Justice Outed By Ex-Wife For Being A Total Hypocrite

By | November 11, 2022

Michigan State Supreme Court Justice Brian Zahra is the definition of a hypocrite. Adrienne Lawrence breaks it down on Rebel HQ.

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I think we go back to Roe v Wade which Roe v Wade was in the third term Court Justice who Blocked of that initiative that would Enshrine abortion rights in the state Constitution well he paid for a Girlfriend to have an abortion and of Course his response when confronted was Quite novel welcome into cyt's overruled I'm legal analyst Adrian Lawrence the Hypocrisy of Brian Zara was just put on Full display the Michigan Supreme Court Justice was among only two justices on The state's high court to refuse to Approve proposal three now this proposal Would nullify the state's 1931 ban on Abortion and affirm rights to the Procedure in Michigan well Justice Zara's ex-wife wasn't here for her Former partner's nonsense when it became Known that the Republican appointed Justice opposed even allowing abortion To beat on the state ballot Alyssa Jones Revealed that he had helped her get an Abortion when they were dating back in The 1980s per NBC News when Brian Zara Learned that he had impregnated his 20 Year old girlfriend in may 1983. he Grabbed the Yellow Pages found an Abortion clinic in the Detroit suburbs And made an appointment the woman told NBC News in an interview last month they Were of the same mind regarding what to Do about the pregnancy and did not

Discuss other options according to Alyssa Jones who went by her maiden name Alyssa Watson at the time certainly Seems like just as Zara was supportive Of abortions back then when he would Have had the benefit of not having to Suffer the consequences of an unwanted Child and as you may imagine the future State supreme court justice well he Really wasn't the greatest of guys when It came to supporting his now ex-wife And girlfriend in the aftermath on May 18th that year Joan said Zara drove her To the clinic and paid for her abortion As they sat in the car afterwards Joan Then a sophomore in college hung her Head and wept feeling the conflicting Emotions of a life-changing experience Zara she said seemed frustrated that she Was upset in that he couldn't console Her he yelled at her she recalled if you Didn't want to do this why did we do This based on Justice Zara's response at The time it definitely seemed like he Was not emotionally mature enough to be A parent and it's really good that he Had the option to access an abortion for His girlfriend who later became his wife And you'd think that someone who had the Benefit of that situation of having Options then would want to ensure that Other people in this similar position Also have those options but no justice Zara who issued a convenient response

When confronted with his ex-wife account As a rule of law Juris for more than 27 Years nearly 12 years on the Michigan Supreme Court I have never allowed my Personal opinions or personal life to Cloud my interpretation of law Zara said In a statement this is a commitment I Have made to Mission genders and one I Have not and will not break as I Continue to serve our state because of This I will not discuss personal matters Or political points of view publicly way To dodge the issue perhaps he was too Busy with his re-election campaign Fortunate for justice Zara he has a Prominent anti-abortion group in the State currently spending thousands of Dollars to help him lock in another term Now while I fully appreciate they do as I say not as I do motto that the Republican Party seems to push I simply Can't swallow that side step acknowledge The abortion and speak on it with your Chest but don't deny others the same Rights that you enjoyed simply because Your hypocrisy pays better now but That's just my thought you all let me Know your thoughts in the comments below Hit that like and follow button and Thanks for watching

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