Kellyanne Conway on Trump 2024 Presidential Bid : “I think you can expect him to announce soon.”

By | November 3, 2022

Q: “When will Trump announce his 2024 presidential bid?”

Kellyanne Conway: “I give him a ton of credit for not announcing this year, for not stepping in the way of midterm candidates…I think you can expect him to announce soon.”

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Wise from National Journal All right thanks for the question I am Two things firstly when Will trump Announce his 2024 presidential bid I'll Start with that Is there a follow-up yeah there will be Some questions well he'd like to have Double already and I give him credit for Um many things this this year because He's going to end up being a big winner From this election cycle try as Everybody did to say you nominated the Wrong people you didn't give enough Money you're in the way Go away You know Donald Trump in some ways never Stopped campaigning from early 2015 First for himself and in between for Many many different candidates I mean I'm like Joe Biden Trump was highly in Demand in 2018 and did what he could to Show up for many of these races could Only go for a couple of the House Seats But went around for a lot of the Senate Seats and we picked up seats in the Senate after the Kavanaugh hearings Again something totally misread Respectfully we picked up seats in the United States Senate in 2018 hard to do Lost I think 40 seats or so in the house So he never stopped campaigning Including into His post-presidency years And I would say it's hard for me to see

That Joe Biden never started really Campaigning Did he ever start campaigning for Himself in 2019 2020 after covet hit and He certainly isn't welcome in most Places and spaces now so in many ways Don't miss why and how Trump is is Running for president again if he would Like Because he actually never stopped being Part of this so he would have liked I Give him credit for staying in the game This cycle With very few exceptions and I can't Even think of any right this second I Can think of the individual candidates Like Matt Dolan in Ohio who lost but I Can't think of individual Republicans on The ballot who are not running mostly if Not almost completely on the America First agenda and the Trump Pence Accomplishments so his legacy continued So that's one I give him a ton of credit For not announcing this year for not Stepping in the way of the midterm Candidates which a lot of people around Him who frankly need him for their next Meal and their next gig in their next Center of power We're urging him and begging him and Leaking to a lot of you that he would be If he would be announcing any moment I'm glad that he didn't do that that was Certainly my advice from the beginning

You know wait until after the midterms Um if you do it all secondly I like the fact that he came back to Washington at the end of July a full Year and a half since leaving Uh on January 20th 2021 and gave a Policy speech I took Donald she took President Trump an hour and a minute Roughly to get to the 2020 election In that policy speech at afpi makes you All covered and then he went on to CPAC And gave mostly a policy speech so when He does that when people hear the binary Choice and they're reminded of why his Words you miss me don't you Um they'll say you know what I'm going to push aside whatever I don't Like and I'm going to vote my pocketbook My personal Liberty my my fear of crime My frustration with no baby formula on The shelves Rising costs of gas and Groceries which is a six month old Conversation the conversation now is Utilities Insurance rent mortgage Tuition student loan payment So I think you can expect him to Announce soon Obviously there's a family wedding Coming up on his property And election day is late this year But um as he would say wait and see And then I you know and then He's got a lot to think about too though Because the Super PAC obviously can't be

Converted into a presidential Source of funding it he's I ask him all The time I asked in the summer what Happens to your fun and your funding he Said what do you mean on the funding Piece he was very conversant with what He can and cannot do he'd obviously been Deeply briefed on that and he knows he Knows that already and then I asked About his fun because I care about him The person He's got a great life he's got a great Post presidency life they're making Money again he's um involved in the game You hear somebody unlike President George W bush or President Bill Clinton President Barack Obama they left the Presidency after two terms as young men And that was it I think one of the worst Things could ever happen to those Gentlemen is a cabinet secret former Cabinet secretary former senior staffer Saying Oh Mr President hello I'm running For office will you help me oh geez you Know I've left all that behind Donald Trump was just getting started So he loves this stuff and wants to Continue so I think you should you know Maybe Keep your cell phone on and sorry if you Made any post-election plans since these Races are never all called in time There's always a runoff in Louisiana or Georgia it seems these days somehow but

He would like to have announced by now And I think the fact that he hasn't Uh is a really a big credit to him and His restraint and him not wanting to him Wanting to help in these midterms and Not step on them he's being urged by Some people to still have a surprise a November surprise but we're trying to Mitigate November surprises for all the Candidates an increase and including This message discipline last point if And when Donald Trump announces his Presidential run It doesn't scramble the Republican field It scrambles the Democratic field I think that's when the George Wills of The world really kick into high gear and Say what are we doing here We're going to have a cage match rematch With these two And I know Ron clean Tweeter not a Leader in others Um like to say well we're ready for a Trump we want to run against Trump again Do they really Because you've seen the polls even if It's not just the rematch polls it's Complete unarguable indisputable Lack of popularity and lack of approval Of a sitting president and frankly many Pieces of his agenda that they've not Been able to sell in a way that makes People have confidence in their Competence that's just very clear

So do they really want to do that I Think the Democrats then have a hard Time and they would have liked to Have I always give if I see the Democrats they would have liked to have Been able to say You know what Joe Biden step aside you Finally got the brass ring you helped Get rid of Donald Trump thank you very Much you've been running for president For decades you did it you go down this History you did it but please step aside And take credit for one more historic Thing we could just Elevate and then Elect your female vice president No one can say that 18 senior staffers Have left her If they don't want to work for her if They don't want her to be vice president Or president what about the rest of us They CA they simply cannot say to him Your vice president your hand-picked Vice president is waiting in the wings And she's ready to do the job She won't make it they don't want her Either so I think it it scrambles the Democratic field almost immediately

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