Kathy Hochul Gets BAD NEWS of the End of Her Career After New Data Points to the Exit Door

By | November 4, 2022

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Townhall resorts, As Election Day approaches, Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) continues to gain momentum in his bid for New York governor. The Trafalgar Group released a poll on Monday showing Zeldin with 48.4 percent to Hochul’s 47.6 percent. There are still four percent of voters who are undecided.

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Kathy hulkel getting some bad news at The end of her career after new data Points her to the exit door It looks like the polls are finally Starting to reflect what we've known all Along Lee zeldin is going to be the next Governor of New York I'm Gary franchi And I want to fight the fake news with You every day arm yourself tap subscribe And turn on your notifications and fight Back with us at the next News Network We're covering the latest news update on The race for governor in New York a new Poll just released shows that Lee zeldon Has taken a commanding lead over Kathy Hokel with just days to go before Election day it looks like Lee zeldin is Going to pull off an upset Victory Town Hall report says election day approaches Representative Lee zeldin continues to Gain momentum in his bid for New York Governor the Trafalgar group released a Poll on Monday showing zeldon with 48.4 Percent to hochul's 47.6 there are still Four percent of Voters undecided A total of nearly 1200 likely general Election voters were surveyed from October 27-31 with the margin of error Plus or minus 2.9 percent in spite of Zeldon's narrow lead and margin of error The Republican nominee shows a Post-debate bump New Yorkers favored Zeldon 42.6 percent to hochul's 44.5

That's according to the Trafalgar poll From late September early October 9.7 Percent were undecided at that time During October's heated debate between The two candidates zeldon took aim at Hochul's record on crime and showed that She's not fit to continue as the Governor of New York according to zeldin New York streets need to be safer again Crime needs to be reduced immigration Needs to be handled abortion laws Shouldn't be changed and crime should be Dealt with watch Yeah I mean the reality is and I've been Asking for months and my opponent still Can't finish the sentence so you can't Expect her to ever fix it but New York Leads the entire nation in population Loss because She actually got asked this question by The media a few weeks ago and she was at Binghamton Airport she probably would Love to have a redo because she messed It up that time for me you asked me why Does New York lead the entire nation in Population loss because their wallets Their safety their freedom and their Quality of their kids education under Attack so they're hitting their breaking Point they're looking in other states Like the Carolinas Tennessee Texas Florida and elsewhere and they feel like Their money will go further they'll feel Safer and they'll live life Freer the

State is at a Crossroads we're at a Crossroads in 1994 when New York elected George Pataki and we're at a crossroads Right now but as far as what happens With Kathy hokel and one party rule for Four more years outsized power of Self-described socialists we need Balance and Common Sense restored to Albany Outside Hulkel was also criticized by zeldin for Believing that all crimes are committed With guns watch Of course I don't Know who believes that the only crimes That are being committed are these Crimes with guns and you've got people Who are afraid of being pushed in front Of oncoming subway cars they're being Stabbed beaten to death on the street With hammers go talk to the Asian American community and how it's impact Them with the loss of lives Jewish People targeted with raw violent Anti-Semitism on our streets it just Happened yet again we need to be talking About all of these other crimes but Instead Kathy hogle's too busy patting Herself on the back job well done no Actually right now there should be a Special session the state legislature Should come back and they should Overhaul castles bail and these other Pro-criminal laws with zero tolerance

But they're saying elect me she says Elect me and then you'll find out where Maybe I'll stand on this issue in January Oh man he's roasting her as for the Post Debate bump hulkel did not help herself By coming across is quite dismissive of Crime which polls show New Yorkers is Their top issue in her remarks on Msnbc's Politics Nation she seemed to Double down on her tone deafness According to the New York Post the Governor not only defended zeldon's Claim that he's an election denier but Also claim that those who are raising Crime issues Are data deniers Sorry Kathy the only one denying data is You In other good news for zeldon according To Friday's fundraising numbers he Raised more than hokel and is close to Tying on cash It looks like the polls are finally Starting to reflect what we've known all Along With just days to go before election day It looks like zeldin's going to pull off An upset Victory he's a true Conservative fighter who will make New York great again so if you're fed up With the Democrats do nothing agenda and Live in New York vote for zeldin and Help turn New York Red If You live

Outside of New York still make sure you Vote Republican up and down the ballot In order to make the entire country Great again let's continue the Conversation the comments below for the Next News Network I'm Gary franchi And now let's continue the conversation About veterans suicide rates because a New study reveals they may be nearly 40 Percent higher than what's reported by The Department of Veteran Affairs we Must support our veterans to see through Their challenges now more than ever and One of the ways I try to do that is with This beautiful veteran challenge coin Carry this veterans challenge coin in Your pocket on your gear or in your Vehicle as a reminder of what our Servicemen and women have done and Continue to do for us in addition to Being an honorable accessory to your Everyday carry it doubles as a gift That for yourself for your family for Your friends so try the veteran Challenge coin risk free for 60 days Click the link in the description below Or just visit the veterancoin.com it's Free all you have to cover is shipping We'll see you at the next report for the Next News Network I'm Gary franchi Zest the power to impact the global Narrative please share this report and To get more videos like this become a Next News subscriber by clicking the

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