Justice Alito “Jokes”: Black Children Are Wearing KKK Hoods All The Time

By | December 7, 2022

In a case that will determine if a business can discriminate against same-sex couples based on their religion, Alito joked that black kids wear KKK outfits all the time. Jayar Jackson and Jeff Wiggins break it down on The Watchlist. Watch LIVE on weekdays at noon ET.

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“Justice Samuel Alito joked about Black Santa, children in Klan robes and dating websites as the Supreme Court heard arguments Monday in a case weighing a web designer’s bid to avoid working on same-sex weddings because she is a conservative evangelical Christian.

Web designer Lorie Smith of Colorado opposes same-sex marriage on religious grounds and is seeking an exemption from a state law that outlaws discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in public accommodations. “

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Just Justice Jackson's example of the The Santa in the mall who uh doesn't Want his picture taken with black Children so if there's a black Santa at The other end of the mall and he doesn't Want uh to have his picture taken with a Child who's dressed up in a Ku Klux Klan Uh outfit that black Santa has to do That no because Klu Klux Klan outfits Are not protected characteristics under Public accommodation laws And presumably that would be the same Ku Klux Klan outfit regardless whether if The child was black or white or any Other characteristics you just you do See a lot of black children I mean Ku Klux Klan outfits right all the all the Time suppose that I I mean Justice Alito there he's he's a funny Guy in fact he likes a joke about black Kids and Clan uniforms because that's Funny right uh the Supreme Court there Was deliberating or at least uh hearing A case on Monday that will determine if A business can discriminate against Same-sex couples based on their religion We've heard this before I feel like We're in 2008 or something but no we're Back here again because these culture Wars Never End these fears of absolute Nothing never end but uh this then led To them to talk about the Santa scenario Which from that little back and forth as You heard Kentucky Brown Jackson was

Part of the first part about this but I Think Sonia Sotomayor was in response uh Alito didn't know what he was talking About in making that comparison he was Corrected so therefore he has to make a Stupid ass joke here's how they got to This joke in the first place this is Part of that case let's listen to this I want to create unique one-of-a-kind Expression and artwork and I want to Design websites wedding websites Specifically that are consistent with my Faith but the state of Colorado is Compelling and controlling my speech Chilling it and forcing me to Communicate a message through my custom Unique artwork that violates the core of Who I am and at the core of this case is The right for all to speak freely and That protects not only myself protects The LGBT web designer who should not be Forced to create custom artwork that Oppose a same-sex marriage the right to Speak freely is guaranteed to each and Every one of us and a win for me is a Win for everybody Uh Laura Smith there she's working for Everyone she's a web designer um and She's from Colorado this is where this Whole case came from look at this so she Poses the same-sex marriage on religious Grounds that she says and is seeking an Exemption from a state law that Outlaws Discrimination on the basis of sexual

Orientation and public accommodations Now she sued the state in 2016 argued That she has a free speech right under The Constitution's First Amendment to Reject requests by same-sex couples Because it conflicts with her own views It's the same wedding cake thing except She's a web designer in this case The craziness about this whole thing is That um maybe we'll get to that I want To hold that because again I want you Guys remember she's complaining that She's being forced to be uh to create Web designs for same-sex marriages she's Been forced keep that in mind but let's Get to this whole thing about the clan Hood because that's really the Crux of This argument and this discussion that Leto was having now the reason they got There is because Justice contagi Brown Jackson described in great detail a Photographer wanting to recreate scenes From a 1940 Christmases with Santa Clauses and children in sepia tones and Making them historically accurate this Was the scenario that she brought up She asked the attorney representing the Right-wing Christian website design of That lady who does not want to have uh Have to provide her product to same-sex Couples if under her legal Theory the Hypothetical photographer would have to Create photos of a white Santa with Black children that's what was asked

Then Kristen uh a Wagner the alliance uh Of the alliance defending Freedom's Attorney she argued in favor of Anti-lgbtq discrimination was forced to Admit that the photographer would be Able to say they would not take photos Of black children with a white Santa So the whole thing was set up to make This look pretty disgusting because if You put it in other words that we Finally accepted that you can't say hey Black kid don't come up to me because You're black Once that's not connected to the to this Same thing because there's a same-sex Couple you can just say F you I don't Like you I'm afraid or I've been uh my My politics have been weaponized by Idiotic leaders yeah now I could do the Same to you it didn't look very good so You had to go to this whole clan thing It's pretty ridiculous in fact one Columbia University law professor then Tweeted this Or arguments in that uh 303 creative Case Justice Leto is resorting to Clan Jokes hahaha as if what's at stake here Is funny and isn't taking place in the Context in which lgbtq people feel uh Like we have a Target on our backs which They do and um she says Clan jokes Aren't funny under any context so Jeff So this clan joke uh first of all The fact that we

We get to the point where we start to Forget Who is the clan who they are who they Were and the things that they atrocities That they've carried out that's that's By Design to make sure we think oh That's just happened in the past it's Nothing big now in fact we can joke About black kids wearing Clan hoods Maybe sitting on a lap of a white or a Black Santa whichever the hell one he Was talking about because he doesn't Understand what's going on and what Other contexts in this country Can you see someone who these people who Are carrying out Mass murders disgusting public mass Murders of black folks in this country And let's just joke about it now because That's fun to do especially as a Supreme Court Justice I mean well you know they would talk About the greatest Generation doing away With Nazis but then they're kind of Cozying up to them now so that's another Hit group where I thought we all agreed In my grandparents generation that Nazi's partner so much a good thing but As you see in Columbus just this past Weekend not so much but this whole thing Is bothering me because Alito is missing The fact that black skin in our skin Color is an immutable characteristic That can't be taken off so when he talks

About a KKK Hood which can be removed He's totally missing the point and of Course catanja Brown Jackson did away With his whole idea but going back to The business woman who wants to be able To constitutionally discriminate against Someone I find it interesting as a Christian person that she is having the Idea that a person who marries someone Else and they're they're gay that Doesn't to represent God's example but That seems to be the only example that They hold so true to form of their faith And that's weird because let's say by God's example another couple comes in And they've had sex before marriage but They want her Services as well what is She going to do is she going to treat That couple the same as she would treat The the gay couple And I really want her to answer that I Want to see where her consistency lies With that because the example that God Set pertaining to the Bible Seems to be the only one she cares about When it comes to gay and lesbian couples So let's just see about this consistency Because I'm I'm under the impression that they think That can be changed and taken off like a KKK Hood but you know maybe I'm asking So many questions I want to see what she Has to say about this you're definitely Asking way too many questions because

Stupidity and ignorance are based on not Asking any questions not thinking at all But just go along with this hatred and Anger of course she doesn't know what's Going on of course she doesn't know What's going on in her church and Religion in her Bible in her belief Systems stop laying on the religion and Go with I just don't like those folks be Honest let's go to this last graphic Because this is what I was telling you Guys to hold on and say when she said Hey I'm being forced to do this the very Last graphic you guys Eric R Olson Colorado solicitor general noted that Miss Smith this woman who's being Oppressed Corner had never created a Wedding website for anyone gay or Straight and it sued preemptively adding That the Colorado law was uh Constitutional Probably unconstitutional because They're telling not to discriminate she Hasn't even been uh she hasn't been Asked to make any kind of websites no Gay folks that rolled up on her said hey Can you create this for our big event None of that has happened she just had This pit of of anger and hatred in her Stomach and said I can get on Fox news with this you know If you landed that's all that it takes Hatred will get you very far in this Country