Kanye West BLASTS Hollywood & Leftism On Tucker Carlson

By | October 7, 2022

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After wearing a controversial White Lives Matter shirt at Paris Fashion Week, Kanye West appeared on Tucker Carlson tonight to discuss the shirt and going against the grain in Hollywood.

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Lauren Chen is a political and social commentator. She was born in Canada, raised in Hong Kong, and came to the US for university. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a Minor in Middle East Studies and Arabic.

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Hey hey Lauren here let’s talk about Kanye West’s recent interview with Tucker Carlson so not long ago it was Paris fashion week and Kanye West pretty Much broke the internet which I thought Was strange because I didn’t think it Was that big of a deal but anyway uh by Wearing white lives Matter t-shirts with Candace Owens and not only did those two Wear white lives matter shirts but from What I understand during Kanye’s actual Fashion show there were models going Down the runway wearing t-shirts with That slogan as well and now once those Images hit social media everybody Started freaking out accusing Kanye West Of white supremacy bigotry racism he was Called some unfortunate slurs due to him Being black but still wearing a shirt With that message I remember Kanye West Was also in the news not too long ago And I mean he’s a celebrity he’s always In the news but there was also a lot of Attention given to him for his breakup With Kim Kardashian and if you remember Back when Trump was president when Kanye Was wearing his Maga hat and all of that Stuff a lot of people posited that Perhaps the reason why he eventually Toned down with being so political was Because of his wife Kim Kardashian and The rest of the Kardashian family not Liking it being attached to their brand But now that Kanye and Kim are no longer

Together and I know a lot of you care so Much about these celebrity relationships But now that Kanye is no longer let’s Say constrained by what Kim Kardashian Thinks is okay to say on social media I Was pretty entertained to see Kanye pull This white lives matter stunt and I was Especially excited when I learned that He would be going on Tucker Carlson’s Show for an interview and so that Interview did air last night by the time That you guys are watching this and if You haven’t seen it in its entirety as I Always say my videos about these topics Are not really replacements for the Videos themselves especially since Fox Is one of those networks that is a Little bit of a stickler when it comes To copyright so definitely go check it Out on your own but there are some clips That I thought it would be fun for all Of us to go over before we get into that Though I do want to say a big thank you To today’s sponsor keto with Lauren are You someone who is among the diet Resistance because we’ve been told over And over again that the way to lose Weight is to eat right and do exercise Which absolutely is true but that’s Easier said than done for some people And actually age affects the way that Diets work for you as well research Shows that once we get older especially In the 35 to 50 range weight loss

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Shirt is because they do It’s the obvious thing so simple enough Answer White lives matter on a shirt Because White lives do matter I don’t Really have a problem with that answer Even though I do think that there’s Probably more to it than Kanye is saying It’s not just that it’s obvious that White lives matter obviously Kanye West Felt the need to put White lives matter On a shirt a because it’s obvious but B Also because even though it’s obvious You can’t say it and later on Kanye does Go into how over the past years Especially with his wife and the rest of Hollywood he has felt like he couldn’t Express himself especially politically Anyway as you can imagine the internet Was not satisfied with this response Which is really interesting because if You say that you don’t support black Lives matter the automatic response You’re gonna get from some NPC is what You don’t think black lives matter which Okay may have worked in like what 2014 But let’s face it black lives matter we All know by now that it’s not just a Slogan it’s not just a saying or a motto It’s an actual organization it’s a Non-profit it is a Marxist group of Activists so for the that reasons even Though yes black lives do matter no I do Not support black lives matter the Organization and it’s funny because even

Though Kanye West here is saying that he Put White lives matter on a shirt Because hey White lives just do matter According to the leftist activists you Still can’t say White lives matter Because it is invoking the rhetoric of The KKK it is stoking white supremacy Because I guess all of a sudden now that It’s convenient for them they understand The meaning of context another highlight From Kanye if you ask me from this Interview a clip that’s going viral on Social media is when he brought up his Stance on abortion it’s a photograph of A baby’s ultrasound what does that mean It just represents life from pro-life Well so you wear it on a badge what kind Of response do you and and amen I agree I don’t care about people’s responses I Care about the fact that there’s more Black babies being aborted and born in New York City at this point that 50 Percent of black death In America is abortion so I really don’t Care about people’s responses I perform For audience of one and that’s god wow Okay so straight up facts from Kanye There abortion is absolutely devastating The black population in America because So many black pregnancies unfortunately Are aborted and it’s funny because there Are actually people online who will say That if you’re pro-life that you are Actually a white supremacist because

