that's my pessimism in my in My uh speculation going off the charts For political figures I guess I believe You and that's the thing I thought the Same thing there's a reason they went Out in this very public place they Wanted people to see them together and They wanted uh maybe to be honest I Think that Cuomo because he's Um what did they say like um Persona or Nagrada whatever that is that he's Almost latching on to any power that she May still have because she does have Power and so do all the other players They're operating behind closed doors it May not be public facing power but still They can do a lot in what they do Because people owe them and they have Various secrets in their pockets so we Can't think that just because they're

Out of the Limelight uh that we can see That that doesn't mean they're any less Powerful Good point because you've changed my on That because I was totally thinking These guys have no influence but of Course behind the scenes I could see That absolutely uh so we'll see where This goes uh as you see things change And again they've already given the blue The blueprint next up is Chris Christie We'll see where that discussion goes Next we won't see what it is we'll just See it happening and then maybe it'll Materialize as they usher in their next Era of Elections we'll see what happens in 2024