Intersectionality I don’t know but it’s Like if you were actually a racist Someone who hated black people I would Think the position you would have is That you would want more black abortions Right and I’m going to be careful here Not to deify Kanye West because I’ve Talked about it before actually just in The last video we did about Herschel Walker on this channel that some Conservatives we can get a little bit Too eager when a celebrity you know Might actually agree with us and not Hate us or especially when maybe a black Celebrity agrees with us and oh we Convert your signal to the left that We’re not actually racist because we Agree with this black person and it’s Like it’s like ultimately we shouldn’t Define our Movement by celebrities Especially I gotta say it’s someone like Kanye West who has been shown to be kind Of erratic right I mean he used to Support Donald Trump and then he came Out and ran against him also as President you know it would not be Accurate to call him a staunch Conservative or say that he is Dependable to base your movement around But I I just I appreciate what he’s Saying here and I think that as a father Especially and as a Christian I think it Speaks to the conviction he must have About this issue about being pro-life

Knowing that stating his opinion like That on National Television that will Absolutely Blacklist him from so many Different events or opportunities in Hollywood but he’s still going ahead and Advocating for Life anyway and I say Bravo by the way him alienating himself From the rest of his peers in the music Business in the entertainment industry That is something that he is absolutely Aware of and it’s also something that Tucker asked him about more when Trump Was running for office and I liked him And every single person in Hollywood From my ex-wife to my Mother-in-law to my manager at that time To you know my my so-called friends Slash handlers around me told me like if I said that I like Trump that my career Would be over that my life would be over Uh they said stuff like people get Killed for wearing a hat like that they Threatened my life they put my life they Basically said that I would be killed if You had any doubt of how absolutely Toxic Progressive culture is and this Really should just solidify it for you I Mean think about it these people are so Deranged they are so up in their own Echo chambers that they think wearing a Maga hat would actually be justification To potentially kill someone or that it’s It’s an act that would actually lead to Someone getting murdered That’s not

Healthy that’s not normal I don’t care How much you dislike Trump he’s a Politician you should be able to have Political disagreements and not be Alienated from your entire industry or Threatened and I also think it’s very Illuminating as to why there aren’t more Conservatives in Hollywood it’s because If anyone does come out as a Conservative you won’t work in Hollywood And know so many actors and people in The music Industries too they may not be Progressive but they sure as heck aren’t Going to come out and say it so if Nothing else I hope that Kanye West Being this bold going on Tucker Carlson Giving his opinion that he is pro-life That he likes Trump I hope it emboldens More people who are in Hollywood who are Actors rappers whatever it is to come Out and say okay no we are not a Monolith I don’t buy all this left is BS And you can’t cancel all of us because I’m so sure that there are more Conservatives closeted in Hollywood than We think and then something else that Kanye actually touched upon and this was Unexpected and I also enjoyed it quite a Bit is he basically craps on the entire Body positivity movement or the idea That fat is healthy when lizzo loses 10 pounds and announces it the Bots they Attack her for losing weight because the Media wants to put out a perception that

Being overweight is the new goal it’s Actually clinically Unhealthy And for people to owe to promote that It’s a it’s demonic I know that fat Acceptance and health at every size is Way less serious than something like Abortion or actual support for Trump a Politician but at the same time it is an Issue that is so near and dear to the Progressive lab that the fact that Kanye West is just coming out and denouncing It entirely calling it demonic I think It goes to show how he really is done Caring about what people in the media Say about him and he actually goes so Far as to say that the media has a Godless agenda which is absolutely true But it just it is nice it’s refreshing To hear someone like Kanye West say it But I thought this interview was very Interesting again watch the whole thing If you haven’t already but at the same Time I want to be careful not to put Kanye West up on some pedestal as a Conservative icon if nothing else by now We should know that he by and large does Not like labels or people trying to box Him into one thing and again I don’t Want to get ahead of myself but I do Feel like this is just the latest domino In a series of events that has maybe Made me a bit optimistic that the the Stranglehold the progressive left has on

The culture especially might be Loosening as always though I would love To know what you guys think did you Watch the interview if so what did you Think of it and do you think that Kanye West’s him going out and doing this is a Positive sign of things to come or am I Looking too much into it let me know Down below and as always if you enjoyed This video please be sure to like share And subscribe it helps me out so so much Until next time

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